What motherboard is i5 8600?

What motherboards are good for i5 8600? Intel officially released two processors: Core i5-8500 and i5-8600. What motherboards are the main board with i5 8600 is a question that everyone is concerned about. The following editors bring the analysis of netizens.

Intel officially released the eight -generation Core Eighth -generation processor that was not released. Among them, the most anticipated is the Core i5-8500 processor, and in addition to this i5, there is also i5-8600. In contrast, we know that the i5 8600 is not so popular, and its status is quite embarrassing. To say a little lower than it, we can consider i5-8500, and we must consider i5-8600K than it. But anyway, Intel released this product, naturally there is the value and significance of the existence. In the future, there are still users who will consider this processor. So what motherboard is good for the newly launched i5 8600? The editor of the following script home brings the i5-8600 motherboard matching strategy and parameter detailed explanations. The details are as follows.

i5 8600配什么主板好

As a mainstream market product, the Core i5-8600 uses the LGA 1151 interface type. Like the previous 8400, it is no longer the motherboard of the 100/200 series. It must be equipped with a 300-series chipset motherboard. And we also know that the 300 -series motherboards were released together with the Eighth Generation of Core, namely H370, Q370 (support VPRO), B360 and the most entry H310 motherboards.

In addition, the i5 8600 processor is the new eight-generation CPU, and there are also new 300 series motherboards in the motherboard. That is to say, the best matching of i5-8500 is the new 300 series motherboard.

What motherboard is it good for i5-8600?

Since this processor does not support overclocking, it is not suitable for the Recommended Z370 motherboard. At the same time, considering the positioning of this processor positioning, it is best to consider the principle of equilibrium, which is suitable for matching the mainstream middle and high -end motherboards. In theory, we should consider the H370 motherboard and Q370 motherboard. Secondly, the B360 motherboard is considered, and the entry -level level The H310 motherboard is not suitable for recommendation.

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Editor’s words:

The i5-8600 is the latest eight-generation Kaby Lake high-end processor launched by Intel’s facing Core mid-end installation users. It is still a 14nm process with a 9M three-level cache. The built-in UHD 630 core graphics card supports dual-channel DDR4 2666 memory. The I5-7600 has been improved significantly, and it is more suitable for the recommendation of the new mid-to-high-end installation user after April. The best match is the H370 and Q370 motherboards.

i5 8600配什么主板好

Coffee Lake Architecture Intel Eight-generation Core i5-8600 parameters

At the end of the article, the editor of the script of the script attached the detailed parameter of Intel’s eighth-generation Coffee Lake i5-8600 processor. Compared with the seventh-generation i5-7600, it is mainly the main frequency improvement, supporting higher main frequency DDR4 memory, and high-specification core core core Graphics cards, core threads, etc., the following are the detailed parameters of the i5-8600 processor.

Intel eighth generation i5 8600 processor is relatively large compared to the seventh-generation i5-7600 upgrade. As the latest product of the Eighth Generation Core i5, the i5 8600 compared to the previous generation products i5 7600 has a comprehensive performance of more than 20%. The agent Core series is very rare.

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