Keep in mind that the next is the snowflake Christmas tree New Year and better us

If you can’t catch things, you can’t reach out. If you encounter a flower blooming, I will accompany her for a while to blow the evening wind.

要牢记 接下来是雪花 圣诞树 新年 和更好的我们

Can you give me a bouquet of flowers? I can show me in a circle of friends. Why can I think of me? Don’t let me teach you how to love me?

If you feel very hard, then turn around and hide in my arms. Even if I am smaller than you, I will not be gentle enough, but I will use my whole body to hug you. You will not let go.

I tried to become a gentle person, but I found that gentle life is gentle, so I try to become very tired, so I choose a specific person to be gentle, they are good to me, I converge, I still like to talk about it, I still like to talk about it I still remember that I was a ruthless saying when I encountered a setback when I encountered a setback when I encountered a setback. At that time, who is always better, who is not on the edge of the collapse, but also smiles with a smile on the face of tomorrow. I do n’t want to feel the sense of security. I don’t need to think about it. It doesn’t matter.

No one knows sad. No one knows. No one knows. It doesn’t matter if you are sad. I don’t know what I want. I always want to bring the so -called sense of security to others. In fact However, there will still be a lot of emotional influence. I become more and more sensitive. Behavioral thoughts are becoming more and more extreme. Sometimes I have forgotten my true look. From irritability to gentleness. . The cheap heart is in my heart. Talking and talking. You ask me how to become like this. You have to know how the sunflower has spent the night without the sun. You will know me when you stand in my position. Feeling. You will know how grievances I am. You will know that I will choose you to listen to other people’s suggestions.

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