Which type of automatic high -voltage micro -fog dust reduction humidifier is relatively wide?

Which type of automatic high -voltage micro -fog dust reduction humidifier is relatively wide?

Which kind of automatic high -voltage micro -fog and dust reduction humidifier is relatively wide? Hangzhou Jiayou Industrial Co., Ltd., many industrial workshops have used various measures to humidify in order to keep the air from relative humidity. It is still necessary to count the industrial humidifier, which can be met with different humidity range required by the workshop. Like the 40-60%RH humidity range required by electronic workshop, it is easy to achieve.

For industrial humidifiers, people are still more concerned about its price. For example, the price of industrial humidifiers in electronic workshops. As an electronic workshop humidifier, its price is affected by multiple factors, such as workshop area, equipment quantity, working conditions, and humidity requirements. Hangzhou Jiayou high -pressure micro -fog humidifier is used as an electronic workshop humidifier. It is applied in many electronic workshops and achieved better humidification effects.


High -pressure micro -fog humidifier has a large amount of spraying, adjustable, small spray particles, low energy consumption, and fast humidification speed. It can solve the effects of electrostatic dust in the electronic vehicle, and it is applied in various industrial factory workshops. The effect of dust removal and removal. However, the price of different industrial humidifiers is different. Therefore, when choosing, it is necessary to determine the type and quantity according to the area, initial humidity, humidity requirements, and working conditions of their own factory buildings, so that the quotation can be performed.

There are many high -precision instruments in the electronics factory itself. In the addition of single components produced, it is very sensitive to static electricity, so it will use a variety of ways to control the static electricity of the workshop. The humidity of the workshop has become the main factor that affects static electricity. It is common to solve the electronic workshop’s static problem through full -automatic high -voltage micro -fog dust -lowering humidifier humidifiers.

The advantages of electronic workshop selection of fully automatic high -voltage micro -fog dust reduction humidifier:

1. The effect of humidification and removing static electricity is good. The water mist contains a large amount of negative oxygen ions, which can neutralize the positive charge to eliminate static electricity.


2. Automatic and manual control spray, intelligent operation.


3. Do not drop water and not block.

4, large spray volume, good humidification effect, less maintenance.

5. The installation is simple and convenient. It can adjust the spray range, spray volume, spray angle, and take a long time.

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