Step tutorial of building a puppy’s nest (small wooden house)

In foreign countries, dogs are also one of the important members of the family. To be seriously speaking, the status may be slightly higher than you and me. Essence It can be seen that the dog lives comfortably, and parents are more at ease than mommy. The dog’s nest and the construction steps for the small wooden house we live in normally are half a catty and eight. Next, listen to Lingxiu House to explain to you how a warm nest was born.

Nectar wooden house

The construction of the big wooden house is first to start with the foundation. Only the foundation is firm, and the wooden house built next will be more stable. And the dog’s nest is reduced. If you are afraid that the dog is not very good in contact with the ground for a long time, you can also choose to put a wooden board at the bottom.

The framework began to set up. We know that the wooden house is basically disassembled, so the wooden house is also assembled. The construction of the wooden wall framework, because it is a light wood structure, the orientation of the wooden wall is basically existed in horizontal form, so that the dog and wooden house will look more solid.


Of course, it is the roof, and a decent nest naturally also has tiles. The shape of the roof is generally a spire -shaped shape. The reason for this is to make the rainwater decline smoothly and keep the house dry. Many people think that wood is easily corroded when it comes to water, so the wooden house will be very durable. Then Xiaobian will give you popularity. The wood that builds wooden houses is generally anticorrosive. Its moisture content is usually enough below 17%, but because of places, different environments will naturally be different.

In the end, of course, the price of the dog’s nest is small. Generally speaking, the wooden house does not need to be decorated, which saves a lot of money on cost spending. But the dog’s house is small, the cost of spending is very low, and the modification can make you feel better, and the environment becomes more beautiful. Why not ?~

The above is the whole process of building a caring cabin. Of course, you have to choose a wooden house suitable for dog size. But if you just want to create a simple temporary residence for the dog, it is another matter. A large carton should be used. In fact, this is not different from the construction process of the wooden house we live in, but in terms of details, it may be more effort, such as indoor design, the layout of the water pipe wire, and so on.

If you are interested in building a wooden house to contact us, our purpose is: one hand to make a single friend, work in integrity, and seek truth from facts.

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Nectar wooden house

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