Dinner handbags that make you surge

How can you walk the red carpet without a dinner package? It was popular in the 1920s and 1930s and has been developing and evolving. Its special industrial structure has achieved its high price. And due to the lack of manufacturers, many designers simply designed and produced their own arranges. There are a few good dinner bags below, let’s take a look together.

Judith leiber


This hot air balloon dinner package is the spring of 2016, priced at $ 4,995. The brand first designed handbags for the first lady and dinner. Later, it gradually incorporated the crystal elements. Recently, it plans to position the consumer group to be young groups.

Edie Parker

The predetermined Flavia dinner package is priced at $ 1,995. Although Brett Heyman did not have any design experience before creating this brand, with her love, she successfully founded this influential dinner package brand. The name on the package can be exclusively customized.

Nathalie trad


The 2016 spring Murray dinner package is priced at $ 1,550. Designer Nathalie Trad has studied in Paris and New York before returning to Dubai’s founding brand. The earliest creative inspiration comes from the vase that has always been shell, and the current brand style is still mainly shells. When design, she always gets inspiration from architecture, geometry and decorative art. She believes that the design dinner bag is the same as the decoration house.




This Simone Merrick dinner package is priced at $ 995. Although this brand also runs shoes and other bags, people still like its dinner bags. Its most famous idea is a bag that can be put in the iPhone.



The 2016 spring Constantinical dinner package is priced at $ 1,980. Designer Kristine Johannes has a wealth of work experience. The design bag is very architectural and design, and each one is a beautiful artwork.


Lee Savage

The 2016 spring Broken Space dinner package is priced at 1,695. Its design concepts generally come from modern art and architecture. The material of the bag is metal -plated brass, so the corners are clear and very unique.


This 2016 spring Blair Garden dinner bag is a Brazilian brand. Designer Serpui Marie is a biologist. Later, because of obsessed with the gem of her mother’s collection, she resolutely switched her career and made the design of jewelry and accessories.

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