Fashion Bazaar annual party ending, learning actress red carpet wear

On March 31, the annual character fashion party of “Bazaar of Fashion” arrived. As in previous years, this party was also gathered in the stars, and the actresses of all walks of life were amazing.

Part One floral skirt

A few years ago, in the eyes of many people, the floral long skirt was always linked to the 1980s, with a trace of rustic. Wearing a shattered floral skirt, it seemed to return to that simple era.


But fashion is a cycle. Recently, the floral long skirt has returned to everyone’s sight again. Not only many stars have begun to wear a floral long skirt. In the movie “Hello Li Huanying”, Zhang Xiaofei is like a heavy weight. “Flower lovers”, several long skirts pulled us back to that era, and once again felt the youth and vitality belonging to the mother.

On the red carpet of fashion Bazaar, Liu Shishi’s floral long skirt is to eliminate the peculiar sense of the shattered skirt. Whether it is a high -cut design or a clever off -shoulder, it is equipped with the red carpet with the red carpet with it. Come to a touch of fashion.

In addition, Liu Shishi’s smoky makeup+big waves transformed from the light -looking beauty in our impression to a strong beauty system, which is refreshing.

The brothers’ shattered dress is based on dark green. While abandoning the dull black, it is embellished with tender yellow flowers, which is playful and not stable.

Not only that, the appropriate floral floral is also easy to think of spring. At the same time, it is matched with Tibetan blue Paris pants, rigid and soft, and the first choice of ladies in the workplace.

Part Two suspender


In addition to florals in spring, another representative is the vibrant green. Then I have to talk about Zhang Xiaofei’s “Zhang Ma” this time the dark green suspender dress.


Cold white leather+dark green+velvet, elegant and noble but not sexy, proper goddess fan.


And Zhang Xiaofei’s tall and thin figure and the dress with a dress off shoulders, while highlighting the swan neck and right -angle shoulders, there was a trace of fragility and full of gas.

Which woman’s wardrobe does not have a small camisole?


Amazh’s black suspender dress reveals your fair skin, with flame red lips and simple jewelry, put on it, you are Disney’s escape princess.


In addition, the careful machine of the pleated skirt, coupled with the increase of the waist, stretch the leg curve, and truly achieve the legs below the neck.

Part Three suit

Now, let’s change our eyes to look at the suit on the red carpet.


Unlike the softness of the two actresses above, He Sui’s suit is even more angry. The shoulder pads of this short suit form a contrast with the special treatment of the waist, which not only shows the waist of the water snake, but also makes He Sui as if a female warrior is ready to go, cold and sharp.


This suit in Amazhi also adopts a waist design to outline the beauty of women. The fabric is not a traditional suit fabric, but a linen, while ensuring comfortable, the gloss looks softer.


Remember our part one?

This black suit can be paired with a floral dress. The solid color design suppresses the fancy brought by the floral, and the suit is a necessary weapon in the workplace. Coupled with a pair of high -heeled shoes, the CBD office is waiting for your arrival.



It is worth mentioning that most of the stars on the red carpet are wearing domestic dresses, and the aura is not lost to foreign big names. Brother Ama Shi originated from Taiwan, China. Since the birth of the brand, he is committed to high -end boutique women’s clothing. He also hopes to serve more Chinese people.

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