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(Shen Mo’s cat 2022-04-29)

Recently, I have begun to organize my previous database in accordance with the new rules, and I also plan to write more about some events and education -related ideas of relocating new factories.

In fact, I prefer to summarize my information information library by writing, because I will not find my own information because of the changes of the platform. So the net name given to himself when NetEase played a blog was Shen Mo’s cat. Yes, there was nothing wrong, not to silence, but to seduct the galcoly seductiveness, Shen Mo was tired of fruit, plus the quietness of the cat, So the cat’s cat was finally named Shen Mo’s cat, and he had hardly encountered duplicate.

At first, most of them were published on NetEase blogs. At that time, there was no knowledge payment system. Basically, they were all posted on the blog. It was free to show and forward it for free.

Later, knowledge was paid. At first, the original articles were uploaded on Dou, mainly technical originality. Equipment management and maintenance Wi -based, practicality is relatively strong, and there are more paid downloads. In half a year, I also redeemed it. Out of 100 yuan. Later, the rules changed, and the protection of the plate board was worse. It was not for writing as a living, and it was more convenient to download some materials. I mainly moved to Baidu Library, so I didn’t play Dou

When I moved to the Baidu Library, I first shared and downloaded the earning points. You can download other documents when you have points. My wife likes to download the information with my points, and my colleagues also use my points to download. My information is basically practical information in the industry, and I hope that there are many people who spend points to download, and they will soon have thousands of points. Because it is enough, there is no continuous upload of new information. After a long time, it was not useful, and then logged in to find that his documentation was much less. It turned out to be applied for copyright. The Baidu Library platform did not notify and communicate, and deleted my document directly. When I want to appeal to the copyright, I find that it is basically not to play with people like us. I found my most profitable document (compared to the cooling tower) in the library, and sent a private message to the new owner to communicate, saying that the document was my original, please return to my copyright, and others returned to “Stupid X”. give me.

There are original files uploaded on my computer. The word “Shen Mo’s Cat” on the document has not changed, and the owner is a primary school teacher. There are various documents under their names. I have occupied the copyright of other people, and I have uploaded the historical records of the document and the points recorded when they were downloaded. Just on the NetEase blog, the information written by Shen Mo’s cat as a pseudonym is all invalid when communicating with the Baidu Library platform, because the information you posted never waited until the reply. I was disappointed, and I did not rely on writing to make money, so I gave up the copyright appeal. Later, the points were changed to exchange, and the copyright had to be paid first. So I gave up directly by Baidu Library.

Later, I used today’s headlines. The relevant recommendation information is more in line with my reading interest, so I started to publish some articles and exchanges on the headlines, but the model of the headline platform is not convenient to publish PPT and table documents. This is also regrettable. Some of the articles that were written at the beginning were a bit hot. Although I did n’t rely on writing to make money, I saw that someone could spread someone to praise, and by the way, I still had some money to accumulate. I was still interested and carefully written. But slowly discovering that since I improved the opinions on the platform, I found that the traffic is far less than before, but I think that some of my articles still have the value of communication. It is still that sentence. It does not rely on writing as a living, and I do n’t care much about the situation of less traffic. As long as the platform does not delete my article. Now using the headline platform, the most favorite is its original statement function, which is very simple. There is no need for too much authentication, and it has its function from the introduction of Word documentation and automatic school. Thinking of this statement, without deleting the article, when you make a copyright application in the future, there will always be more evidence.

Regarding the confirmation of copyright, if it is my business platform, the rules I formulate will be as follows:

When publishing the document, the author himself stated whether it was original and first. The original account that states that the original account must be authenticated.

If you start on other platforms, you need to provide links and real -name authentication information on related accounts.

When someone has a copyright infringement, the appellant first communicates with the owner, and sets a “owner confirmed infringement” option in the complaint column. “Copyright complaints, please confirm the abandonment of copyright.” After confirmation, the article is automatically deleted without deducting credit scores without affecting traffic.

When the appellant and the owner communicate with the owner, set up an option of “confirming infringement and submit more information” in the complaint column. Transfer the appeal information to the owner and let the owner choose one:

“Copyright complaints, confirm the abandonment of copyright.” After confirmation, the article is automatically deleted. A certain percentage of credit deductions in the platform affects the traffic of the owner.

“Copyright is controversial, and appeal in the future.” After confirmation, the article can only be seen, but not outside. Credit points for a certain percentage, affecting traffic. And remind the owner to post the documentation time information screenshot. After half a year, the platform prompts the owner to submit an appeal certificate within a week that if it is not responded and submitted, the platform party will automatically delete the document directly, and the credit score will be deducted at a certain percentage to affect the traffic.

“Copyright is controversial and appeal immediately.” After confirmation, the owner needs to submit his own appeal evidence within a week and be judged by the platform. The article is reserved during the appeal period, does not deduct credit scores, and does not affect traffic.

5. After the platform accepts evidence between the two parties, it is either set up a special person to determine it. Either, like a idle fish, first set up a copyright self -service court, extract users with high credit scores, vote and express their opinions. Finally, the judgment results are sent to the relevant parties. If more than 80%of the high votes are determined by no dispute, the loser shall bear the corresponding deletion documents and deduction of credit points to affect the processing of traffic. 30 ~ 70%of them are controversial. If there are controversial articles without deleting articles, do not deduct credit scores, and do not affect traffic, but controversial documents cannot be outside. Until a deeper judgment result.

This is the original of Shen Mo’s cat, and it is strictly forbidden to reprint without authorization. 29 years of work experience power equipment engineers like to discuss solving problems (including education, etc.). The content shared can be used, but please respect my copyright and not infringe my copyright. (Original: Shen Mo’s cat, new sequence Chapter 003)!

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