Bear Pooh Map 430,000 pound successfully auction Break the book illustration transaction record (, the head of the National Development and Reform Commission, Central News Website), July 12th. A map of the “Bear Bear” map illustration with more than 90 years of history is 430,000 pounds at a auction in New York, USA on the 10th.Selling, breaking the transaction record of the previous auction book illustration.

The British children’s story “Winnie Winnie” is a favorite reading of many children.The manuscript of the painting of “Winnut Vina” Mien special illustrator Xie Zade in 1926 is called “The Original Map of the Hundred Mi Forest”, which depicts the fictional world that happened in the story of “Winnie Viene”.The protagonist, including Winnie, jumping tiger, pigs, etc.

小熊维尼地图43万英镑成功拍卖 打破图书插画成交纪录

According to foreign media reports, the last auction of the “Hundred Academy Forest Maps” was sold in 1970, when it was sold for £ 1,700, and it was not displayed publicly afterwards. The auction price this time was three times higher than the original estimate.The manuscript, together with four other illustrations painted by Shepade, sold for a total of 917,500 pounds.

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