The Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau goes to Jiangkou Town Rural Revitalization and Hook Village to carry out cold -proof and anti -freezing guidance and visit to condolences to poverty alleviation households

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In order to consolidate the results of poverty alleviation and organize rural revitalization, on the afternoon of December 27, Lin Chaoxiong, director of the Municipal Agricultural and Rural Bureau, led the heads of the Agricultural Machinery Station and the relevant departments to the rural rejuvenation and linked villages (Dadong Village, Jiangkou Town) to carry out the pair of “institutions+rural” pairing Co -construction services to guide cold -proof and freezing and visits to condolences to poverty alleviation. Deputy District Chief Zheng Bi’e accompanied the visit, and relevant personnel of the District Agricultural and Rural Bureau, Jiangkou Town and Dadong Village participated together.

At the strawberry base in Dadong Village, Lin Chaoxiong and his party went deep into the field to guide farmers to do a good job of preventing cold and warmth of strawberries, and asked about the cost and harvest of planting this year. The series of cold and freezing measures, scientifically cope with strawberry frostbite, minimizing farmers’ losses.

Later, the group came to the village two households to linked to poverty alleviation households to condolences, and sent condolences and food oils, rice noodles, rice and other life condolences such as poverty alleviation households, as well as cold -proof winter supplies such as cotton quilts.林超雄每到一户都细心察看住房环境,重点倾听和了解存在的实际困难,详细询问脱贫人员的身体近况和收入来源、生活支出等情况,并勉励脱贫人员要坚定信心、克服困难、热爱生活、 Positive and optimistic, ensure that poverty alleviation does not return to poverty. (Text/Chen Lijian, the first secretary of Dadong Village)

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