Roman Roland’s “John Klisdov” ten sentences, deserve to be a giant system, worthy of fine products

The novel “John Klisdov” is a representative work of the famous French writer Roman Roland. This book was completed in 1912 and the total number of words was about 1.24 million words. In 1915, Roman Roland won the Nobel Prize in Literature with “John Klisdov”.


After ten years, Roman Roland’s creation of this work has grinded the classic image of John Klisdoff for ten years. Gorky has highly evaluated the work, saying that “John Klisdov” is a minister of narrative poem.


Roman Roland devoted a lot of emotions to the protagonist of the novel, John Klisdov. Perhaps in a sense, Klisdov was the embodiment of some idealism. Roman Roland once said that he was going to shape a great heart in this novel. He said: The reason why the real hero is great is because he has a great heart. Klisdov’s great heart is not only manifested in the virginity and sincere friendship, but also not only in hopes that the people of all countries will never get along well. The fantasy of the war of war, and it is manifested in the deep sympathy of the kind and upright and upright public that is oppressed, contempt and trampled.


The above words directly expressed the outlook and values ​​of Roman Roland and his character Clezdov. The life of Klisdov’s struggle, full of legendary life, hard work, and artistic life. Time span childhood, youth, adulthood and old age. From sprout to awakening to resistance to struggle, to the end of the spiritual sublimation. After experiencing the ideological realm of different periods such as hesitation, pursuit, distress, struggle, and entanglement.

Roman Roland grafted his spiritual world in the world of Klisdoff. Klisdov’s life greatly reflected the course of European intellectuals in the late 19th century and early 20th century. Cleeshoff’s heart is full of ideals and pursuit. He wants to benefit all human beings and hopes to make a difference in his life. He is worthy of the purpose of “to create a great heart in the novel” that Roman Roland has previously mentioned.

The work of “John Klisdov” has a strong artistry. Klisdov was born in a poor musician family. His grandfather and father are musicians. His grandfather instilled him to many heroes created The concept of the world, so he had a dream when he was young: he wanted to be a hero.


Kelisdov has learned music since he was a child. His musical talent is extremely high, and his life has been around music. He has experienced failed love, the dilemma of life, experienced great success, and feels warm recognition. He was involved in the right and wrong, and he was a genius and was a fugitive. The elderly Kelisdov focused on studying religious music, regardless of the world, and entered the so -called Qingming Gao Yuan. This is the life of Klisdoff.


Roman Roland has been brewing this work since 1890. After 10 years, he began to publish the first volume of the novel. After another 10 years, the last volume was completed. That is to say, this work takes 20 years, and the actual writing creation is 10 years. “John Klisdov” is not only a novel, but also a great epic. In this epic, just like the music symbol runs through it, each text looks like a note, so that the reader is reading the wonderful music in the ears. The characters are intertwined in the emotions of music. The character’s personality is more three -dimensional and vivid, more attractive, and the background and atmosphere are more beautiful. The artistic nature of this work is reflected here, which is also the powerful background of Roman Roland.


The translator Mr. Fu Lei spent 10 years, translated 2 times, revised 6 times, and translated and published Chinese translations of “John Klisdov”, allowing us to appreciate this great work. The novel is not a poem. According to the author’s confession, it is said that it is like a river. Rhein, the huge flow of Rhine, is a symbol of the book.

Today, let’s enjoy the 10 sentences in “John Klisdov” together to experience the spiritual world of this great work slightly.


The real light is by no means a never -dark time, but it will never be covered by darkness. The real hero is by no means never having humble sentiments, but it will never be succumbed to the humble sentiment. —— Roman Roland “John Clezdov”

Most people died at the age of 20 or 30, because after this age, they were just their own shadows. After that, they spent the rest of their lives. What you do in your lifetime, what you think, and love. —— Roman Roland “John Clezdov”


Reading is not for arguing and blind obedience, but for thinking and weighing. When we are in confusion and dilemma, we can read these words, and you will find these words in the book. From the first sight of you, we will be conquered by it. —— Roman Roland “John Clezdov”

In the face of survival, morality may be weakened; in the face of poverty, dignity may be weakened. —— Roman Roland “John Clezdov”

The real hero is not that there is no humble sentiment, but can overcome the humble sentiment. —— Roman Roland “John Clezdov”


If a person wants to sow the sun, you have to have the sun in his heart! – Roman Roland “John Klisdov”

As they say to me, how to write, and how to think. They can’t make me unable to me. —— Roman Roland “John Clezdov”

Life is a gambling, and only smart people can win; so the first must be seen to see the enemy’s card without leaking their own cards. —— Roman Roland “John Clezdov”

No one is complete, happiness is to know their limitations, and then settle in this limit! —— Roman Roland “John Clezdov”

The so -called aristocracy refers to those who have more pure nature than others and may have more pure blood; they never abandon themselves and have a pride. —— Roman Roland “John Clezdov”

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