Adidas Terrex unruly conventional global limited -edition off -road running shoes

As an outdoor sports brand, Adidas Terrex is committed to creating a sports concept of “created by me”. It calls on everyone to inspire their creativity in outdoor sports, break through self -potential, and create a better self. Adidasterrex launched a new light outdoor series for Asian outdoor sports people in April to explore the outdoor renewal experience. Unruly routine, I created by me.

2018 Adidas Terrex launched a global limited -edition off -road running shoes. From the German headquarters, it has only 500 pairs worldwide. Each pair of shoes has its own exclusive number.

The upper is made of fine king -woven materials, and the tongue is made of perforation synthetic material, which is breathable and comfortable. The fashion avant -garde pure white color scheme injects a fresh functional atmosphere for these shoes, and believes that it will capture more followers.

adidas TERREX 不羁常规 全球限量款越野跑鞋

The operation of the BOA fast lace -up system is more convenient. The principle of material force of the BOA system to effectively eliminate the pressure points, and solve the problem of uneven tight lace lace. After a long test, after the BOA knob is tightened, the tension of its steel wire rope and contour guide will automatically balance, making the pulling force consistent. At this time, the pressure is evenly distributed above the entire foot surface, and it will not appear like a traditional shoelaces. While tightly wrapped, there will be no squeezing discomfort.

adidas TERREX 不羁常规 全球限量款越野跑鞋

The sole adopts the grip of the CONTINENTAL ™ rubber outsole. With the polygonal large tooth design, it can ensure the grip of running shoes on the slippery ground and provide runners with strong anti -slip support. The horse brand of car tires, and densely torn tear -resistant upper. Can stand the abuse of runners in various environments.

As the main location of the landing, the EVA cushioning material that adidas depends on the famous EVA cushioning material is: the stronger the hitting impact, the more feedback energy, the more cushioning the spurring protection when the runner landed. EVA It plays more support for shoes and stability.

adidas TERREX 不羁常规 全球限量款越野跑鞋

These shoes also have anti -kick -to -jock design. It is inevitable that the section of gravel is inevitable during the off -road running. Such a design can effectively protect the feet from being harmed, with Adidas Logo on it.

adidas TERREX 不羁常规 全球限量款越野跑鞋

Comprehensive reviews: The design of pure white coloring has upgraded the overall fashion sense of these shoes, and the global limited edition has injected classic colors into these shoes. The operation of the BOA fast lace system is more convenient. Continental ™ rubber outsole provides excellent grip performance, EVA midsole provides strong cushioning support capabilities for shoes. The performance of the entire pair of shoes is very good, which is enough to deal with various outdoor environments.

adidas TERREX 不羁常规 全球限量款越野跑鞋

Of course, only white is a limited edition, and other colors are also available. This color also likes it, as shown below:

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