In winter, wearing “medium -length coats”! These 24 sets of shapes are fashionable enough and warm enough

In the winter match, one of the very important goals is that wearing it can show tall and thin, but most of the down jackets and cotton jackets are not very good, so many women prefer to wear coats. It’s warm enough.

Long coat


In winter, if there is no idea about the color of the coat, black must be the first choice. The black long coat will be particularly handsome when matching, and has a sharp contrast of color. The waistline position is relatively prominent, and it is very beautiful to match. The black medium -length style coat with a skirt is noble in the gentleness.

The long coat is paired with small leather shoes, and the white socks are matched in the middle, which is a lot gentle. When the black coat is matched, the upper body can use a stacking method to use white to match the simplest color, wearing a gentle temperament, more free and more advanced.

When you feel that pure black will be a bit monotonous, you can use checkered elements to penetrate white or gray to match, with a strong retro style.


The long coat with a gentle lady with a skirt, while the short coat with leggings and boots is a capable and neat, which is a more popular method of matching now.


Sometimes it takes some retro atmosphere to match the coat. It is not unusual to wear dark colors in winter. The most popular thing is the light color system, which has a sufficient sense of atmosphere and advanced.

Mi -white or white coat with a shoulder pad design shows an elegant effect. The overall matching of the same color is simple and high -level, which will not be fat, and there is no sense of expansion.

Yellow began to be particularly popular this spring, with bright yellow, and when it is matched with coats in winter, the yellow color is relatively dark, which is more suitable for Asian skin tones.

With blue jeans or white jeans, the effects are both capable and refreshing.


Among the many colors of the coat, the light khaki or gray are very popular. In the past two years, it has become more and more popular in suit types. Light khaki color with dark gray wide -leg pants, high and thin, the overall also also Especially breath.

You can also use long coats with white boots. The level of gray and rice white has a sharp contrast.


The light -gray coat occupies a large area in the overall match, and it will be more gentle and gentle. At the same time, it will show a retro and age reduction with a black skirt. With pants, it is more capable.

The gray coat is more distinctive in the form of white striped stitching. When a pure gray coat collides with black pants and brown boots, it is easy to show a sense of age and the atmosphere of women in the workplace, which is both casual and free.


Medium -long coat

For small girls who like gentle ladies style, you can also try the long coat. It is an A -line version above the knee, just like putting the skirt on the body, and a scarf with a checkered element as an embellishment.

The dressing of the coat is a combination of advanced and classic in winter. There are many stylish styles. Many girls will start from color, styles, and matching when choosing a coat.


Don’t be afraid of short children. Wearing a long coat can also show a full sense of high -level sense, both thin and high.

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