In the highly saturated women’s clothing market, where are the opportunities of domestic brands?

The era of dividing women’s clothing brands with age has completely passed. In the future, the women’s clothing market will be divided into interest labels and values.


Compared with the fast -fashioned brand that has recently withdrawn from the Chinese market, domestic clothing brands are bringing more confidence to the market.


As the earliest and most active clothing industry in China, the women’s clothing industry has formed a relatively complete industrial chain. From product design, manufacturing to sales models, it has reached a mature level, and the market has become highly saturated. According to data from the commercial consulting company Frost & Sullivan, the overall scale of the Chinese women’s market has exceeded 800 billion yuan. It is expected that the Chinese women’s market size will maintain a stable growth in the future, and the market size in 2021 can exceed 1.7 trillion yuan.

Compared with the men’s clothing industry, the women’s clothing industry tends to be segmented in mature industries. According to the age level, there are many categories such as Dishu, Zhongshu, Shao Shu, and Girls. The layers of department store formats are related to the unique national conditions of the Chinese women’s clothing market.

However, as the global fast fashion brands such as ZARA accelerated the invasion of the Chinese market since 2008, domestic clothing brands gradually felt pressure. From 2011 to 2012, high inventory and retail weakness created the Chinese clothing industry, and almost all domestic clothing companies’ performance was in trouble. The rise of e -commerce, the improvement of the brand awareness of young consumers and the transformation of shopping habits have caused impact on department store formats. A large number of Zhongshu and Shao Shu brands relying on traditional channels are facing the crisis of young consumers.

Some domestic clothing brands have tried to follow fast fashion and transform to “efficiency”. But in the end, few domestic brands have successfully replicated fast fashion. Since last year, fast fashion brands such as Topshop, Newlook, Forever 21 have encountered Waterloo in China, and domestic clothing brands have stood at the new crossroads.

The new generations of post -90s and post -00s have become the main consumer consumer in clothing. From small material, they are no longer satisfied with buying batch -producing clothes at low prices, but they hope to continue to obtain unique experiences and innovative products. The era of selling products with simple packaging has ended, and any brand must become more vivid, more sharp, and more recognizable to continue to maintain attractiveness. The brand that has long relying on traditional department store channels to neglect the personalized shaping of the brand image, causing the current homogeneity of domestic clothing brands to become more serious.


According to the “2018 Clothing Consumption Powers Insight White Paper” by Tencent Data Laboratory through online and offline investigation and combination of big data analysis, China’s fast fashion crowd is the most keen on clothing and popular related information, trust KOL’s recommendation, variety shows and online self -made dramas The Chinese star life scene is dressed as a vane of the dress. This means that the brand’s propaganda demand has shifted from a single advertising in the early market to more trivial and strong permeability information spread. The creation of brand power has become a daily accumulation.

With the shift from production orientation in the Chinese clothing industry to consumer orientation, the focus of industry competition has become a brand power.

Domestic clothing brands represent Taiping Bird earlier realized the importance of brand power and the synergy of the brand matrix. Starting from the first landing in New York Fashion Week in February last year, the Taiping Bird has accelerated the layout. It establishes a new brand image through the fashion week catwalk and cross -border joint name, and then digs the brand connotation through the “Taiping Youth” values.

Now, Taipingbird tries to copy this trajectory to LEDIN Ledin, a women’s clothing brand hatched in 2008. The upgrade path of women’s clothing brand aiming at young consumers aged 18-25 will provide many confused Shao Shu and Girls’ Brands Learn.


Last Friday evening, Ledin Ledin held a 2019 new product launch conference in the Shanghai World Expo Creative Show. With the theme of “Be Another fun”, the three series of KISS, Neon and IN were presented. And the cooperation series of Bai Bunny Candy, which can evoke the memory of a generation, combines retro domestic goods complex and international aesthetic, and precisely cut the preferences of young people at the moment.

The picture shows Ledin 2019 new product show scene

It is worth noting that this year marks the 10th anniversary of Ledin’s establishment of Ledin, and the brand regards this big show as a key node for brand upgrade.


In order to echo with the brand image of sweet, ghost horses, and vitality, the show space and color are combined with color, based on the principle of photosynthesis, using the changing lights such as vitality, vitality powder, and jump orange to create an immersive experience for guests. The models of the series of clothing pass through the red beam in the dim show. Daxiu also invited new generation of artists such as Song Yanxuan, Zhang Ruonan, Qiang Dongzhang, Ma Yinyin, as well as Kols such as wild Jenny.

The entire conference conveyed a clear signal. LEDIN Ledin no longer stayed on the surface of younger, but instead extended to the young manner to convey the three -dimensional brand values. Unlike the main brand Taipingbird, which once faced youthful upgrades, Ledin Ledin has been aimed at the young groups since its birth of Ledin, showing the visual style that young women like, but with the evolution of the women’s clothing market in the past 10 years, such interactions are for consumers and brands. It’s obviously not enough.

Ledin Ledin said that with the continuous change of market demand, the brand wants to reiterate the attitude towards life of “no joy and happiness”. Through Opening Ceremony and Big White Rabbit Toffee At the same time of emotional ownership, it has initiative, rather than passively paid for the attitude of compulsory shaping.

As market demand continues to change, Ledin Ledin wants to reiterate the attitude towards life of “happy and happy, happy sharing”


In fact, the group’s main brand Taiping Bird played a very important leading role in LEDIN’s transformation. From the perspective of marketing, LEDIN LEDIN continues the tradition of co -branded cooperation with the main brand Taipingbird. It has opened a flash shop with the pink leopard and cooperated with the domestic artist Zhang Quan brand Melting Sadness to flash. Exhibition. Driven by a series of marketing measures, the popularity of Leducho in young consumers has been significantly improved. At present, there are 597 shops in Leschicho, with nearly 1.5 million VIP members, Tmall flagship stores have followed 10.63 million. In 2018, Tmall Double Eleven sales ranked 7th in women’s clothing categories.


From the perspective of brand values, the era of rough marketing formed by large -scale exposure has passed, and resonance is becoming the most effective way to become a brand in social communication. Ledin Ledin emphasizes the brand values ​​of “happy and happy” in this big show, encouraging consumers to think about self -exploration, and try to attract more consumers with values ​​to attract more consumers. The label definition of the brand’s brand’s brand image also breaks the stereotype of people’s lack of connotation for such brands.


LEDIN Ledin’s deepening of brand values ​​proposed that the values ​​of “Taiping Youth” in the Taiping Bird have gradually become a replicable brand idea for the Taiping Bird Group.

On the same day of LEDIN Show Ledin Show, Taiping Bird, as a representative of Chinese fashion apparel brands, launched a three -day PEACEBIRD X Chinese Brand Day “Guo Chao News Agency. As the first half a century ago One of the news weekly magazines, “Time” has always served as the identity of the recording of the times. The “Guo Chao News Agency” pop -up store created by Taiping Bird this time has also reviewed the path of upgrading the Taipingbird brand.

In recent years, the Taiping Bird has always been committed to developing the insight into the “post -millennial” potential consumer into the core competitiveness.

In recent years, the Tai Pingbirds of the post -95th young people have been committed to developing the insight into the “post -millennial” potential consumers into the core competitiveness. It is considered the domestic clothing brand that knows the post -95s. In September last year, Taiping Bird clarified the core value of youth culture, officially proposed the concept of “Taiping Youth”, which further clarified the identity and values ​​of the brand.


The concept of “Taiping Youth” comes from the insight into the status of the life of contemporary youth, that is, the more and more self -personality and independent spirit are the biggest features of contemporary Chinese youth. The brand believes that the “Taiping Youth” has a clear mind, a calm heart, a firm persistence, throwing away the wild appearance of the youth, focusing on the growth of the inner self. They dared to try new things, and they first followed various trendy things but did not follow blindly, young personality, independent and bold.


From this concept as the starting point, Taiping Bird focuses on the creation of youth culture, and continues to attract the attention of young consumers through the methods of running show, joint cooperation, offline activities. In February of this year, Peacebird Men released the new series of “Youth Made China” in New York Fashion Week, which further explained the “view of youth” in the Taipingbird, injecting reflection on Chinese identity and global vision, which reflects the minds of the brand and young Chinese people. Growing together also trys to play a leading role. The latest understanding of the brand’s view of your youth is, “” The creativity of Chinese youth has no boundaries and the tolerance of Chinese culture without gap to reshape fashion, describe China, and talk to the world. “

At the May Fourth Youth Festival, the Taiping Bird produced a long picture of “why young people always love to be on the streets”, which pay tribute to the 54th anniversary of May 4th. Not long ago, the Taiping Bird still launched a “neighbor” pop -up shop in Xintiandi, transforming Shanghai Xintiandi into a sesame street community. All kinds of measures revolved around the slogan “Taiping Youth, there is a lot of promise” that encouraged young people while adhering to their inner strength while further opening the “My Taiping Age”.

In fact, the values ​​of Taiping Bird not only point out the brand’s future development direction, but also indirectly affect the brand matrix of the group. The group’s attention to young people is not only reflected in the Taipingbird brand, but its hatched Ledin is also revolved around young consumers, but with differentiated styles and values, the attractors are different young people in the same age. It is worth emphasizing that with the growth of consumers and the market, the era of dividing women’s clothing brands with age has completely passed, and the future women’s clothing market will be divided into interest labels and values.

“Harvard Business Review” wrote in an article that all industries around the world are “pleased” young people. In the next five years, the average annual compound growth rate of the Chinese entertainment and media industries will reach 8.3%, which is higher than the global level. Compared with the development of the global entertainment industry, the Chinese entertainment industry is “being pleased” and the innovation of young people is more leading, and it is shifting from competing for users to retain users, that is, from attention to loyalty.


To “stick” consumers through values ​​is the most effective means to build loyalty. In the highly saturated women’s clothing market, as long as the brand’s interest label and values ​​are unique enough, the brand still has opportunities. Once consumers agree with the brand, as long as the brand continues to provide high -quality products that can reflect values, even if they do not frequently create topics, they can persist to attract consumers.

More importantly, unlike consumers who prejudinated with domestic goods before, young consumers who are about to master consumers are reaching historical highs. This also means that domestic clothing brands ushered in the best time in the short term.

According to the latest report released by the First Financial Business Data Center CBNDATA, with the continuous upgrading of consumption, high -end domestic products are rising strongly. In many consumer fields related to living in clothing, home furnishings, domestic goods account for more than half of the markets. The interest of young consumers in the post -90s post -90s and 00s is gradually declining, but it is more fond of domestic clothing brands.

For the Taipingbird, after completing the youthful upgrade of the main brand, the second round of upgrades of the Group’s opening brand will also enhance the Group’s overall brand force, making the group’s foundation in the domestic clothing market more stable. At present, Taiping Bird has formed a multi -aged and full -category fashion brand echelon. In 2018, operating income increased by 7.78%to 7.712 billion yuan, and net profit rose by 27.51%to 572 million yuan, a record high.


After both consumers and the market tend to be rational, the highly saturated market will inevitably usher in a reshuffle. The exit of some international fashion brands also gives domestic clothing brands the opportunity to stand on the same running line with international brands. A competition about “brand power” has just begun. (Author | Drizzie Zhou Huining)

Source: Xinhuanet

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