What is the difference between weather -resistant and tone glue and structural glue

What is the difference between weather -resistant and tone glue and structural glue

What is weather -resistant adhesive

Time -resistant glue is a single -group, neutral solidification, and silicone sealing designed for various curtain wall -resistant seals. It has excellent weather resistance. After artificially accelerating climate aging testing, the physical and chemical performance of the seal has not changed significantly. During use, use a squeeze gun to squeeze the rubber from the sealing tube to the seam that needs to be sealed.

The advantages of weathering glue

1. Single -meter division and convenient use. It has good extrusion and tactileness within the temperature range of 4 ℃ ~+40 ℃.

2. Neutral solidification, no corrosiveness of building materials such as metal, coating glass, concrete, marble, granite and other building materials, and widely used;

3. The displacement capacity is 20 levels. For the normal telescopic and shearing deformation of the curtain wall, the product can maintain the performance unchanged, and it plays an effective sealing role;

4. Excellent climate resistance, aging resistance, ultraviolet, oxygen resistance, water resistance;

5. High and low temperature performance excellent performance. After the low temperature of -30 ° C, it will not become brittle, hardening or cracking, and will not be softened and degraded at the high temperature of+90 ° C, and always maintains good elasticity;

6. With excellent adhesion, after solidification, it forms a strong bonding with most building materials without the need to use the bottom coating;

7. It has good compatibility with other neutral silicone gums.

什么是耐候胶 耐候胶与结构胶的区别

Time -resistant use

1. The weathering seal for various glass curtain walls;

2. For metal (aluminum plate), the weathering seal of the enamel curtain wall;

3. Used for seams of seams of concrete, metal;

4. The roof building seam seal seal.

What is structural glue

Structural glue is a high strength (compression strength> 65MPa, steel-steel positive tensor bonding strength> 30MPa, shear strength> 18MPa), which can withstand large loads, and aging, fatigue, corrosion resistance, and in the expected life expectancy The internal performance is stable and the adhesives are suitable for being adhered to strong structural parts.

Advantages of structural glue

1. Easy to use: can be squeezed out at any time.

2. Neutral curing: Suitable for most building materials instead of adverse reactions or corrosion effects.

3. Excellent bondability: no primer paint can be formed with most building materials.

4. Excellent aging stability.

5. After curing, it has high -mode volume performance, and can carry the expansion displacement capacity of ± 25%of the interface.

Cixed -time time of structural glue

Two or 25 ° C for 24 hours or 20-25 ° C solidification for 2 hours+80 ° C 2 hours. It can be put into use. If the temperature is low, the heating or extending curing time should be used to promote solidification.

Structure glue use

High structural glue intensity, anti -stripping, impact resistance, and simple construction technology. For metal, ceramic, plastic, rubber, wood, etc., such as the same material or different species of materials. It can be partly replaced by traditional connection forms such as welding, riveting, and bolt connection. The distribution of the surface stress is evenly distributed, and it has no heat effect and deformation on parts.

In the engineering, the structure is widely used, mainly used for component reinforcement, anchoring, bonding, repair, etc.; Praisement and so on.

The difference between structural glue and weather -resistant glue

1. Different uses

Weave tolerance

1. It is suitable for all kinds of curtain wall weathering. It is particularly recommended for the weathering sealing of glass curtain walls, aluminum -plastic panels, and dried stone hanging.

2. Seal between metal, glass, aluminum, tiles, organic glass, and coating glass.

3. Clear, cement, masonry, rocks, marble, steel, wood, wood, anode treatment of aluminum and paint on the surface of the paint aluminum. In most cases, there is no need to use primer.

什么是耐候胶 耐候胶与结构胶的区别

Structural glue

1. Metal and glass structure or non -structural bonding assembly for glass curtain walls.

什么是耐候胶 耐候胶与结构胶的区别

2. It can directly connect the glass to the surface of the metal component to form a single assembly component to meet the curtain wall design requirements of the hidden or semi -hidden frame.

3. Structural bonding and sealing of hollow glass.

2. Place of action

Weighing sealing glue is mainly used for sealing seams between materials and waterproof seals of seams. Structural glue is mainly used for the structure and non -alternative assembly of various curtain walls. The two places are different.

Third, adhesive performance

1. Time -resistant sealing can also be said to be universal gum, mainly with extreme weather such as anti -ultraviolet, sour rain, snow, etc. The displacement capacity of weather -resistant glue (can be elastic interpretation) is higher than structural glue.

2. In addition to the characteristics of weather -resistant sealing, silicone structural glue also has a stronger adhesion performance than weighted sealing. Mainly used in the place where stress. The modulus, hardness, strength and price of structural glue are higher than the weather -resistant glue of the same grade.

Summary: The weather resistance of structural glue is as good as the weathering glue, or even better, because the weathering resistance of structural glue is related to safety. If the aging is fast, the consequences of the glass falling down are very serious, so the current structural glue is basically silicone (silicone oggue Glossom), basically not aging in the natural environment. Weighing glue does not involve safety. The result of failure is generally leakage and wind. Therefore, there are many types of weather -resistant materials, including polyurethane, polysulfur, acrylic acid, etc., but the weather resistance is still the best.

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