The most cutting -edge speed of technology experience Seagate Seagate Fast PSSD mobile solid state hard disk evaluation

With the advent of the era of big data, technology accelerates and industrial innovation has become the core of business operation. Whether it is a high -level confidential need to be kept, or a large amount of data in the work needs to be shared, it will inevitably lead to strengthening the storage demand. Especially in the face of elite white -collar workers, program development, design media film and television practitioners, engineering supervision, graduate students or doctoral students, music film enthusiasts, senior gamers and other groups, the speed of traditional mobile hard disks can no longer meet the needs of these people and the times Essence

科技最前沿的速度体验  希捷Seagate Fast PSSD移动固态硬盘测评

The needs of high -speed transmission, withdrawal, lighting, lightweight carrying, data security, and high confidentiality factor have also continued to rebuild the upgrade of mobile hard disks.

On this basis, the world’s largest hard disk, disk, and read and write magnetic head manufacturer, which was established in 1979, came into being at the Seagate Fast PSSD mobile hard drive owned by SEAGATE Technology Cor. The Corporation, which is located in Si Valley in California, USA, has a global leading position in the field of design, manufacturing and sales of hard disks. It specializes in providing products for enterprises, desktop computers, mobile devices and consumer electronics.

This test is the SEAGATE FAST PSSD series STCM500401 PSSD convenient solid -state mobile hard disk. The capacity is 500G, the external output interface is USB3.0, the hard disk is 2.5 feet, there are indicator lights, the product size is 94x79x9mm, and weighs 82G. The highest continuous read -writing speed of official data is (440/430MB/s). At present, Seagate provides 250GB, 500GB, 1TB, 2TB capacity for options for the Fast PSSD series.

Open the packaging, equipped with a Seagate Fast PSSD portable mobile hard disk; a Seagate Toolkit, including one of the backup and mirror software; a Type-C connection (18 inches); a Type-C to Type-A USB 3.0 connection Line (18 -inch); a fast entry guide. The equipment is very complete. After arriving at the hand, the SN code is consistent with the official website to determine the genuine product.

科技最前沿的速度体验  希捷Seagate Fast PSSD移动固态硬盘测评

1. Appearance:

The appearance of this black mobile solid hard disk is made of metal, and the frame is a piano paint surface effect plastic. It greatly reduces the weight while retaining the texture and advanced sense of technology. The streamlined structure shows its superior performance. The thickness of 0.9mm is thin and light, and the entire hard disk is much lighter than the average mechanical mobile hard disk. The overall design is simple and generous, mini fashion, which is very suitable for business places.

2. Anti -impact:

科技最前沿的速度体验  希捷Seagate Fast PSSD移动固态硬盘测评

The carefully produced Seagate Fast PSSD mobile solid -state hard disk has a delicate appearance, elegant and agile, light and impact resistance, and can withstand various emergencies facing when going out. The safety performance is excellent. At the same time, BANQ is committed to creating high -quality products. Seagate Fast PSSD mobile hard disk has been strictly tested. When accidentally dropped, shock -proof and falling effectively protects the data, perfectly protect your information, so that you can use it.

For business people, this performance greatly reduces the failure of business negotiations caused by objective factors, and has won the maximum probability of successful success for the company’s sustainable profitability and important customer negotiations at critical moments. For other customer bases, this performance can also reduce problems such as data loss caused by external shocks. Most of the materials saved through mobile solid -state hard disks are the increasingly accumulated in our lives and have certain business or other business or other other business or other business or other. Value precious information.

3. Heating:

科技最前沿的速度体验  希捷Seagate Fast PSSD移动固态硬盘测评

Inside, Seagate Fast PSSD mobile solid -state hard disk integrates advanced heat dissipation management technology, maintaining daily stable working temperature through dynamic cooling protection technology (DTG). In addition, the adoption of mechanical solutions such as heat sinks has further reduced the overall PSSD temperature, thereby effectively reducing the effects of heat and ensuring its performance. The dynamic cooling protection technology and mechanical solutions are used to keep its surface temperature below 45 ° C. To a certain extent, it solves the problem of heat loss caused by traditional mobile hard disks for a long time. The superiority of maintaining a certain temperature has been further supported, and Seagate’s Fast PSSD mobile hard disk is used as the feasibility of using external hard disks.

4. Reading and writing speed:

Seagate Fast PSSD mobile hard disk is a PMR reading and writing method. It has the speed of lightning and can read data instantly. For users who often process a large amount of data and large files, this speed has greatly optimized the working mode and dealt with emotional problems such as irritability caused by speed.

We use Black Magic Disk Speed ​​Test to test the read -write speed of this PSSD. The test results are as follows:

More importantly, after copying more than two hundred G movies, the Seagate Fast PSSD mobile hard disk has only a slight heat sensation, and the noise during operation is very small, which can be ignored! This is enough to see the noise elimination processing. At the same time, the mobile hard disk Putting on the table will not cause the resonance of the desktop.

With the high -speed reading speed, the processing of various items directly on the flying Fast PSSD mobile solid -state hard disk is hearty, without stuttering, it can be used as an external hard disk for notebooks to expand the computer’s memory capacity.

At the same time, use the accompanying folder synchronization software mirror to image your files and projects. You can monitor the specified folder so that it will automatically synchronize with the file changes, which saves your time and no waste of energy.

5. Compatibility:

科技最前沿的速度体验  希捷Seagate Fast PSSD移动固态硬盘测评

Seagate Fast PSSD mobile hard disk is also a highlight of the USB-Type C interface to transmit data. This interface is much faster than the USB3.0 interface. And enjoy the worry-free connection of reversible USB-C cables, and you can also use the attached USB-C type A cable to achieve compatibility.

At the same time, Seagate Fast PSSD mobile hard disk is compatible with Windows7 or higher versions, and Mac OS*10.9 or higher versions of operating systems, but it may need to be formatted on the MAC.

The attached formatting tool can optimize the hard disk to achieve greater performance or cross -operating system compatibility. When used to measure hard disk capacity, your computer operating system may also use different measurement standards, so it reports lower capacity.

5. Data security

With the popularization of computers, almost all enterprises, institutions and individuals will store some important data in the computer. There may be photos, engineering drawings, technical information, etc. In general, these data often have no other backup, which involves a problem that cannot be avoided, data security. After all, the hard disk is valuable and the data is priceless. The stability and safety of a hard disk are also important factor in measuring brand quality.

Seagate Fast PSSD mobile solid -state hard disk provides three years of shelf service in terms of data security, and provides data rescue services, allowing users to use it with confidence and worry about it. However, because the data information recovery of mobile hard disks is more difficult, data rescue services are only as the last means of data rescue. Before that, I hope that everyone can protect the hard disk and back up important data.

The advancement of science and technology always brings great convenience to humans, and the Seagate Fast PSSD mobile solid -state hard disk undoubtedly has a cross -era significance in the hard disk industry. It liberated the previous copy of the information for a few hours and waited for suffering, and also rescued music games enthusiasts in the face of loading the screen and the anxious mood of Cutton, and avoiding various problems that prepared insufficient preparations under emergency meeting and other conditions. Essence In the world of adults, we are extremely pursuing a law, time is money. And this mobile solid -state hard disk has high security performance and read and write speed, which greatly saves us time. These times allow us to take one step first, one step by step, and to grasp the opportunity more accurately. Seize the opportunity, and finally turn the time into money, it is not an exaggeration. It even helped us rescue the opportunity cost, which greatly reduced the error rate in the major turning point of life, and effectively ensured that our lives facing a higher place.

科技最前沿的速度体验  希捷Seagate Fast PSSD移动固态硬盘测评

In front of these potential values ​​and hearty experience, the advantages of Seagate Fast PSSD mobile solid -state hard disk undoubtedly show it. It will take you to a new era and feel the charm and passion of technology at the forefront of technology.

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