What is the quotation of the drainage of the drain of water?

When buying a filter water faucet, you can see many brands. The market performance of each brand is not the same as competitiveness. Below is the editor’s inventory of the dragonfoot brand. It is like it? Because I have not bought the filter water faucet, plus it is in it in There are not many products on the market. What is the quotation of the drafts of water filtering?

1. Filter water leader brand inventory


Philips has international water purification technology and strict product production standards to produce many faucet filter products. Its filter material is imported coconut shell activated carbon. The filtering effect is extremely strong, which is five times that of other ordinary activated carbon. Secondly, Philips filters are relatively small and stylish, and installation will be more convenient.


Angill is one of the earliest research and development and sales of drinking water equipment in China. It is also the leading process of using air sterilization filtration and RO reverse osmosis.

Spring Spring

Shan Zhiquan has been introducing international advanced water treatment technology. Its products include leading water purifiers, commercial water purifiers, and ultra -filter water purifiers. At the same time, it also has China’s leading production technology, which can produce various water purifiers and industrial water governance membranes.


过滤水龙头品牌盘点 过滤水龙头报价是多少

Quanlai Water has the international super filter membrane technology and production development capabilities, and its product package ultrafiltration core water purifier series, and so on.


Polite has a wealth of production lines, its products include core water purifiers, etc. At the same time, the “aerospace core” filtering technology jointly developed and developed with China Aerospace has promoted the innovation of China’s water purifier water purification technology.

2. What is the quotation of the filter water

1. Jiu Mu King Kitchen Large Water Large Cold -cold Kitchen Large Full Copper 304 Stainless Steel Washing Pot Water Following Water Following Rotation, the current market price is 68 yuan.

2. Jiu Mu King pull -type water faucet hot and cold kitchen washing pots all copper telescopic can rotate the sink faucet. The current market price is 188 yuan.

3. Full copper washing machine water faucet 4 points for lengthened doubles, one -in -one, two -out mop pond single -cold small water mouth household, the current market price is 6.2 yuan.

4. Tao fruit double -hole noodle pellet water faucet hot and cold faucet San -hole wash basin water faucet hot and cold second couplet, the current market price is 25 yuan.

5. Jiu Mu’s faucet The whole copper singles of the kitchen water sink faucet, washing dishes, washing the pot, a long -facing single -cold leader. The current market price is 89 yuan.

6. The kitchen hot and hot water faucet full copper body 304 stainless steel washing vegetables rotating single -cold faucet faucet, the current market price is 57 yuan.

Filtering the draords of the water is the same as above. You can see which brand’s products are more in line with your actual needs. What is the quotation of the filter water? Since the filtering faucet can help people further purify the water source and help use the water for living water, it is recommended not to be too stingy when buying the filter water faucet.

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