The waist thick belly is 90 catties like 120 catties? 4 steps to take you to unlock Xiaoman waist, get Ni Hongjie’s same figure in the same figure

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I did not expect that there are still female stars who quietly repay their debts for their ex -husband.

A few days ago, when I saw a news, Ni Hongjie revealed in an interview:

She was divorced and received a text message from the bank after the divorce, telling her that there was 10 million arrears.

At this time, she knew that her ex -husband’s business failed to be implicated, and then the bank cards, houses, and cars were frozen.

In order to pay off the debt and take the madness, fortunately, the debt was finally paid off.

Fortunately, now I have a stable relationship with my boyfriend, and the years are quiet.

Many people know Ni Hongjie, starting with the “Tingmei” girl.

In the second year of high school, a chance was pulled to do group performances. The photographer then took her photo to hang in an advertising company. I did not expect to be seen by the Yangtze Hall a week later. She became the heroine of the capsule. In the second year of high school.

It’s like entering the customs game. Tingmei’s people watched the advertisement of the health hall. The screenwriter watched Tingmei ads, and then invited her to perform.

In this way, Ni Hong has transformed from underwear models to actresses and is the first in China.

Although it looks smooth, I also encountered some wonderful experiences.


Because she was a silk scarf when she was shooting an advertisement, she was rumored that she was a transgender …

There are also doctors who have hot spots and say that they have performed transgender surgery for the 16 -year -old “boy”.

From the model to the actor, the family did not agree. Even if she had starred in the drama “Wulin Wai Zhuan”, it became a well -known unknown. The family still thought that she could not do business.

After “Wulin Wai Biography”, she had almost no water flowers, and she didn’t even have a basic brokerage company. She couldn’t find her to make a movie.

It now appears that on the one hand, he has no strong career, and it is also related to the boyfriend at the time or the ex -husband of his husband’s ex -husband.

Later, Lu successively shot some works, but either could not be released or went offline for a day.

Now she seems to be a professional household.

The mother of AB in “Skyscraper”, played Jane’s mother in “The Sea of ​​Stars”.

Why do you play so many “mothers” scenes, the reason is very simple.

After “The actor please the throne”, she became popular,

From a few months of less than a script, to three scripts in a day, but even playing a mother’s drama has become more.

Now, she really loves this actor’s profession. More and more people are convinced by her acting skills. Many people have begun to squat her drama.

In the recent fire “Love”, someone saw the actor watch and kept squatting from the first episode, and finally saw her in the last episode.


Although there are only a few minutes of play, it is very enjoyable.


Needless to say that the “Love Myth of Love” recently, the body has also been absolutely.

After watching her light sword transformed, she couldn’t help but see her arm line.


The raw picture is also super anti -fighting, the real big beauty.

The airport was shot at hand, and the white sweater with tight jeans, full of youth, especially this tight waistline and long legs, which is like 43 years old.

After reading it, do you want to arrange a figure management immediately!

1. How difficult is the small waist in winter?

The bloated down jackets and coats in winter seem to allow themselves to give up their requirements for body management, but will it be far in winter and spring?


If you don’t start your body management, you can only look at the spring in spring.


Why is your thick waist thin? What kind of rough is the first?

The first is the waist of fat.


Make a quiet pinch of your waist, and I guess to pinch out several layers, don’t inhale, see if it is about to overflow.

If this is this one, a little hard work, the next cruelty, trying to lose weight, thin and thin, Xiaoman waist can naturally be seen.

The second type, the abdomen highlights the waistline.

There are some friends who have a normal weight and not fatter, but the waistline is like stealth. From the side, you can see the protruding belly.

If you are this one, you need to activate first

The built -in restraint belt of the human body -abdominal horizontal muscle.

At the same time, pay attention to your own pelvic position, whether the pelvic tilting is tilted forward, causing the lower abdomen and affecting the waistline.


Let’s look at the abdominal horizontal muscles

It is the deepest layer of the abdomen, it can be said that it is our

“Shrinking the waist”,

Help us shrink back.


If the abdomen muscles are normal, when we stand naturally, we do not need to deliberately close the abdomen, and the abdomen can maintain a flat state.

You can quietly test yourself to see what the abdomen is in the natural state.

If it is stretched out, it is necessary to consciously close the abdomen to a flat state. It is likely that the abdominal muscles are weak.

To put it simply, the abdominal horizontal muscles are lazy and sleepy, can’t hold the flesh, and the abdomen is swollen.

If you want to retract the flesh on the waist of the drum, you must first activate the horizontal muscles in order to shape the slender waist and abdomen.

Look again

Why is the thick waist of the drum pocket with a protruding little belly.

Without exercise habits, the long -term sedentary mode cannot maintain the correct posture, and the back has not been well supported, causing the waist to empty, causing the normal curvature of the lumbar spine to change. Over time, the pelvic leaning is formed.

Coupled with the weak abdominal muscles, the abdominal organs cannot be well completed. Under the action of gravity, the small belly is naturally out.

Moreover, the lower back is connected to the back of the pelvis. If the humpback is bent over for a long time, the posture is improper, which will make the muscles on the lower back more nervous, just like a rope with a pelvis from the back, the pelvic position is shifted and leaning forward.

2. How to reshape the firming waistline?

Whether you are sitting or standing every day, your friends should keep the head in the head and maintain the correct curvature of the cervical spine; keep the spine stretching, maintain the correct curvature of the lumbar spine, while maintaining the vertical position of the pelvis to avoid excessive forward or backward leaning.

The body is positive, and the small belly dragged down by the body naturally disappears.

At the same time, some targeted training is needed to activate lazy abdominal muscles, correct the position of the pelvis, enhance the related muscle group strength, and naturally unlock the tight waistline.


Follow Rosie together!

Action 1: Beyproof side board



1. Bend your knees on the side, keep the abdomen, and the spine stretches naturally.


2. Raise up with exhalation, and feel that the side waist is tightened and kept for 10 seconds.


The forehead, navel, and knees are on a straight line.

3. Inhale, fall, complete 5 groups. Change the side practice.

Action 2: Dolphin reversal


1. Turn around to the ground, support the ground with both hands.

2. Exhale, leave the knee, and the hips are raised.


3. Adjust the position of the feet to ensure that the pillow bone, scapula, and sacrum are on a straight line.

4, exhale, twist to the right, keep for 5 seconds.

5, inhale return to positive, then turn to the left side. Keep 5 seconds and complete 3 groups for 8 times.

Action three: spine torsional type

1. Sit on the surface of the pad to keep the abdomen tighten and the spine stretch. It can raise the hips and rotate the pelvis backwards to help the sciatication sitting and the spine stand straight.

2. Straighten your right leg, bend your left leg, inhale, and stretch your arms upwards.


3, exhale, lead the chest to the left.

The chest is backward, the navel is forward, and the opposite direction twists.

4. Persist in 10 seconds, change the side practice, and complete 3 groups.

Action four: flow balance cat style

1. Bend your knees, put your hands on both sides of your feet, and your body will stand on his knees later.

Both hands are width from the shoulders, the knees are separated from the hip, and the feet hook back to keep the abdomen tighten and the spine stretch.


Avoid pelvic leaning forward and the waist collapse.

2. With exhalation, the right leg is raised backwards, the toes point to the floor, and feel the right hip force. At the same time, the left hand is raised flat to maintain a balance.

3. Rubbing the back of the bow, push the floor with your right hand, and touch your left elbow with your right knee.

4. Complete 6 8 shots. Change the side practice.


1) The side waist is put towards the navel, and the navel push to the back.

2) Avoid shrugging and elbow elbows.









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