Tianwang Fang Yuan is so sexy in the sun! Wearing a short skirt with a short skirt, long legs, pedaling 7,000 yuan tide shoes

Recently, Fang Yuan, the wife of Tianwang Guo Fucheng, updated the dynamic on the personal social platform and uploaded a set of beautiful photos of the sun, which aroused the attention of many netizens. In the photo, Fang Yuan was very comfortable to sit on the court. She was wearing a green hanging neck skirt, lining her skin very white and transparent, and she was very enjoyable to wear sunglasses.

In another half -body photo, Fang Yuan’s head slightly leaned back, and her soft black hair was paired with fair and transparent skin. The whole person looked quite delicate and temperamental. Fang Yuan’s figure is also quite good, exquisite collarbone and slender waist and a pair of long legs are very eye -catching.


It is worth noting that Fang Yuan wore two golden rings on his hands, and earrings and sunglasses were also from a luxury brand, and the price was not cheap. However, many netizens are attracted by a pair of high -top white shoes with Fang Yuan. These shoes are also from a high -end brand, and the price is up to 7,000 yuan.


Before marrying Guo Fucheng to become the “King of Heaven”, Fang Yuan was just an unknown small model. Shortly after Guo Fucheng and Xiong Dailin broke up, the two met at a party. After being attracted by Fang Yuan’s beautiful appearance, her gentle and pleasant character was loved by Guo Fucheng.


At the end of 2015, Guo Fucheng officially announced his relationship with Fang Yuan. However, the 22 -year -old relationship between this paragraph is not favored by the public, and the combination of the little model and the popular singer has also been repeatedly sang. But in the question of all the way, Fang Yuan married the King Guo Fucheng in 2017.


Today, Guo Fucheng and Fang Yuan also have their own love crystals. After marriage, they often show affection high -profile. Not long ago, they still commemorate the fifth anniversary of their marriage on their personal social platforms. After the marriage, Guo Fucheng became a good man in Gu’s family, and Fang Yuan was still beautiful after giving birth to two children.

At first, Guo Fucheng and Fang Yuan, who were not optimistic, also used time to prove that each other was the right person. Maybe when the real love comes, there are not so many rules at all, and you will usher in the flowers in both ways.

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