Lechang & Pink Leopard Co -branded T -shirt

Leducho, who has always been leisure and simplicity, has played and hidden with the pink leopard in order to create different stimuli and sparks. Add the vivid and cute but eligible pink leopard to the design of the clothes, but adds a lot of unexpected fun and youthful atmosphere.


Although the simple version of the design, there is no too many special tailoring, but the unique use of the contrasting color is always eye -catching.


The texture of pure cotton is soft and refreshing to wear. Whether it is paired with a pair of jeans or shorts, it is so versatile and age -reducing.

The contrast is the first highlight of this T -shirt. The use of the round neck design of the contrasting color not only sets off the skin’s complexion, but also symmetrically the color of the cute pink leopard on the chest, which also highlights the playfulness and cuteness, but also shows its inadvertent design sense of design.

Especially the collision of pink and green, can also create a more sparkling visual effect. The spoof pink leopard seems to sneak in the forest to find a prey in the forest, and even the children can’t help but flutter.

The favorite is the cute pink leopard print! Put the pink leopard with the letters and letters, and use the similar color but not the same color to create a harmonious but break the silence.

The strong but familiar conflict gives the impressive sense of hierarchy and scattered. It also shows the spirit and vitality of the pink leopard.

Although this new autumn product in Lechang is a joint model, the price is too close to the people! Both online and offline are involved in sales, and now quickly add both colors to the shopping cart and pack home ~

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