A small seed of 320,000, crazy seed rough bracelet

Now when it comes to seed bracelets, it is no stranger to playing with jade. After all, the seed bracelets are very hot in recent years. Many players want to make up a high -quality bracelet. As some old players say, if you want to make up a boutique, it is impossible to have money alone, but it doesn’t work without money.


Like this small seed with only 10 grams and a transaction price of more than 300,000. Some jade friends said that if they have six or seven the same small seeds, it is definitely a collection of bracelets.

And some rough bracelets, sometimes it is difficult to make up even if they have money. Today, let’s take a look at which seed bracelet is the most difficult to make up.

Puppet bracelet

Difficult index: ★


In fact, there is no shortage of seed bracelets in the market, especially the popular bracelets, which are still very easy to make up.


If you don’t care about the quality, you can make up multiple bracelets in one day. After all, there are many differences in the market, and the price is very cheap. A few hundred yuan, thousands of yuan of funds are enough.

However, this type of bracelet can only be regarded as an entry -level level. The seeds of the seeds are almost all jade, different sizes, and there is no collection value.


Repair bracelet

Difficult index: ★★

Today, there are many repair rough bracelets on the market, especially those seemingly perfect rough bracelets are almost all seeds.

One of the major advantages of repairing seeds is that the value is high and the price is not expensive, which means that the price is high.

A string of almost perfect and natural bracelets may cost hundreds of thousands, but good repair seed bracelets may be available as long as tens of thousands or even lower prices, which can meet the needs of many players with bracelets.

However, there is also a deficiency of repair bracelets, that is, the value of collection is a bit lacking. Especially in the high -end collection market, it does not recognize repair bracelets.


White seed bracelet


Difficult index: ★★★


If you like the rough bracelet very much, the funds are not affluent, and are unwilling to discount in quality, then the light white seed bracelet is undoubtedly the best choice.


In the market on the market, light white seeds are the most, so it is relatively easy to collect.

However, if you have requirements for quality, ensure that all bracelet seeds are white, fine, and oily, and even reached top -level, then it is not so easy to make up, and the price is not low. Don’t come down.


Duobao bracelet

Difficult index: ★★★★

Duobao bracelets are also more popular in the market. Common Dabao bracelets are mainly based on white jade seeds, sand dates green seed materials, ink jade seed materials, jasper seed materials, blue and white seeds, and various colors of Qin Qin Qin Qin Qin Materials and leather color materials.

Many people may think that after all, Duobao handicrafts are easy to make up. It is enough to find one or two fine seeds in each seed material, which is not so easy.

The boutique white jade seeds are still easy to find, but the quality seeds of other colors are not so easy to find, and it is also necessary to ensure that the quality is unified in size.

Just like a jade friend we mentioned before, he likes Dabao bracelets very much, but he did not meet his favorite in the market. Bracelet material.

Same leather seeds

Difficult index: ★★★★★


If you like all rough bracelets with skin color, this is not difficult to do, such as red skin and white meat, black skin seeds, and golden skin seeds, etc. There are still a lot in the bracelet market.

But the hardest is the same type of leather rough bracelet.

Because not only to ensure that all bracelet seeds are the same skin color, but also to ensure that the jade, size, and shape of all bracelet seeds are uniform. These conditions are very harsh.

Especially those top -level red leather and white meat bracelets and black leather white meat bracelets may be difficult to make up seven or eight boutiques of the same skin color for three or five years.

Because these top bracelets are not only rare, but also very expensive, it is very common to start hundreds of thousands of yuan. Players with such bracelets need financial resources, connections, patience, luck and other conditions, and it is difficult to have this bracelet for no one.

Non -color seedic bracelet

Difficult index: ★★★★★★

Some people may think that in all seed bracelets, the most expensive is red skin and white meat bracelets, and this bracelet is also the most difficult to make up.

In fact, there is also a seed bracelet that is more difficult to make up than red skin and white meat bracelets. For example, all bracelets with sand jujube green seeds, bracelets with jasper seeds, all of the bracelets of peach blossomed jade seeds, and so on.


The collection of colored seeds with fine -grade grades to collect seeds is very difficult. Their rarity is no less than the top -level red leather and white meat bracelets.

Take the fire and jujube green seed materials of the years as an example. Few people have seen fine -grade sand dates green seed bracelets. Even old players who have played jade for one or two decades, few people have seen it.

Because these non -ferrous seeds are the niche jade species, the amount is not large, the boutique rate is extremely low, and there are fewer suitable for bracelet seeds. Usually, it is difficult to see a eligible top seed material. Suddenly, seven or eight, the difficulty index can be described as the geometric level.

If you have such a fine -grade colored rough bracelet, it is enough to be called the best among the players.

Of course, rare and rare does not mean that it must be the most expensive. After all, consumer preferences and market conditions are the fundamental factor that determines the value of the bracelet.

Therefore, even if the boutique -grade colored seed rough bracelet is more rare, in terms of value, it is still more expensive for top -level red leather and white meat bracelets.


So, which of the most rare bracelet do you think? What kind of rough bracelet do you have, let’s leave a message to chat.

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