The skirts are good -looking! Fashionable and versatile, black mid -boots are the best CP worn in autumn and winter!

When it comes to seasonal shoes full of winter atmosphere, the first thing that comes to mind should be boots. Depending on the height of the boots, the difficulty of controlling each girl is not the same. Often the longer the boots that are longer, the less likely to wear; the style with too short boots will also have the effect of cutting the length of the length. And quite piercing the leg shape of the author. So a pair of boots that can be used and can always maintain popularity are black mid -boots.

Black boots have always been a single item that girls will use every autumn and winter, and in the Korean style wearing this year, it can also be seen frequently. The style that is suitable. If you want to change the fashion impression with a pair of middle boots this season, you may wish to refer to the following pants and the middle boots of skirts.

Pants x black mid -boots

Tan Nong pants x black mid -boots


With the tannin pants with black mid -boots, the fashionable sense of neatness is low -key on both feet. Whether it is naturally covering the pants with a boot or slightly folding, it has made the shape quite eye -catching.

Suit pants x black mid -boots


When you are commute, you can create a feminine and capable sense. You can try the light -colored suit pants with a comparison -colored mid -boots. The 9 -point trousers make the presence of the middle boots stronger, and the shape of not muddy water shows a high degree of elegant temperament.

Floor pants x black mid -boots


If the clothes in winter defeat the dark shape, of course, the shoes are indispensable for a pair of black middle boots. With long version of knitted and floor -to -ceiling pants, you use boots to point out the popular focus, and the clever layers of matching make the fashion score greatly add points.


Checkered pants x black mid -boots

If you want to show your sense of season, you can choose the popular elements of the season in the clothes. When wearing a key point on the lower body, using checkered wide pants with black middle boots will be a good combination of single items.


Skirt x black mid -boots

8 Domestic skirt x black mid -boots

When the length of the 8 -point long skirt is worn in winter, it is not easy to make mistakes with the middle boots. Avoid exposing too many legs to avoid short -term moving types, you can modify the slender elegance with high -heeled mid -boots.

Lace skirt x black mid -boots

If you want to neutralize a girl with lace skirts, you can mix and match with different styles of single products. Choose a college TEE and neutral black mid -boots, and it is very impressive with a little casual impression.


Knitted skirt x black mid -boots

Dressing on a leisure girl style can use different sexy accessories to show the unique charm of wearing. The neutral impression of the black boots with a soft knitted long skirt, the slightly contrasting clothing temperament accidentally creates an eye -catching effect.


Checked skirt x black mid -boots

As the focus of the overall dress, the choice of shoes must not only be low -key, but also set off the sense of shape. The colorful skirt is paired with the black boots with a fixed Japanese impression.

The skirts are good -looking! Fashionable and versatile, black mid -boots are the best CP worn in autumn and winter!

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