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Hello everyone, I am my sister. My shoe code is about 40. The women’s shoes in domestic shopping malls are generally the maximum size of 39, so I can basically not buy the shoes I can wear in the mall. Later, thanked the Internet for choosing space to expand to the world. Gradually, I found that there were many girls who had the same big feet as me had trouble to buy shoes. Let ’s share my experience of buying shoes.


Since there is a universal Taobao, buying large -size shoes is no longer extravagant. However, those who have bought them know that the levels of women’s shoes on Taobao are uneven, and good luck can be found to have cheap and cheap shoes. In most cases, buying it back and finding that it is seriously not worn.

This article is committed to recommending some brands. It is comfortable and stable in quality. Once selected, once and for all, it is right to buy this brand in the future, saving time and effort.

Some fashion bloggers will also share the experience of buying shoes, but sometimes it is advertising. Sometimes find it in the past and find that I can’t afford it at all. So I will also recommend some purchase channels later to start at the right price. Rest assured, they are all popular channels. As a person with poor groping ability, you can buy it.

Before buying shoes, let’s talk about the shoe code

Anyone who has bought shoes in China knows how magical domestic shoes are. If you measure the domestic shoe code, I can wear it from 38 to 42 yards. Tour thousands of mountains and waters on the road, only to know

Only the foot length will not lie to people

Essence The shoe code is also tried and error. How many double -buying shoes that cannot be worn have achieved their understanding of their feet.

Get length measurement method

: Stand at the horizontal ground, measure the horizontal position at the front of the toe at the front of the toe to the vertical measurement value at the horizontal position at the end of the heel. (Experience from Amazon)

When buying shoes in Amazon, the size reference table will be provided

Some brands of shoes will have several different width sizes, Amazon will also provide

Add narrow (x-narrow): S number / 3A;


Narrow: N / 2A;


Medium: D (M) No. / B (M) number;

Wide (wide): W No. / C number;

X-Wide: XW number / E N.

My feet data for reference

Enter the topic and start recommending shoes

The following recommendations are classified according to the brand. It is no longer subdivided into spring, summer, autumn and winter, formal and leisure, high heels and flat bottoms. These brands have no interest in me.




Buying women’s shoes can not avoid Clarks. British brands, Oxford shoes and desert boots are more famous, but there are many other styles. You don’t need to understand its history, as long as you know it is easy to wear, the comfort is full. Clarks’ shoes look like grandma shoes, which are old -fashioned, but can also find fashionable styles. Taobao has flagship stores, but the price is a bit expensive. Amazon has a large number of stocks and reasonable prices. It is recommended to buy from Amazon.

Clarks flat shoes Amulet myth

The starting price is 399 yuan. Working shoes, generous and decent. But this one is not sold now. When I bought 39 yards at the time, when I was awkward for a while, I later knew that I should buy 39.5 yards, which is UK6, which is relatively stable.

Voyage hop women’s open -toe sandwood

The start price is 256.82 yuan. The disadvantage is that the shoelaces buckle is a real buckle. Every time you wear shoes, you need to do it. It is more troublesome. Unlike domestic shoes, the buckle is fake, just one hook. This is the case for sandals with a pair of foreign brands.


SandCastle Ray sandals

The starting price is 231.74 yuan. After wearing it, the feet are a bit forward, and the comfort is low. Just be a thunderbolt.

Maypearl Edie women’s Chelsea boots

The start price is 509.47 yuan. It doesn’t need to be explained.

Oxford shoes, these pairs were purchased by my cousin Britain, about 500. At that time, I was not allowed to grasp my shoe code. I bought 6.5 yards. I felt like a man.





Wearing Sam Edelman, can you run to win dinosaurs, but comfortable is true. Circus by Sam Edelman is his secondary line and is more inclined to young users. It is a fashion brand. Search casually, it looks very good. Taobao has the flagship store, which is the same price, and is recommended to start with a cheap version in Amazon.

Patti fine heel with sandals

The start price is 401.87 yuan. Classic versatile, very comfortable. The heel height is 3.25 inches (about 8 cm), and I can control it for those who do not wear high heels often. The word in front of it is slightly tight, and there will be no situation of rushing forward because of high heels. It’s not convenient to set up buckles. Buy 8 yards of high heels.

Valencia sandals

The start price is 204.76 yuan. Because many balls are more cute, we all call its sister shoes. The first word in front is actually a pinch, so you still need to buy the size of the flat shoes, otherwise it may be stuck.

Ritchie ballet bottom shoes

, 298 yuan. There are more appearances. If there is no color, it will be cheaper, and it is basic. I felt a bit hard at the upper foot, and then I felt soft and comfortable. It is more formal and not tired when working or doing activities.

Velvet Fallon ballet flat shoes

The starting price is 70 knives (about 455 yuan). When buying wedding shoes on the shopbop, I bought it for 8 yards of high heels, so it was a bit small and tight. The velvet and ribbon match, wearing it feels like a little princess. Softness is also a model.


Badgley Mischka

Daisy sequins shallow shoes

, Purchase at a price of 99 knives (about 643 yuan). Buying this brand of shoes is mainly to buy wedding shoes. Basically, the Internet celebrities recommend Jimmy Choo, RV or something, can’t stand it. I found this brand on Amazon, most of them are suitable for dressing. At that time, the price was also expensive on Amazon. I bought a pair of shops in Taobao. It was cheap, but it felt fake and uncomfortable to wear. Later, I saw that Shopbop was discounted and immediately started. It is recommended here because it looks good and easy to wear. If you have the opportunity, you will definitely repurchase the type.




Stockard high heel


The starting price is only 176.72 yuan. It is also a brand found on Amazon. The shoes style is a bit like Clarks, which is older, but comfortable. Although you can’t wear half a size, you can still feel its comfort.


Netease strict selection


Selected in Netease, I only bought a pair of snow boots. Because there were only 40 yards of snow boots at that time. Looking at it now, a lot of good -looking appearance is 40 yards, and the price is good. This pair of snow boots said that it is a UGG manufacturer. It feels like the genuine products I have worn before, and in the ranks that can be started. Start at 229 yuan.

the way of buying



It is the most convenient purchase channel in my experience. Basically, there is no need to worry about the authenticity, and the registration and purchase process is enough. The disadvantage is that it is a bit troublesome to buy and return overseas, so it is better to buy the shoe code. I used to buy a pair of sandals and chose UK6 yards. As a result, I sent me a pair of US6 yards. In the past, I had to return the goods to the UK. The last choice was that Amazon retreated some of my shoes, and then I gave it to others. Amazon now has a Prime member to buy. If you often shop in Amazon, PRIME members can avoid overseas postage for 200 yuan, which is more cost -effective.


Shopbop and other sea buying websites.

In “What is worth buying”, it is often recommended for product recommendations for overseas websites. The disadvantage of these websites is that you may not use it often, and some websites are only English, so the registration will be a threshold, and each login may intercept a group of people because of forgetting the password. The advantage is that sometimes you can really buy a value -for -money thing.

Not much to say, mobile phone APPs, Jingdong flagship stores, Netease Koala sea purchase flagship stores can be found. The discounts are often available.

I do n’t have a lot of work to buy sports shoes, so I do n’t say it in detail here. Anyway

Shoe code remember to choose to choose from your feet


Don’t worry about comfort.

The above is the experience of buying shoes for Sister Dajiao.

Netease strict selection

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