3 Magazine suitable for learning English

There are many benefits to reading foreign magazines: First, the vocabulary can be increased and the actual usage of these words can be grasped. Secondly, cultivate a sense of language to make up for the lack of grammatical knowledge to a certain extent. Third, it can improve reading speed, which is particularly useful in the exam. Finally, you can also expand your knowledge and understand current affairs.

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Here are 3 magazines suitable for learning English

1. Reader’s Digest Reader Digest

As the largest monthly issue in the United States, Reader’s Digest is good at using it to move people’s hearts and insist on using it.

“Using lasting, human things to defeat fashion and hot things”


“Reader Digest” is not a fast -food book, and does not pursue the hot spots of clouds and smoke. The magazine adheres to the exploration of human nature in a society where materialism is flowing, and pursue simple, simple, good, and human care.

The content is all -encompassing, the subject matter is wide, involved

Health care, mass science, sports, food cooking, tourism and leisure, financial and politics, home and horticultural, art and entertainment, business and culture.


At the same time, because the content is thoughtful, exploring, and practicality,

The source of the topic in Chinese English test often comes from this magazine

Therefore, the examination party and the postgraduate party want to improve their English ability. This magazine is a popular readings that enhance English and consolidate the foundation of English.

2. The economist economics


This is a magazine that even the New York Times publicly expressed its admiration and wants to follow.

Since its inception in September 1843, “Economist” has been trying to provide politics, business and social news in the smallest length in the most condensed language.

The editors follow the style of the British literati, using dictionaries, solemn, sophisticated, as in British English stable and atmospheric. Writing is spicy, humorous, and ridiculous, even if the size of the tofu block is the size of the wood, it can not be underestimated.

The editor team is an old fox, for

News hotspot olfactory sense of smell is extremely sensitive, and the perspective is extremely in -depth

Their precise grasp often makes peers amazing and sad.

It provides professional insights for politics and business celebrities, which is a must -read publication of social elites;

Ivy League School Gao Cai Sheng Paper Writing High Score Guide.

If your English is in the intermediate stage and encounters bottlenecks, insisting that reading “Economist” will definitely make English breakthroughs, and it will be dynamic about global politics, business, and society.

3. New Yorker New Yorker


“New Yorker”, which was published in 1925, has gone through more than 90 years. After paper media, electronic media and social media, it is still the evergreen tree in the magazine industry.

“New York” although a quarter of the content is

Local culture in New York

, And specially set up a column “Talk of the TOWN”, but but

High -quality in -depth report

The audience is not only limited to New York, but also all over the world.

First of all, it must be acknowledged that “New Yorker” is a youth publication in this article.

Colleges include novels, poetry reviews, book reviews, film reviews, music reviews

Essence But at the same time, for

In -depth reports of current affairs and domestic and international politics

It shows the pursuit of extreme ambitions, and high -quality reports often make it receive the prize of Pulitzer.

Why recommend this magazine? because

Postgraduate English, TOEFL, IELTS test

“New Yorkers” articles often appear.

Therefore, young people read more “New Yorkers”. It will cultivate English sense and thinking. It is a great god -level reading in English.


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