I have to buy a school uniform after buying a school uniform.

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After the start of school, many primary and secondary schools have uniformly ordered school uniforms for students. Some school uniforms are allocated based on the four seasons. There are 4 sets of clothes in such a semester, which is a lot of expenses for parents. In addition, most of the school uniforms in primary and secondary schools are mainly based on the design of sportswear. Many students find that school uniforms are not good -looking. So the class was generated. The class clothes were based on the clothes of the students voting, such as when opening the class and showing the class style. Therefore, primary school students will ask parents to buy good -looking class clothes, and our parents can understand the aesthetics of children. In October of Jinqiu, most primary and secondary schools will also hold sports meetings. At the sports meeting, in order to show the sports style of the class, the teacher is still advised to buy the sports event service according to the theme of the sports meeting. Many parents complained that each school year spent a lot of money on clothes.

Either school uniforms or class uniforms, in fact, all have the ultimate educational purpose. In addition to cultivating students’ sense of collectivism, there are also vanity winds caused by dressing and comparing each other, which is conducive to primary and secondary students to carry forward the traditional diligent and simple virtues. More deeply educational significance is to facilitate the unified management of schools and promote campus culture. Primary and secondary school students also experience the autonomy of life and learning from wearing school uniforms, forming preliminary aesthetic cognition. With the growth of students, the aesthetic cognition of aesthetics is also growing. When I was young, I did not consciousness to choose a beautiful and beautiful school uniform for myself. When I grew up, I had autonomous consciousness. I was willing to share myself with my classmates and teachers. In fact, it was also a kind of growth and progress. But such school uniforms make parents overwhelmed. As a teacher, I agree that because school activities can be uniform, but the school uniform that has changed its taste should refuse.

1. The school uniforms for compulsory requesting to buy are actually a waste

In fact, many school uniforms are purchased by schools for compulsory parents. For example, the school uniforms in the four seasons, even if we wear clothes according to the four seasons, I don’t think it is necessary for the school uniforms of primary and secondary school students. Primary school students are growing very fast. The school uniforms in the four seasons may not be able to wear them when they are due to the season. In order to avoid such situations, parents often buy a large size size, and the students are uncomfortable and not comfortable after putting on it. So what is the significance of school uniforms in the four seasons? Especially the school’s mandatory purchase behavior makes families who are not very good in economic conditions. They do not buy them. They will hurt their children’s self -esteem. Buy, the price is indeed very expensive, and the economic capacity is limited.

Especially when the child grows tall and strong because of the development of the body, it is a great waste of school uniform that is too late to wear. And for class clothes and activities, you may only buy it once. The event is completed. Basically, the school uniforms and uniforms will not be worn again. There are not many opportunities to put on these clothes in daily life, so how do we preach the diligent and simple virtue for children? Our education, whether it is a school or a family, likes to use compulsory education methods. It seems that this is good for children. We think that the uniform purchase of school uniforms is to cultivate a sense of collective honor, which actually breeds children’s vanity.


2. There must be a sense of collective honor, provided that it is based on respect

The large -scale educational significance to buy school uniforms and class clothes is to allow students to experience the sense of collective honor. In the cultivation of aesthetics, neatly is often the educational model we instill to students. Reading the text should be neat, the homework should be neat, the early exercise must be neat, and the clothes should be neat, but the excessive pursuit of the neatness of the educational model deprives the child’s free choice? This requires our educators to reflect.

Education should be free. Its bottom line is the rights and respect for others, and our education is often only free from teachers, no student is free, and teachers are often based on violations of students’ freedom rights. We ask students to participate in what activities, singing, and what kind of clothing wearing, in a sense, they have not been based on mutual respect with students. “”. School uniforms can be worn, but do not need to be worn every day. Class clothes can also be bought, but in addition to the needs of the activity, you should give full play to the attributes of the clothes, and do not take the sense of collective honor, causing unnecessary waste.


3. The problem of school uniforms is particularly breeding corruption


The corruption behind the school uniform is no longer a secret. There are no more economic problems caused by school uniforms. As teachers, they are also selfish in buying classes. Some teachers will recommend online stores opened by acquaintances and relatives for children to buy them. Parents are not good at refusing to the teacher out of their face. When the school uniform was buckled with a huge interest hat, it was worn on the students, and it had no original educational significance. For the school uniform that has changed, our parents can refuse and take the initiative to communicate with the teacher. Regarding the issue of school uniforms, as parents, will you buy according to the requirements of the school? Welcome to comment.


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