When will it be sold in China? Intersection The new color of the “Banana Shoes” of Kan Ye is more and more pleasing to the eye …

In September this year, overseas took the lead in selling new shoe types

adidas year knit runner



The first color color is dazzling yellow dress, and the flat shoe type is called by netizens


“Banana shoes”

I have to say that in the new shoes type, only Kan Ye can make netizens heatedly discuss each time.


Although it has not been released in China, there are new color matching exposure overseas. Although the color palette is also a good play, I have to say that the new wave of new colors is more pleasing to the eye!

The new color scheme continues the two -color splicing design. The upper and the shoe body are gray. The position of the shoe collar is decorated with brownish yellow to bring a familiar earth color dress.

The shoe position has the size of the SIZE 9 US -like to reveal the size of the shoe size.

The integrated woven upper to increase the bottom, it is still very eye -catching.

It is reported that the new Adidas Yeezy Knit Runner “Stone Carbon” is expected to

February 2022

Sales, pricing is


$ 200

We will continue to pay attention and bring subsequent follow -up reports as soon as possible.

However, I have to say that the offer price of $ 200 is not low. I believe that the pricing will be around ¥ 1500 after the domestic release in the future. Will you pay for this pair of shoes?

adidas Yeezy Knit Runner “Stone Carbon”

Item number: to be determined

Sales date: February 2022

Sale price: $ 200


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