Kaws exposes a new doll!The “Together” series should be fired to a sky -high price, right?

As the premier street artist in this era, KAWS’s recent topics are still relatively dense.In addition to the new joint name created with Uniqlo earlier, this time with “Together” as the design theme, he created a new doll.The first thing to pay attention to is that from KAWS’s INS, it can be seen that there will be a multi -color version of the “Together” series of dolls.As for the design, it is easy to understand. The iconic Companions appears in a hug posture, which directly reflects the theme of this design.In addition, the gray version appears with the black version. Such a lineup is still very tempting for collecting players.Everyone thinks after seeing it, but there is no information on sale yet.


Photo via: kaws

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