Canadian Goose launched the 2019 Tide Brand Limited Limited Edition and sell it as soon as it was launched

Come and help you grow grass in the north, is there anyone?

加拿大鹅推出2019潮牌联名限量版 刚上市就卖断号

Canada Goose X JUUN.J’s cooperative limited model “Capsule Series” in Paris Fashion Week 2019 finally launched on October 18th, but! It was sold out a few days after listing, and the popularity was staggering.

加拿大鹅推出2019潮牌联名限量版 刚上市就卖断号

Let’s take a look at the official website on the official website. There are several joint models on the official website:

加拿大鹅推出2019潮牌联名限量版 刚上市就卖断号

The four models on the official website are

SNOW MANTRA Snow Mantra, RESOLUTE3, EXPEDITION Expedition, and Ashcroft Hats


And they all use JUUN.J’s iconic “street fashion aesthetics”. The exaggerated Oversize silhouette follows fashion, with functional built -in straps and reflective materials, and combined with Canadian geese’s proud of thermal map technology to provide provides providing proud of the proud of the Canadian goose. At the same time, the warmth also takes into account the breathability. Deeply interpreted

“Fashion Meet Function”

The design concept is fashionable and easy to wear. No wonder it sells out of stock as soon as it is listed.

加拿大鹅推出2019潮牌联名限量版 刚上市就卖断号

(Snow Mantra Snow Mantra)

(RESOLUTE3 1 model)

加拿大鹅推出2019潮牌联名限量版 刚上市就卖断号

(Expedition remote collection, this red can be selected)

(Ashcroft hoodie)

加拿大鹅推出2019潮牌联名限量版 刚上市就卖断号

As one of the Korean veteran designers, Jun.j is good at using high -quality fabrics to combine the formal and compact lines with bulky sports models to produce a very visual impact effect. The joining with the big goose that always focused on quality and function is deemed to be his reinterpretation of classic sportswear in the 1990s. He strives to integrate elegant and eternal design with the spirit of sports with his perseverance in this attempt.

(JUUN.J’s other autumn and winter 2019)


The iconic function details of this series are used, such as reflective logos, two -way adjustable brims, and side zippers that increased the range of activity, but boldly applied JUUN.J’s street fashion aesthetics to enhance visual effects.

(Snow Mantra Snow Mantra Details)

加拿大鹅推出2019潮牌联名限量版 刚上市就卖断号

The peak in the limited edition of this time is the most classic goose


加拿大鹅推出2019潮牌联名限量版 刚上市就卖断号

Essence This version has a shell and vest filled with duck down, which can be worn or worn together. The hood can also be put away. The inner side is designed with adjustable and loose pumping rope. The outside is not forgotten to provide reflective materials, which is very strong.

(RESOLUTE3 1 detail)

加拿大鹅推出2019潮牌联名限量版 刚上市就卖断号

With an exaggerated proportion and two large silver discs,

加拿大鹅推出2019潮牌联名限量版 刚上市就卖断号

Expedition remote deposit

It was deconstructed and was redesigned. This functional clothes are designed with two hoodie, lined with Charba wool, and the outer layer can be adjusted. The lower part is filled with duck down to increase protection.

加拿大鹅推出2019潮牌联名限量版 刚上市就卖断号

(EXPEDITION Expedition Details)

Ashcroft hoodie

It is the first knitable product created by Canada Goose and Junn.j. The big silver disk and the joint brand’s chest logo reinterpret this iconic hoodie. It is made of high -quality Meru Nu wool and uses Thermal Mapping technology to provide basic warmth and breathability.

(Ashcroft hoodie details)

加拿大鹅推出2019潮牌联名限量版 刚上市就卖断号

This is the first time the Canadian goose has launched the capsule series in the past 10 years, and this time the capsule series does not distinguish between men and women, all of which are unisex. Friends who do not buy their own size can consider grabbing her boyfriend (girlfriend) to wear Essence

(Other styles that appear at this Paris Fashion Week)

In addition, don’t be discouraged on the official website. This series can also be found in the following places:

Luisa via roma,

The Corner Berlin,

加拿大鹅推出2019潮牌联名限量版 刚上市就卖断号



L’ éclaireur,

Galeries lafayette champs-élalysées,




Saks Fifth Avenue,

加拿大鹅推出2019潮牌联名限量版 刚上市就卖断号



加拿大鹅推出2019潮牌联名限量版 刚上市就卖断号

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Source: Vancouver Headline

加拿大鹅推出2019潮牌联名限量版 刚上市就卖断号

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