My girlfriend chose to forgive me after betraying me, but I did not know that I also signed a deeds

Cainiao’s 100 -day workplace love chronicle (2)

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【Review of the previous issue】


Day69 Cainiao Gold Leap to work on the 69th day

At 10 o’clock, Wen Li said she was dozing and wanted to go back to the hotel to sleep.

Jin Yue could only help her put on a bathrobe and accompany her back to the hotel.

Back in the room, Wenli fell asleep after taking a shower.

She hasn’t taken a long -distance car for a long time. Today, she spit all the way in the car and soaked in the hot spring for more than 2 hours.

Jin Feiyue said that he was hungry, and he was going to find something to eat. Wen Li went from him for a while, and then entered the dreamland.

This night, for Jin Feiyue, it is destined to be a sleeping night.


Day75 Cainiao Gold Leap to work Day 75

Wen Li found that after Jin Feiyue returned from Zoucun, he was particularly busy.

After class, he rushed home and told Wen Li that there was something at home and did not send Wen Li home.

Not to mention that he would bring Wen Li home.

Wen Li felt wondering.

What can Jin Yue want to be dissatisfied all day long?

Last time in Zoucun, Wen Li fell asleep first, and Jin Feiyue said to go out for supper.

When he returned to the room, he didn’t know what time it was. Anyway, Wen Li felt that she woke up.

Jin Yue stomped into the room without turning on the lights, and then quietly climbed into bed. Wen Li asked him in a confused. What time did he?

Jin Yue hugged her and said, I do n’t know, sleep, sleep, I ’m sleepy.

Wen Li continued to sleep.

It’s been a week now, and he couldn’t help taking himself home for the night.

Isn’t it fun to play games, right?

Hmm, go to work tomorrow to repair him!

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In fact, Jin Yue went straight to the vegetable market and did not go home after buying.

Instead, I drove to a villa area in the East District “East District Royal Garden”.

After entering the “East District Royal Garden”, he drove the car in front of a single -family villa.

Get out of the car, pick out the vegetables, go straight to the door, and take the key out of the pants pocket to open the door.

How can this guy have the key to the villa? Whose home? Why did he come here with the vegetables?

Half an hour later, a black Porsche also stopped at the door of the villa.

After the car stopped, the door opened.

First of all, a pair of long legs wearing high heels. The stockings with good texture and light transmission make these jade legs more charming.

The woman twisted Yingying’s waist and walked lightly to the gate.


I saw the woman pulling out the key from the bag and was about to open the door, thought about it for a moment, put the key back into the bag, and pressed the doorbell.

The door opened, and Jin Yue hugged the woman outside the door into the house.

Ten p.m.

Jin Fei jumping on the phone, he picked it up, and Wenli hit it.

He picked up the phone to the balcony to answer.

“what happened, Babe.”

“Leap, where are you now?” Wen Li asked.

“I’m at home, where can I go at home?” Jin Yue explained with a smile.

“Then I just sent a WeChat to you, why not reply?”

“Oh, I am busy cooking when I get home. After eating, I went to a relative’s house and turned around. I just returned home.”

“I think you are mysterious, hum, don’t lie to me! I will go home to see what ghost you are doing with you tomorrow.”

“Baby, how can I lie to you? Remember to help me buy breakfast tomorrow at work. I went to play the game first.”

Jin Yue didn’t wait for Wen Li to say anything, so she hurriedly hung up the phone.

“Gold Leap! You come in quickly!” A coquettish drink came from the bedroom.

“Okay! Baby, come in right away!”

Jin Yue went away.

On this day, Jin Yue has been working for a month and a half at the “help” company, and his career love is harvested.

Moreover, it is suspected to be one foot.


Day76 Cainiao Gold Leap to work on the 76th day

As soon as Jin Yue arrived in the office in the morning, he saw a hand -grained cake and soy milk on the desk.

He turned on the computer and ate breakfast while gorging.

After holding the morning meeting, Jin Yue returned to the office just for a while. Some salesmen came in and said that there was a customer who asked him to talk to him.

He sorted out the tie and hurried out.

At this time, Wenli pushed in the door and put a document to his desk. She just wanted to turn around, and there was a magical power in the underworld to drag her back.

She turned back and looked at the computer screen on the Jinyue desktop.

She hesitated a little, opened WeChat, and pulled down from the chat list.

Seeing a cartoon avatar of a big -eyed cute cat, the WeChat name is “Meow Meow of Yueren and Yourself”, she opened it.

There are only three of the chat records that were issued yesterday at 5.40 pm:

Kiss, do you still want to eat braised pork ribs tonight? I’ll eat it for you.

I want to eat braised pork ribs, and … you know!

I don’t measure myself, dare to challenge me … Waiting!

Seeing this, Wen Li’s tears fell down.

Even if she was stupid, she knew a fact: Jin Yue was cheating!

Yesterday he hurried off work, and it should be to buy food for that woman.

Next, Wenli also thought of a more serious thing: Is Jin Yue and this woman living together?

Otherwise, where can he cook for her?

When did they start?

For a week from Zoucun, Jin Yue never brought Wen Li back home.

Or say that before going to Zoucun, they have already begun, so they have been together after returning?

Wen Li’s brain is messy, the more she wants to tears, the more crazy …


Wen Li didn’t know how long she was sitting on the Jinyue office chair. She didn’t even notice even Jin Yue walked to her.

Jin Feiyue looked at Wen Li, full of tears, and looked at the WeChat chat page that opened it. His face was white!

He turned around to the door of the office, and then held Wen Li in his arms back.

Sorry to her over and over again.

Wen Li cried and fought desperately, and asked who her woman was? How long have they been together?

Jin Feiyue explained that when he returned from Zoucun, he went to the bar with a few friends to drink, but he drank the film, just …

That woman was brought by a friend and did not know it before.

Wen Li cried even more, scolding him as a scumbag, and actually played a night stand!

Jin Yue covered her mouth and stopped her crying outside the office.

Wenli grabbed a folder on the table and wanted to smash her head on Jin.

Jin Yue kneeled in front of her.

“Wenli, I’m sorry for you! I’m indeed a scumbag! I don’t deserve to be with you! I will resign tomorrow.”

Wen Li panicked when she heard the words, and she quickly lowered her folder in her hand.

“Leap, don’t throw me down! I am your girlfriend. I have given you for the first time. Didn’t we still plan to get a down payment together to buy a house and get married?”

She looked at Jin Yue with a pair of tears and supported him.

Jin Feiyue said that he was reluctant to separate from her, but it was really ashamed to do such a thing.

Wenli said, then you vowed that you would not continue to deal with that woman, and never betrayed me anymore, I forgive you!

Jin Feiyue said, okay! I swear, I won’t betray you anymore!

After speaking, he was blackened the woman’s WeChat in front of Wen Li.

Then she coaxed Wen Li for a long time, and Wen Li finally recovered her calm and returned to her office.

Jin Fei jumped up and locked the door of the office, and then picked up the phone to dial a number:

Baby I’m sorry! I won’t go tonight. I have a small situation. She just saw our chat history yesterday …

I will handle it as soon as possible.

Do you want me to pass at noon?

it is good!

When he was about to get off work at noon, Jin leapt to the Personnel Department to say hello to Wen Li, saying that a customer asked him to eat, and by the way, he consults the loan.

Then hurried out.


Gold leap in the car and came straight to the “Eastern Royal Garden”.

He opened the door with a cooked door, and the “Meow Meow, which is happy and happy” (later referred to as “Meow Meow”), has been waiting for him for a long time on the sofa.

He sat in and kissed her.

Meow meow directly showed his cards with him. Her named Jin Yue quickly broke up with Wen Li, and she absolutely did not allow them to continue.

She squeezed Jin Yue’s chin and said, “Jin leap, you can only belong to me alone!

Jin Feiyue said, that happened! You marry me, I immediately and Wenli!

Meow meow said unhappy, you know that I can’t get married now. After 3 years … I will consider.

But since you are with me now, I will not allow you to be with other women!

Jin Yue was furious, stood up and looked back loud:

Don’t think I don’t know what you are playing Ruyi abacus!


After you want to wait for 3 years, you will get married with the old man before considering marrying me? Don’t play with me as a monkey!

As soon as Jin Yue’s words fell, a loud slap fiercely fanned his face.

Meow yelled at him exhaustedly:

Yes! I am the young three of others! Didn’t you know it long ago?

What about then? Intersection

People can buy me Porsche, you can buy me two villas. What can you give me?

Yes, I just want to give me money. Do you dare to say you don’t try money?

Don’t think I don’t know how you are in the previous three companies! Don’t you just want to lie down?

Do you think you are willing to fight and work hard? Don’t bully yourself!

In addition to going to bed with others, I can help others manage the company and make money for others.

How about you?

You dare to say that when you knocked on my door that night, I never thought about my money except to sleep? I haven’t thought about what can I bring to you?


Stop pretending! Don’t pretend!

Jin Yue was sitting on the sofa, holding his head with both hands, saying nothing.

After the anger was vent, I walked to the table and poured himself a glass of water.

After drinking the water, she calmed down slowly and sat back to Jin Yue.

She grabbed his hand and dragged it tightly, and apologized with Wen Yan softly.

The two reconciled, and began to discuss. Wen Li was still first, and slowly looked for a reason to break up.

Jin Yue still did it at the “help” company this year, and then resigned when the time matured.

She will fund him to open a financial company next year. She paid money, and Jin leaped out.

As for getting married, wait for the man to break up completely before making plans.

That man is a person with status and status, and will not embarrass her. I said before that with him for 5 years, and agreed to marry someone.

Jin Feiyue kissed her and said, baby, still your most painful!

After speaking, he got up and walked into the kitchen, said that he would cook noodles at noon, and finished doing good things early.

In the afternoon, you have to rush back to work. It’s inconvenient to come tonight.

Meow Meow Jiao said: Stinky hooligan! Are you struggling in seconds, right?

At two o’clock in the afternoon, Jin Yue and Meow meowed together.

Then the two drove their cars and drove in different directions.

They did not pay attention, there was a familiar figure behind them, hiding in the corner and peeping at them.



After work in the evening, Jin Yue drove Wenli back home, and made a few dishes she liked to eat.

After dinner, Jin Yue didn’t play the game anymore, holding Wen Li to watch the show.

Wenli leaned in his arms as docile as a kitten and asked him with her head:

Leap, let’s go to see the house on weekends? In this way, we are more motivated to make money. We get married early to buy a house.

Jin Fei kissed her forehead and said good, listen to you all.

On this day, there are a lot of bad things, but it is finally dangerous, and good things are still behind!

Jin Yue made a summary.

[To be continued, continue tomorrow, so stay tuned.

In today’s chapter, Wenli accidentally issued a cash leap leap in. Jin Yueyang made a violation of Yin Yin, while soothing her, while continuing to communicate with her new girlfriend.


The new girlfriend of Jin Yue is actually a junior raised by others! She and Jin Fei met with good discussion and started the company to start the company next year. Three years later, when she got rid of the restraint, she married him.

Dear readers, do you think this Primary Three will fulfill his promise? Will Jin Yue really give up Wen Li and marry Xiao San?

Welcome to leave a message in the comment area, thank you! .

The picture comes from the Internet, such as infringement and delete immediately

The picture comes from the Internet, such as infringement and delete immediately

The picture comes from the Internet, such as infringement and delete immediately

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