Applying the protective agent leather seat also needs care

In addition to regular cleaning of leather seats, daily maintenance and care is equally important. If any maintenance measures are not taken for a long time, the fiber tissue inside the dermis will change, causing the original protective oil film to be damaged, causing it to dry, aging, hard, cracking, and discoloration. In addition, even if some car owners use some maintenance measures, if the method is improper, it may also damage the leather surface and affect its service life. To this end, in the process of maintaining the leather seats, you need to pay attention to the following points:

● Apply protective agent

Because the protein and fat in the leather are in a natural state, they will be lost slowly over time, and ZUI will eventually cause aging. Especially in the southern region with frequent rainwater, this aging phenomenon will be more serious after repeated moisture and dryness. Although many leather cleaners on the market now have certain protection effects, after completing each seat cleaning, you can still use dermal special protective agents to fully maintain the seats in order to form a layer of waterproof and anti -prevention on the surface of the leather surface. Switting protective film. This can not only reduce moisture and dirt into the dermis, but also supplement the dermis supplementation of oil nourishment, thereby effectively restoring the softness and breathability of the leather, and extending its service life.

● Pay attention to keep the car clean and hygienic

In the daily car use, we need to develop good hygiene habits to avoid placing some dirty clothes, dirty towels or dirty basketball on the leather seat. In addition, because the dust that enters the car in the car is gathered on the foot pad, the air flow formed by the switching door will be rolled to the seat and other parts of the interior, so regular cleaning the foot pad is also the method of indirect protection of the leather seats. one.

● No need to add a seat cover

Because the sleeve can be disassembled at any time, it is also very convenient to change the washing. Therefore, some car owners think that by installing the seat cover, it can effectively keep the leather seat clean. In fact, this approach is wrong, because the car leather seat is not as arrogant as we imagine. As long as we usually take care of it, the leather seats are actually more resistant than the normal fabric seats, and ordinary dust and stains only need to need Wipe it gently with a clean cloth, which is also very convenient. If you install a seat cover, not only the advantages of the leather seat itself cannot be reflected, but the long -term friction will cause damage to the leather surface, obviously to lose money.

● Avoid encountering hard or sharp items

For leather seats, ZUI is afraid of encountering hard or sharp items. Once it is scratched or cut, it will be fatal, because these scars are basically impossible to repair. Therefore, you should try to avoid putting hard items such as keys and repair tools on the surface of the seat, and do not press the large box directly on the seat. At the same time, the owner of a child should also prevent them from standing in the seat. For pet owners, pay attention to pet’s paws to prevent them from scratching seats.

● Far away from the heat source

If the leather seat is in a high temperature environment for a long time, the cortex will become dry, and in severe cases, it will also cause its original protective oil film to be damaged, which will accelerate the aging of the leather and cause cracking and fading. Therefore, it is recommended that you paste a layer of thermal insulation film for your car, and at the same time try to avoid stopping the car directly in the sun. If you need to park in an open -air environment for a long time, you can also put a shading plate in the car to reduce UV damage to leather seats. In addition, try not to smoke in the car to prevent the leather seats in accident.

● Try not to eat in the car

Many car owners have the habit of eating in the car, especially some busy businessmen who often become their mobile restaurants. However, if you accidentally drop the fine residue of the food on the leather seat, it will easily breed harmful microorganisms such as mites, so that the leather will accelerate the deterioration and aging under the erosion of them. Essence Therefore, try to avoid eating in the car. If the leather seats are accidentally stained with stains, they should be cleaned immediately to avoid the stain more accumulated.

All in all, everything needs to be paid to get rewards, so the leather seats bring us a comfortable and high -quality life while the leather seats also need to take care of it. Give full play to the high -end and comfortable advantages of leather seats.


Because the leather material is special, it is necessary to choose suitable special cleaner for different leather. Care car housekeeper to warmly remind you that a dermal cleaner with excellent performance needs to have the following conditions:

● The pH value of acid and alkali should be between 5 and 7.5 to avoid corroding dermis due to excessive acid or alkali.

● No odor or slightly light aroma. If the smell is too strong, it is likely to mix some chemicals that are harmful to the human body.

● It does not contain friction agents to avoid grinding flowers on the surface of the flower during cleaning and affecting beauty.

● Moderate cleaning power. If it is a powerful cleaners, it may cause chemical reactions and hurt the leather.

● It should be a water -based cleaner, which can be deeply moisturized and extend the life of the leather.

● It can be degraded and has no pollution to the environment, which meets environmental protection requirements.

What needs to be emphasized here is not to use non -dedicated leather cleaner such as washing powder and detergent, because the lotion and oil molecular particles of these detergents are large, not only can not penetrate into the dermis tissue to form protection, but it will also block leather pores. , Lost the dermis, and then accelerate the aging of the leather and the formation of cracks.

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