Hanxue Airport is a show, caramel -colored leather jacket with medium long trench coat, one -handed pocket air field looks like a supermodel

In the entertainment industry of beautiful women, actresses want to have a popularity. In addition to their outstanding looks, they also need to have their own style. Han Xue, born in Suzhou, who was born in the gentle water village in 1983. Not only did the facial features look exquisite, but also had a dusty temperament on her body. Since her debut in “Romantic Sakura” in 2000, she has insisted on the principle of not making kiss scenes. In the entertainment industry, it is like a “clear stream” through people’s hearts. After his debut, Han Xue has participated in a number of film and television works. He has won many awards. Han Xue is still not arrogant and very popular. Han Xue not only has exquisite acting skills, but also has her own unique style in fashion wear. Recently, when Han Xue appeared at the airport, wearing caramel -colored leather jackets with medium and long trench coats, one -handed pocket air field like a supermodel!


Han Xue wore a brown leather shirt, unbuttoned a few buttons to reveal a black bottoming shirt, showing mature and intellectual charm, wearing a long leather jacket, three pieces of shirts and dressing, not bloated, fashionable personality personality, fashionable personality personality , The lower body is paired with black jeans, echoing the color of the black bottoming shirt, which is very harmonious. The design of the nine -point flared pants shows a white and slender ankle. It is very eye -catching. Out of a cool and handsome design. Han Xue also carried a small checkered bag in one hand, and walked out of the airport with a pocket in one hand. The aura was full, bringing the sense of vision of the workplace elite. Netizens praised: Han Xue took the airport as a show!

Han Xue’s acting skills have always been unquestionable, and her expression in fashion styling is even more remarkable. Let’s take a look at her previous sets of fashion styles:


1. White cloak long skirt: elegant, atmospheric

Han Xue was wearing a long white skirt, with waves curly hair, dignified and elegant, and her pure white tone settled her elegant temperament, the design of the cloak, showing the dignified and atmospheric charm, looking up, exuding charming charm.

2. Shirts with pants: Personality, contrasting color

Han Xue’s upper body white shirt, black tie, simple black and white contrasting color, intellectual and capable, the lower body is matched with pants, fashionable personality, stuffing the shirt into the waist, thin and high.

3. Star black gauze skirt: girl, eye -catching


Han Xue wore a black gauze skirt, and the sense of perspective showed fair skin. It was very eye -catching. It was decorated with the stars, bringing a playful feeling. This shape shows its sweet and simple atmosphere. OK.

4. Lantern sleeve top with stripes: retro, show leg


Han Xue wore a white top and the design of the lantern sleeve, brought out the court’s retro atmosphere, wearing striped sets, and the skirt of the thighs, showing a long and white legs, which was quite eye -catching.

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