Soul Tide: Puppet and Team Composition -When we discuss the system team, what are we discussing

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1. Team composition can be roughly summarized as: core, medical, front row, auxiliary, supplemented by C (usually armored hand).

2. The system team does not necessarily require the owner C of the system. The establishment of the system team is based on a strong interaction mechanism between puppets.

3. The choice of the main C (core) doll can be biased towards XP, or it can also be based on the comprehensive consideration of the holding of the SSR offensive type.

4. If there are no special circumstances, Xingjian Yasha must be the strongest master C of the newcomer, because on the eighth day and 4-6 customs clearance will be sent to the physics department powerful SSR “ace shooter”.

5. In the middle of the game in the middle of the game, the blood volume is low in the middle of the game. Nowadays, players generally pursue quickly resolving the battle within 4-8 rounds. Therefore, in such an environment, the front row of puppets is generally not valued or even unused.

6. Aka (Akatart), which stands out in such a major environment, is the most popular powerful front row doll, and is one of the cores of the Thunder team.

7. Seeing Yasha, Realley (Refers to Lili Ello Module 2), Aka, Wang Nu (Koluer) are extremely excellent pan -type puppets.

8. The resource is particularly tight after level 20, so please consider turning the team carefully after level 20.

9. The pre -group recommended by the newcomer is as follows: Xingjian Yasha, Kolu Xueer, Flisia, Vezina, Lili Ailo.

Why do we team like this

The soul tide team building follows the oldest fantasy world view of “warfare shepherds”, but because of special armor -breaking demand and tolerance for five people on the stage, it brings many variables and creativity to the team building.


Let’s sort out from the beginning:

Because of the high value of BOSS -the core output player of the team’s high -harm of the team’s high damage.

Because of the high damage threat of BOSS -the team needs a front row, thinking that the back row provides the output/support environment.

Because the front row may fall before the boss dies -the team needs a medical treatment to ensure that the front row will not die in the middle of the strategy.


Because BOSS’s armor is broken after being broken -the team needs a supplementary C, and the purpose of quickly penetrating the armor with two combo skills.

According to such conclusions, the hard requirements of the team are: master C, front row, medical treatment, supplemented by C (armored hand).

After the novice tutorial is over, all players will get the initial five groups (module 1):

It can be seen that the initial five people have perfectly met the hard needs of the game.

“Even if one person does not smoke, it can be cleared all the main lines with the Royal Five Family.” The reason for such remarks is from this -because this team has met the hard needs of game clearance. However, it does not mean that the hard demand does not mean that it will be very comfortable. With the progress of the map, various problems will make the challenges facing players more severe:

Gradually found that a single nanny cannot maintain the bloodline of the front row very well -requires multiple medical care

Gradually discovered that monomer medical care unable to oppose the group DOT and damage skills -demand scope medical care and group dispersion role


Gradually discovered that the enemy has a BOSS without physical weaknesses, and Nangong cannot complete its own duties -auxiliary C characters that require other attributes

Gradually discovered the boss immune dizziness, but because the gap between combat power is too large, it cannot be solved during the armor -breaking period -the demand specialization team to increase core damage

Except for the third situation, other situations clearly point to the needs of the team’s last member: a auxiliary role that can use medical treatment can increase the core output/dispersion negative state to provide a good output environment.

Therefore, it can be concluded that a good team can be roughly divided into: main C, medical treatment, front row, auxiliary, auxiliary C.

When we complete this preparatory building, the formation of the team has been generally completed. The rest is to enhance the interaction of the role mechanism in the team to achieve the purpose of further enhancing the core and the overall damage of the team.

Special game mechanism: skill group

In the soul tide, each character has two sets of skill groups, which will be obtained at level 1 and 15, respectively. After level 20, the custom module will be unlocked: players can switch between two different skills in one character and combine them at will. Players will get the basic attribute correction of the selected skills -will automatically calculate into the panel of the puppet.

Even if the custom module is not used, the initial skill group of the doll has basic attribute correction, which is the bottom of the skill description.


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