Zhang Yixing’s new endorsement of CK blockbusters, relaxing the big abdominal muscles, but black powder with rhythm spicy eyes?

Artist Zhang Yixing has developed well in China in recent years. Especially after returning from South Korea, both business resources and their own ability have been greatly improved. At the same time, many fans have been harvested, which has become the top lines in the circle. The ability is recognized. In addition to singing and jumping the homepage, he also participated in the recording of multiple variety shows. The extreme men’s gang formed with Sun Honglei and others is impressive. On the whole, Zhang Yixing’s development is very successful.


In the Weibo event held recently, Zhang Yixing won the annual producer award. From this award, it can be seen that the official recognition of Zhang Yixing, and also inspired Zhang Yixing to actively create more interesting works in the next. The more smooth he is, the endorsement advertisement does not fall. The recent photos of Zhang Yixing endorsed the well -known male brand CK have attracted attention.

Zhang Yixing’s new endorsement CK blockbuster


Everyone knows that the underwear brand CK has always been a representative of the mid -to -high -end. Star artists in many countries have endorsed. The male stars that endors to such clothing in China are not counted. The image and charm have attracted everyone’s attention.


Recently about Zhang Yixing endorsement


CK brand

The new samples were exposed online. You can see Zhang Yixing wearing vests and panties, which looks very handsome in various postures, and the overall state is very good.


Relax of the big show abdominal muscles

Some netizens also saw the advertising exhibits endorsed by Zhang Yixing in the offline store. The entire large film was very handsome in the advertisement sample shot by Zhang Yixing. One of the photos Zhang Yixing was lying on the chair and exposed the abdominal muscles very masculine, so that Zhang Yixing’s figure was great.


Judging from Zhang Yixing’s posture, he is very acceptable to this advertisement. In fact, many male stars are unwilling to accept this slightly exposed advertisement, but Zhang Yixing’s mentality is very good. After all, this is also an opportunity to promote himself.

Black powder with rhythm questioning spicy eyes?

Whenever there are male stars endorsed some slightly exposed advertisements, it will cause controversy. This time, a passerby fans and black fans said that the spicy eyes were spicy after seeing the advertisement of Zhang Yixing, thinking that Zhang Yixing looked greasy. Such comments also caused many fans to fight back. Everyone thinks that normal endorsements, and even look very man.

In the eyes of Ji Ji, I do n’t feel spicy eyes. In addition to male stars endorsement of underwear ads, many female stars also endorse underwear ads, but because the number of male stars endorsed is not much accepted, and there are many celebrities in the country, there are many celebrities in China. This type of advertisement, like athlete Lin Dan, has also endorsed, and the overall effect is good, so there is no need to take a picture to deliberately bring the rhythm to Zhang Yixing.

I hope Zhang Yixing will not be affected by this, and then create more interesting and nice works.


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