What brand of bean sprout machine is good?

清洗蔬菜是对于每个家庭主妇都是件麻烦的事,这时市面上各种清洗蔬菜的机器产品也应运而生了,豆芽机就是其中一个,它是家居生活的好帮手,具有功能全、 The characteristics of temperature control, large capacity, high yield, corrosion resistance, should not be damaged, simple and convenient operation and maintenance. Won the love of the housewife, let me introduce you to the latest offer of the Douya Machine and the latest offer of the bean sprout machine.

What brand of bean sprout machine is good

豆芽机什么牌子好 豆芽机最新报价

1 Bear Bear (a well -known trademark in Guangdong Province, a well -known enterprise in the field of creative small home appliances, private technology enterprises in Guangdong Province, industry -renowned brand, Guangdong Bear Electric Co., Ltd.)

豆芽机什么牌子好 豆芽机最新报价

2skg (a famous trademark in Guangdong Province, a global Internet home appliance company operated by multinational operations, creative small home appliance brand with greater network influence, Guangdong Aishiccic Smart Technology Co., Ltd.)

3 Kangli Connie (founded in 1992, professional dedicated to small household appliances research and development and manufacturing, the top ten brands of bean sprout machine, Foshan Shunde District Jiayu Industrial Co., Ltd.)

4 Rongshida Xiaoda Xiaodiac (founded in 2004, the leading domestic smart home appliance/environmental appliance/health home appliance production and development base, dominated by home appliances, Hefei Rongshida Xiaoda Appliance Co., Ltd.)

5 Run Tang Rota (dedicated to the research and development/production/sales service of intelligent health small appliances, industry -leading brands, Shenzhen Runtang Smart Living Electric Co., Ltd.)

6 Litian Litian (Famous Brand of Family Environmental Protection Industry, Industry Leading Professional Family Environmental Protection Enterprise, Well -known Fruit and Vegetable Machinery Brand, Beijing Litian Xinyuan Technology Development Co., Ltd.)

The latest quotation of Bean Ge Machine

豆芽机什么牌子好 豆芽机最新报价

Samet/Sameite SMT-28A home automatic bean sprout machine double-layer large capacity 145 yuan

Practical Society Ry-B08 original ecological bean sprout machine does not insert a full automatic germination machine 188 yuan

Bear/Bear Dyj-A02A1 Bean Georrhea Machine Full Automatic Furniture Dual-layer Bean Gel Machine Large-capacity Bean Gear Vegetable Machine 90 yuan

豆芽机什么牌子好 豆芽机最新报价

Ouwang 801B Purple Furniture Douya Machine Full Automatic Korean Double -layer Large -Capable Bean Ge Machine Multifunctional Smart Smart Smart Smooth Machine 188 yuan

豆芽机什么牌子好 豆芽机最新报价

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