“Martin boots” are not hot anymore, I am a pity for the fashion circle. It is versatile and stylish. The key is still high.

Speaking of “explosive shoes”, you will think of sports shoes such as AJ, Yeezy, and even Li Ning, and boots are always tepid, but the streets are rarely seen in Icon wearing Martin boots.

Isn’t the “Martin Boot” really ca n’t get angry?

Martin boots have improved since World War II. In the 1970s, young people regarded Martin’s boots as a symbol of streets, punk, and trends.

As the sports sneakers dominate the trend, today’s Martin boots have no previous scenery, and it is difficult to become mainstream.

As a Martin boot iron powder, I couldn’t help but sigh: If the “Martin Boot” is no longer hot, I will be a pity for the fashion circle!

With the characteristics and advantages of the style, Martin boots comes with fashion attributes and do not pick up body and body shape. The most important thing is that it can also increase the effect.


You can’t miss the good boots. Let’s talk to you about the selection skills and matching ideas of “Martin Boots” today ~


1. How to choose Martin boots?

If you want to wear Martin boots, it is not enough to understand it. The key is to choose the right style.

In addition to distinguishing from the work boots and Chelsea boots, you have to choose Martin boots

Leather, hole number



Three aspects.

1) leather

Martin boots are divided into hard skin and soft skin, and the advantages and disadvantages of the two are also very obvious.

Hard skin:


It lies in a strong gloss. It is three -dimensional to wear, and it will not look like a stylish beauty of the overall shape;



It is easy to grind your feet in the mouth of the tube. It is difficult to wear and take off. It is recommended to buy a large size. Furthermore, it is paired with socks or stuffing the trousers into the boot cylinder to prevent the leg skin from contacting the boots.

soft skin:

It is softer and more comfortable to wear than hard skin, and there will be no grinding.

It is also obvious that if it is a person with strict appearance details, it will feel that the soft Pippi boots will not wear three -dimensional and stylish, and it will be a little bit of energy.

2) Pole number


The number of holes in Martin ranges from 3-20, but most men’s boots are mainly 3, 6, and 8 holes.

The more the number of holes, the higher the boots, and the height of the boots directly determines the length of the leg shape.




For the little man, it is best to choose 6 -hole Martin boots

The height of the boots does not exceed the ankle. It can also stretch the leg lines while modifying the leg shape to achieve the increase in the effect.

The tall man is more extreme, either choose 3 holes or 8 holes to avoid 6 holes, which is easy to shorten the leg shape.

3 Confucian Martin boots are also called single shoes. Exposing ankle or a pair of stuffy socks can show the sense of elegant gentleman; 8 -hole Martin boots and shoes are about 14cm in height. Essence

3) Color

In fact, there are not many strict requirements for the color of Martin boots. The key depends on personal preferences and matching.




Martin boots, no age, face value, and figure, it won’t make an error.





Red wine


It is more eye -catching in the color matching. It requires a certain amount of skills and fashion expressions to control it. It is also more picky.

Second, the matching ideas of Martin boots

When paired with Martin boots, choosing the right pants is very critical.

Try to avoid those pants with too wide and too long pants


, The pants fabrics accumulated in the ankle easily cover the sense of fashion of Martin’s boots itself;

Try to choose nine -type, bundle -mouth type, and self -cultivation full trousers

It helps to lengthen the legs of the legs.

Skinch+hooded sweater+jeans+Martin boots

Equipped with leather items up and down, the element has the effect of echoing, and it also enriches the sense of layering; the slim -fitted jeans are stuffed into the Martin boots, which helps to lengthen the leg lines and stack the hooded sweater to expose the hat. Fashionable and age -reducing.

Denim jacket+high -necked sweater+jeans+Martin boots

The shape of the denim suit is most afraid of it looks monotonous and dull. The fresh and bright high -neck sweaters are used to create a fashionable retro stacking effect. The full jeans use the “rolling legs” details, and the leg shape is even higher.


Gongtian jacket+work pants+Martin boots

When pairing with trousers, you must choose a version with a bundle -mouth design, which is convenient to highlight Martin boots without crushing height. The upper body is paired with the same -style worker jacket, and the overall shape is handsome and tough.

Coat+sweater+jeans+Martin boots

With Martin boots with a coat, it can reduce the dullness of the coat. At the same time, it can also shape the perfect body proportion by lengthening the lines of the legs. Even small people can wear temperament and gas field.


Don’t wear sports sneakers all the time. This winter, you may wish to try “Martin Boots”. It is comfortable and versatile. The key is that it is very high. The small man can also wear a tall aura!

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