Detailed explanation of denim water washing technology

牛仔是一年四季可以穿着的服饰,那如何区分不同类型的牛仔布呢:首先根据牛仔布的厚度,分为4.5安,6安,8安,10安,11安,12安,13.5安, 14.5 An, etc., 4.5 Ann is very thin. It is often used to do the vest of summer ladies, sleeveless shirts, etc. 14.5 Ann is very thick. It can be used as a cotton coat in winter. Most of the jeans we often wear are ranging from 8 An -12.

牛仔水洗工艺详解 才智服装制版

From the types of denim fabrics, they can be divided into flat lines, oblique patterns, human characters, intertwined patterns, bamboo knots, dark patterns, and velvet denim …

In terms of ingredients, denim is divided into combing and general comb, with 100 % full cotton, elasticity (Lycra), cotton and linen, and silk …

Good denim clothing materials are very important, and there are many denim cloth produced in Shandong in our country, which is very good …

Talk about how to sew a denim clothing, which is also the key to designing denim clothing:

1. Line: Most of them are 2 points of unilateral dual -bright lines, and 2 points of light lines, 2 points biking, and the car line color is generally yellow (equal to contrasting line). The cloth color line. Special craft lines such as word line. Black embroidery line. Play jujube.

2, ingredients: Most of the denim uses workers, four -in -button, bumps, chicken eyes, leather cards, metal zippers, etc.

3, , 3: Including, the master, the size of the size, the water washing, the flag, the side 唛, etc.

Due to the problem of the shrinkage of denim, the master in the denim factory is the busiest. Generally, the ordinary denim cloth will also have 2%-3%direct contraction rate, and the shrinkage of the elastic denim cloth can reach more than 10%. Each roll of denim cloth is different, so the version of the denim master is always endless …

Generally, there are many casual denim models, and most of these types of types are plane cuts. The key is to determine the size …

The elastic cowboy (including Laica) is troublesome. This kind of cloth is often used to make women’s slim jackets, low -waist jeans, and more than 10 % shrinkage. The version is always adjusted, and , Jeans are the most taboo in front of the waves, and the request is to fit the fit. In the past two years, some big brands have launched three -dimensional cutting, which is similar to the layout of our learning. The activity of jeans is free … and the cutting of denim suits can reflect the skill of a version of the master, especially the use of high elasticity, it is difficult to flatten the sleeve mountain, not wrinkled, and the shape is beautiful …

Talk about the decorative process of denim:

In the past two years, the trend of denim has different trends from the past. In addition to the designs of the change of water, it also attaches great importance to the processing of the decorative process of denim:

1. Cowboy wool, trim the jeans, trousers with scissors, tattoo, plus the special line; many big brands do this …

2. Add the embroidery, including the pattern design of the computer embroidery …

3, hot drill, this is very popular with the Russian market …

4. Patching embroidery, hand embroidery, bead embroidery, very craft design …

5. Plasma printing: But the careful feel will be hard, and it will be easy to fall off when washing water …

6, very new craftsmanship, I have only seen recently, laser: burn all the colors of the cloth, reveal the color of the cloth embryo, with the effect of rendering …

Cowboy can also be matched with different fabrics, such as wool, imitation skin, corduroy, thick knitting (grabbing wool cloth, sweater), etc.

牛仔水洗工艺详解 才智服装制版

And there are more styles that can be made in denim, including five bags of jeans, denim shirts, denim jackets, skirts, coats, etc. This is also a place to reflect your creativity and talent …

Common method of water washing

1. Garment Wash

牛仔水洗工艺详解 才智服装制版

Generally, ordinary washing is ordinary washing, but the washing we are familiar with usage to mechanization is only about 60 ° -90 ° C. After a certain amount of detergent, after about 15 minutes of ordinary washing, the water and soft water plus soft water and softness The agent can make the fabric softer, comfortable, and more natural and cleaner visually. Usually, according to the length of the washing time and the amount of chemicals, the general washing can be divided into light washing, general washing, and heavy cleaning. Usually lightly washing is about 5 minutes, the general washing is about 15 minutes, and the re -washing is about 30 minutes. (This time is inaccurate). These three ways of washing have no obvious boundary.

2. Stone washing / stone mill (Stone Wash)

The stone washing is to add a certain size of the floating stone to the water washing, so that the floating stones and clothes are polished. The water level in the polishing tank is performed with the low water level of the clothing completely soaked to make the floating stone contact the clothes well. You can wash or rinse before the stone mill, or rinse after the stone mill. According to the different requirements of customers, it can be washed with yellow stones, white stones, AAA stones, artificial stones, rubber balls, etc. to achieve different water washing effects. Essence

3. Enzyme Wash

Enzyme is a type of cellulose enzyme that can degrade the fiber structure at a certain pH value and temperature, so that the cloth surface can fade more mildly, fade (produce “peach skin” effect), and obtain lasting soft softness Effect. It can be used or replaced by stones. If it is used with stones, it is usually called Enzyme Stone Wash.

4. Sand Wash

Sand washing is mostly alkaline and oxidized auxiliary, so that the clothing has a certain fading effect and an old sense after washing. If it is matched with stone grinders, the surface of the fabric will produce a layer of soft frost white fluff, and then some soft agents will be added, and some soft agents will be added. It can make the fabric soft and soft after washing, thereby improving the comfort of wearing.

(1) Sand washing agent

a) Pole agent: According to the category of fiber, the tissue structure and tightness of the fabric are selected to select the puffer and concentration, temperature, time and other pussy conditions. When the cotton clothing is washed Essence

b) Sand washing agent: After the clothing is swollen, fiber is loose, and then the regulation helps special sand washing for friction, so that the loose surface fiber produces plump and soft hairs. If you want to make the fluff plump, you must choose different forms, different hardness, Sand powder, if you can use diamond -shaped sand (make the loose fiber produced fluff), polygonal sand (stretch the velvet), and round sand (plump fluff).

牛仔水洗工艺详解 才智服装制版

c) soft agent: soft agent for sand washing. It is required to achieve soft and waxy, so that the fabric can gain weight, and the hangingability should be significantly improved. Therefore, this kind of soft agent carbon chain must be long and has cordonality, which can adsorb on the fabric to achieve weight gain.

(2) Sand washing equipment

牛仔水洗工艺详解 才智服装制版

At present, it is generally used in industrial water washing machines for puffing, sand washing and soft treatment. It is dehydrated with a centrifugal pump dehydrator.

(3) Sand washing process

Cotton cloth clothing can determine the amount and time, time, and treatment temperature and time of the pouring agent according to the tissue structure, the latitude and weft density and the thickness of the gauze, and the strength of the twist. Choose yarn fabric sand washing effects better than wire fabrics, rough yarn is better than high yarn, low twist is better than high twist, and the floating point is better than floating -point short products.

5. Chemical Wash

Chemical washing is mainly to achieve the purpose of fading by using a strong alkaline auxiliary (NAOH, NASIO3, etc.). After washing, the clothes have a more obvious old sense of oldness, and then the soft agent is added. The clothing will have a soft and plump effect. If stones are added to chemical washing, it is called Chemical Stone Wash, which can enhance the fading and wear effect, so that the clothing has a strong sense of remnants. After washing, it can achieve an imitation and hair effect.

6. Rinse (Bleach Wash)

In order to make the clothes have a white or bright appearance and a soft feel, they need to rinse the clothes, that is, after ordinary washing water, heating to 60 ° C, according to the depth of the bleaching color, add an appropriate amount of bleach (bleaching agent) In 7-10 minutes, the colors are consistent with the board. When operating, the direction of the drifting agent should be consistent with the steering of the rotary cylinder, so as to avoid bleaching agents directly falling directly on the clothing because it cannot be diluted with water as soon as possible, and local bleach appears. Before bleaching, the water level in the tank should be slightly higher to dilute water. After the clothing is bleached to the board, the residual bleaching water in the water is neutralized with large (small) soda (Na2CO3, NAHCO3) to completely stop the bleaching. After watering water, add washing agents, fluorescent whitening agents, hydrogen peroxide, etc. at 50 ° C water temperature, neutralized pH value, fluorescent white, etc., and finally soft treatment.

Rinse can be divided into oxygen and chlorine drift. Oxygen drift is to use the oxidation effect of hydrogen peroxide at a certain pH value and temperature to destroy the dye structure, thereby achieving the purpose of fading and adding whitening. Generally, the rafting surface will be slightly reddish. The chlorine drift is the purpose of destroying the dye structure with the oxidation effect of sodium hypochlorite, thereby achieving the purpose of fading. The fading effect of chlorine drift is rough, and is mostly used for rinsing in the orchid denim. After bleaching the board, the sea wave should be neutralized to the water in the water and the residues of the clothing to stop the bleaching. After the bleaching, the stone mill is called the bleach stone wash.

7. Destroy Wash

牛仔水洗工艺详解 才智服装制版布  种: 右斜 洗水方式: 酵洗喷沙 布  种: 蓝黑网格 洗水方式: 酵洗重马骝,喷猫须 布  种: 10*7蓝右斜 洗水方式: 8-0276 特点说明: 单边开叉磨烂短裤 布  种: 2305蓝弹洗水方式: 酵洗 布  种: 2302蓝弹 洗水方式: 酵洗怀旧 特点说明: 后超短裤,带猫须,怀旧色彩 布  种: 10*7蓝右斜洗水方式: 酵洗重马骝 布  种: 4189蓝黑弹洗水方式: 普洗 布  种: 10*7蓝右斜洗水方式: 酵洗喷沙 布  种: 2305蓝弹 洗水方式: 轻酵染 布  种: 2276特深篮环定纺暗竹右斜 洗水方式: 轻酵深

After the jacket is polished by the floating stones and the auxiliary treatment, it will cause a certain degree of damage in some parts (bone, collar, etc.). After washing, the clothes will have a more obvious disabled effect.

8. Snow Wash (Snow Wash)

Soak the dried floating stones with potassium permanganate solution, then directly polish with the clothing in the special rotary cylinder, polish it on the clothing through the floating stone, and use the potassium permanganate to oxidize the friction point, so that the cloth surface fades in irregularity, forming formation, forming formation, forming formed White dots like snowflakes.

The general process of snowflake washing is as follows:

Floating stones soak potassium permanganate -dried rocks and clothes -snowflake effects -remove the stone dust on the clothes in the water washing tank -oxalic acid neutralization -water washing -upper soft agent Essence

9. Moustache Effect is Whisker, but Whisker’s saying is professional. The cat’s beard is a type of hand sand (handbruky, hand brush), which is just grinding into the shape of the cat’s beard.

10. Sand spray is also known as sand stone was / sand blast. It is to use a large -scale toothbrush with a dedicated device (the image point is, but it is just a drum type) to polish the fabric. It is usually a combination of an inflatable model.

11. The difference between the essence of Monkey WASH and sand spray is the former as a chemical role, and the latter is a physical role. The spray horse is sprayed on the clothing according to the design requirements with a spray gun, and the chemical reaction occurs to make the fabric bleed. Use the concentration of potassium permanganate to control the degree of degeneration. If the effect is divided, the spray horse is uniform, and the inner layer of the surface is degenerate, and it can achieve a strong anti -color effect. Satsuch spray is only degenerate on the surface, and you can see the physical damage of the fiber.

12. Pigment WASH / Pigment Dyed Wash, also known as “single -sided coating / coating dyeing”, which means that this method of water washing is designed for dyed clothing, and its role is consolidating The original gorgeous color and the softness of increased feel

牛仔水洗工艺详解 才智服装制版

Fully -automatic direct -drive dehydrator: It uses semi -closed internal ventilation self -cold aggravated energy -saving motor to be installed in the middle base. Traditional multi -level tedious rotation, this machine is equipped with a frequency conversion of an electronic control box, the resistance brakes the speed display and adjustable speed and time. Water dehydration.

Snowframe: First mix the volcanic stone and potassium permanganate solution in the industrial washing machine to “fry” together, then put the clothes in and fry with the stone, then wash the clothes and remove the water

Relax of cowboy: Washing water, high temperature setting, local pressing, hand rubbing, tattered, hand -picked folds

Enzyme Wash (Enzyme Wash)

牛仔水洗工艺详解 才智服装制版

Enzyme is a type of cellulose enzyme that can degrade the fiber structure at a certain pH value and temperature, so that the cloth surface

It can fade more mildly, fade (produce “peach skin” effect), and achieve lasting soft effects. Can be used together

Or instead of stones, if you use it with stones, it is usually called Enzyme Stone Wash.

The difference between the essence of horse spray and sand spray is the former as a chemical role, and the latter is a physical role.

The former is to spray the potassium permanganate solution on the clothing according to the design requirements with a spray gun. The degree of concentration and jet volume control the degree of degeneration.

Sand spray is also called sand. Dedicated equipment (image point is a large electric toothbrush, but it is just a drum type) to polish on the fabric. There is usually a charging

Qi model cooperation.

In terms of effect, the former is uniform, and the inner layers of the surface are degraded, and it can achieve a strong anti -color effect. The latter is only aggressive on the surface, and you can see physical damage to the fiber.

牛仔水洗工艺详解 才智服装制版

Local grinding white is sprayed horse sacred Biwen washing. Essence The effect of washing is natural. Essence very beautiful! At present, many European countries like to use this kind of water washing dyeing, and there is a kind of water washing: vulcanization washing. Essence The principle is the same as this. Essence It’s just that vulcanization can only be washed out of gray

The general washing is that the clothes become softer. If you add silicon oil, the weaving organization is a little more lubricated, so it feels more smooth. After kneading, the fingers will feel a bit slippery. The potassium permanganate solution is mixed and then placed in the washing machine to “wash” or “fry”. There are many effects, and the biggest feature is that the fading effect is significant. Because of the most of the larger stones, the fried clothing will be obvious ” Snowflake “effect, so it is named. Copy snowflake ~~~ It is a dry ~~ There is no water in the machine ~ Just use rubber balls and stones ~ and chemical potion ~~ After copying, you can copy a lot of colors after copying the water ~ ~ You can use color ~~~ Black can copy various colors

Elastic denim cloth dyeing printing production practice

This article specifically introduces the small test of the elastic denim cloth dyeing printing, the process and process conditions of the production of large cars, and focuses on analyzing the key additives in the extension printing, that is, the choice of adhesive, paste, extract agent and roll dyeing dye The impact of front and rear treatment points out the precautions in production.

Syrodal Dyeing Print Elastic Faculty Labor Cloth Supply for Labor Club

1 Introduction

The elastic denim is full of feel, soft and thick, comfortable to wear, and the clothes are easy to wear with other clothing. Therefore, it has been in the international clothing market for a long time. It has always been a popular fabric in the market. According to the customer’s order requirements, we develop elastic denim cloth plug -in staining. Its unique pattern, novel style, full color, and diverse changes. And have a heroic and rough style.

2 production experiments

2.1 variety

C16X16+70D 50 -inch elastic denim cloth

2.2 Process process

Pre -treatment → scraping → steaming (102 ℃, 7min, 0.1MPa) → hot water washing → soap washing → drying → drying

2.3 Process and prescription preferred

Pulling white pulp, G1#2#3#4#

Darf dye jn6080100120

Citric acid 30405060

Starch paste xxxx

Synthetic 1kg1kg1kg1kg

Color pulp, G1#2#3#4#

Net print adhesive 100100100100

Paint yyyy

牛仔水洗工艺详解 才智服装制版

Different dyeing agents and citric acid are different. After testing, the printed effects are compared with their printed effects. The preferably prescription is white pulp 3*and color pulp 3*.

2.4 Selection of adhesive

牛仔水洗工艺详解 才智服装制版

The choice of adhesive is very important. It has a good reducing resistance and acid resistance to citric acid, and it must also have good printing performance and high fastness. It is best to choose a low -temperature adhesive, which has been steamed to achieve dyeing and fixed

牛仔水洗工艺详解 才智服装制版好的牛仔服装材质是很重要,而我们国家山东地区生产的牛仔布是挺多,挺不错的……

Dual effects, the CS-9000 selected by our factory meets the above requirements.

2.5 Selection of paste

The performance of the paste directly affects the quality and cost of printing products. Compared with the PAN -F with corn starch paste, the PAN -F of our factory has the characteristics of high purity, high coloring rate, good stability, convenient acid resistance and convenient operation, and lemon and lemon Acid and dyeing agent JN compatibility is also better.

2.6 Selection of extractive agents

After practical comparison, we choose the dyeing agent JN used in acidic media, which is compared with carved white powder used in alkaline media. Its white and color buns are better, and chemical stability is good.

2.7 Selection of citric acid

牛仔水洗工艺详解 才智服装制版

In order to ensure the completion of printing and steaming under acidic conditions, the amount of dyeing agent and citric acid is 2: 1.

3 large car production conditions

3.1 Process process

Pre -dyeing treatment → printing → drying → steaming → curling heat → water washing → rolling soap washing → rolling hot water washing → rolling cold water washing → drying

3.2 Volumes before dyeing

Blue dyed denim is not resistant to alkaline and high temperature and humidity. Otherwise, it will cause serious losses and elastic losses. The most ideal process is the starch enzyme degeneration process.

Hot water washing (50 ~ 60 ℃) upper shaft → enzyme degeneration (7658 amylase 1.2kg / 150L salt 0.5 kg / 150L osmotic agent HP20.3kg / 150L, ​​pH value of 5.6, temperature 50 ~ 60 ℃ x30min x30min temperature ) → Wash hot water (90-95 ° C two roads) → cold water washing two lanes → upper axis → drying

3.3 Passing the prescription

Draw white, g

Darr dye jn 100

Citric acid 50

Starch paste x

Synthetic LKG

Color pulp, G, G

Net print adhesive 100

Coating Y

3.4 Volumes after dyeing

牛仔水洗工艺详解 才智服装制版

After curls, the treatment can make the printed paste, medicine and extraction base color clean. When washing hot water, it must be added to the dyeing agent JN to remove the yellow substance formed by the decomposition of the blue blue, and then it is well -boiled and hot water washed. The effect is better.

Hot water washing (50 ~ 60 ℃) upper axis → pure alkali washing (two soda 2g / L, two or above 80 ° C) → hot water washing (two or above 80 ° C) → soap boiling (90-95 ° C, soda 2 G / L. Clean washing agent 4g / L) → hot water washing (two two roads above 80 ° C) → cold water washing two lanes → upper axis → drying

3.5 Test color fastness

The coloring fastness of the elastic denim is dyed after staining and printed.

3.6 Precautions

3.6.1 Dip dye jn and citric acid must be separated separately. The pulled dye JN is dissolved with about 80c of hot water and mix it in the pulp. In addition, the citric acid is dissolved with cold water and then adds the slurry; the coatings and adhesives are finally added.

3.6.2 After steaming, wash a certain amount of pure alkali to make the yellow matter fall off quickly. Otherwise, the yellow matter formed on the cloth surface will not be removed. Essence

3.6.3 The fabric of the printing machine cannot be discovered intuitively, so it is necessary to steam with the seal and find the defects in time.

3.6.4 The color pulp is made to have a certain thickness, otherwise it will be created

The edge is unclear, affecting the cloth effect. The color paste is too thick, which is not conducive to penetration, and it is easy to cause the blue spots of the net. The color pulp is too thin, which is prone to flowing paste, forming white spots, and the outline of the flower type is not clear, produced by hair edges, and it is not cleaned.

3.6.5 Due to the difficulty of printing light -colored patterns on a deep background, it can be printed

Add 30 % white pulp to the flowers.


GMTWASH RINSEWASH dipping -try to maintain the color depth as much as possible

BLEACHIN / BLEAH Sandwashing

BIWASH yeast washing

ENeStoneStonewash washing

Chemlial Wash Chemical Washing

Vintagewash disabled


Handbush hand rubbing

MOUSTACHE / Whiska / WHISKY Cat Beard

GRINDIDG bad edge


Wrinkle EffCT full wrinkles

Softhandfeels soft hand feel

SIFENER soft oil

Sulicin silicone oil



Tiebye tie dye

Tieblech drift

牛仔水洗工艺详解 才智服装制版

DIP BLEACH hanging

DIRECTOYE direct dye

Cloth: Right oblique water washing method: yeast sandwiches: blue and black grid water washing method: yeast washing heavy horse ravioli, cat sprayed cloth species: 10*7 blue right oblique water washing method: 8-0276 Features Features Note: Unilateral splitting rotten shorts: 2305 blue bullet water washing method: yeast cloth species: 2302 blue bullet water washing method: yeast washing and old feature description: post -super shorts, cat beard, nostalgic color cloth species: 10*7 Blue Right Clamp Washing Method: Filial washing heavy horse ravioli species: 4189 blue and black bomb water washing method: Pu wash cloth species: 10*7 blue right oblique water washing method: fermented sandblasty cloth species: 2305 blue blue: 2305 blue blue Washing water method: light yeast dyeing layer: 2276 special deep basket ringing dark bamboo right oblique water washing method: light yeast deep

La Blue La Blue Wash New Galaxy New Galaxy Wash Paper Blue Low Blue Dark Dark Dark Washing Dull Dark Color Washing Vintage B Frequency Washing BVINTAGE Frequency Washing Rinse Return and Wash MediUM moderate Washing Overdyed Set Light Light Washing Blue Blue Blue Moon Lanyue Washing Titanium Titanium Dust Dust Dust Dust Wash Enzyme Wash Enzyme Copper Copper Copry Blue Village Lan ARCTIC BLUR Blueice Binglan Washing Cloud Washing STONEWASH Stormwashed Crystal washing

Darf dye jn6080100120

Citric acid 30405060

Starch paste xxxx

Synthetic 1kg1kg1kg1kg

牛仔水洗工艺详解 才智服装制版

Darr dye jn 100

Citric acid 50

Starch paste x

Synthetic LKG

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