Japanese housewives share the secrets of clothing storage: do these 8 pieces, the messy wardrobe is much more neat

Everyone also knows that the Japanese housewives can be very professional for storing this matter. All kinds of messy situations in the family can re -clean up through clever storage.


No, recently, there are Japanese housewives’ wives shared their own secrets of clothing organizing. Don’t say it, it’s really practical ~

Let’s take a look together ~

1. The disconnection is always the first place


The breakout is always the first step for the Japanese housewives to storage of the wardrobe. Usually, when the season changes, they will leave the clothes in the wardrobe.


It will mainly break the clothes that are not fit, have no stains or damaged, and have not worn it for a year or two to reduce the burden of storage.


Second, uniform hanger color

Don’t say, the small hanger really brings a completely different feeling to vision. If the color of the hanger at home is too messy, it is easy to make people feel messy and uncomfortable.

But if the color of the hanger is uniform, it will be much better to change to black, white, and wood.


Third, layered storage

The layered storage in the wardrobe is also very important. Generally, it is recommended to storage of bedding and clothes that have been storage during the season, and some clothes areas are made in the middle layer. , Very reasonable.

Fourth, there is a way to hang the area

The hook area must also be stored organized in order. Do not hang up and come up. Try to hang it in the way from short to long, from jackets to inside shirts. This is more convenient to find and play.

Fifth, the drawer is better than the storage box

The folding area below is used as much as possible to separate the longitudinal space with the storage drawer. It is clearer than the storage box, and it is more convenient to take clothes.


6. Make full use of vertical space


Japanese housewives’ wardrobes often don’t look large, but there are many stored clothing, which is because they make full use of vertical space.


They will use small things such as superimposed trousers, dislocation hooks, and double -layer hangers to improve the storage of vertical space, practical and beautiful.

Seven, the clothes are stacked and exquisite

In this regard, there are a lot of clothes. In fact, you can also check the complete stacking method of those Japanese housewives. Reasonable clothing stacked can also make small cabinets store more clothing.

8. Put as you can, place your clothes in situ

In the end, the most important point is to develop good living habits. Do not hang up clothes. You must maintain a reasonable storage habit every time. Time is kept tidy!

I don’t know if the above -mentioned wardrobe storage method, have you learned? ~


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