Adidas 2018 Winter Jacket Down Run Series new listing: igniting the “zero-type moving” in winter

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Adidas Winter Jacket Down Run Series

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The cold wind winter, the temperature is broken, is your sports space being limited in the indoor position? Work high pressure load, life is constant, do you want to break free, explore the new self? Since 2011, Adidas launched the Winter Jacket Down Rock Series, it has set off a winter sports boom and the pursuit of trend enthusiasts. In October This year, Adidas 2018 Winter Jacket Down Run series new product is once again strong, and the classical sports style is injected into a hot element, and Clima warm technology helps withstand the wind and rain. This winter, Adidas 2018 Winter Jacket Down Jack invites winter sports players to break through the seasonal line, redefine the city’s new border, explore the other side of the city, and ignite “zero-type moving” together!

阿迪达斯 (adidas) 2018 Winter Jacket羽绒茄克系列全新上市:点燃冬日“零度型动”

Winter hot start warm attack

阿迪达斯 (adidas) 2018 Winter Jacket羽绒茄克系列全新上市:点燃冬日“零度型动”

For many sports players, winter urban exploration is not just a simple movement, and it is a cool play. Without the hot and air-conditioned rooms in the summer, life can easily break the seasonal style, re-excavate the spirit of play in the city. However, autumn and winter is more frequent, and the climate change is impermanent, and the winter movement is extremely vulnerable to the test of external climate change.

Adidas 2018 Winter Jacket Down Jacking uses ClimaWarm’s consisting technology, complies with the principle of warmth, helping the wearer to lock warmth and easily change seasonal. The 2018 Winter Jacket Down Run Series December main push will break the routine, while combining the down fluffy, combining the Climaheat technology, a trick-to-life winter, so that sports enthusiasts highlight a variety of possibilities in winter. In addition, the Adidas 2018 Winter Jacket Series is unique in the details: cuffs, the hat is equipped with magic paste, which can be adjusted according to the personal body type, loose breathable, tightly resist the wind, to wear the cold Wind and crack; two sides of large pockets are designed for both hands and warm care; long section, long down jelda can be used by different temperatures, help wearer in winter, ignite “zero-type moving”!

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阿迪达斯 (adidas) 2018 Winter Jacket羽绒茄克系列全新上市:点燃冬日“零度型动”

The temperature is just a symbol, which should not be a style of 镣. The Adidas 2018 Winter Jacket Down Run Series designed for multiple occasions can be used as commuter costumes in urban life. It can also be used in the travel equipment of winter city movement, let go of deliberate requirements and constraints, let the wearer sports handsome and two incorrect .

Adidas 2018 Winter Jacket Down Run Series combines multiple trend elements: using a variety of fashion popular version of the design, with the love single product, highlighting the handsome hoisting winter style; the chest pocket and the sleeves draw classic elements, exclusive three texture show Adidas unique DNA, bringing the visual impact of the tide of the movie; the side zip pocket design is simple and simple, and the position of the earphone cable is reserved, and the convenience of winter travel; the fur collar hood can be dismantled according to different scene needs The down jacket is also free to adjust the width. Whether it’s today’s Buddha’s tide, or chasing the fashion high street players, you can pick a special paragraph suitable for your own model in the Adidas 2018 Winter Jacket Down Run series, with the fashionable street shooting, show unique Winter street texture.

Single items don’t have much, wear a iconic down jack, you can show your fashion attitude. This winter, with the Adidas Winter Jacket Down Runner, hold a group, ignite “zero-type moving”, interpretation of the wind! November new products have been listed, more new products, please look forward to. For more details, please visit or follow the official Weibo and WeChat public accounts of Adidas.

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