The intelligent driving recorder that can be replaced with the heart is stared at the mini evaluation

First of all, I have been paying a long time for watching this intelligent driving recorder. This time, I was fortunate to get the product participation evaluation. I also participated in the evaluation of three driving recorders before. As for the first three smart driving recorders, this stare Staring at the MINI intelligent driving recorder, there is more prominent advantages. Let ’s give you a detailed evaluation and follow my steps Let’s Go

Staring on the appearance map:

The design of the MINI smart driving recorder adopts a simple style. The festive red color is the background. It is just the same as the passage, which adds a joy, which means from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.

Detailed configuration of staring:


Model: mini;


Processor: 1080p 30fps H.264 HD CPU;


Image chip: SONY 1/2.9 -inch EXMOR CMOS Sensor;

Loster: 6 sets of glass lenses, 140 degrees wide angle of diagonal, F1.8 aperture;


Storage: Class 10 TF card, the maximum support of 32G;


Video output: mobile phone wireless watch;


Wireless module: built -in WIFI, 2.4GHz dual wireless module;

Camera pixel: 1920 × 1080;


Run memory: 128M;

Burning sensor: support

Staring at the details:

Staring at the MINI intelligent driving recorder adopts the separation design of the fuselage, which is convenient for users to purchase other styles of color shells according to their own requirements, so that life is full of passion every day. At the same time, the design of the power interface is designed on the bracket, which can better fix the power cord and maintain the power supply that has been stable for a long time.


On the left side of the MINI intelligent driving recorder, there is a hidden staring at the tone of the pitch. Every time you get on the car, you will come from the female voice. The position and reset key design of the TF card is reminded here. The TF memory card is optional. Gu Quan did not send me a memory card this time. The official maximum memory card is 32G, and the Class 10 high -speed TF card is used as much as possible.

Staring at the MINI intelligent driving record can achieve a 270 -degree rotation angle of the fuselage after the fixed site. According to the user’s own needs, the angle of the car is adjusted to shoot inside or outside the car. Before fixed, you should fix the fixing in the middle position of the front glass)

On the stare of the car charging, the stare and shot used the same dual USB power output as other manufacturers, which were 1A and 2.1A. Since my mobile phone charging likes to charging quickly, I inserted the stare shot on the 1A and stayed. The 2.1A out of the 2.1A can charge my mobile phone, which is convenient and fast. Although the car charging occupies the position of the cigarette lighter, it is necessary for me to bring a lighter for my smokers, so I can’t use this point. If you forget to bring lighters, you can also pull off your stare, and temporarily use the cigarette lighter.

The intellectual driving recorder is also equipped with a one -click camera button. Users can tear the official standard high -stick silicone pads by themselves, which is attached to the location that is suitable for their own quickly. This feature is to allow users to pass the beautiful along the way. At the time, it is convenient to shoot the scene before getting off the car or what emergency incidents can quickly capture evidence.


Because my car design is relatively limited, it will cover the driving route if it is placed under the rearview mirror. I can only choose the self -timer function in the car and put it behind the rearview mirror. Proper, do n’t see it carefully, this is also a major advantage of watching Mini. I do n’t say that the driving recorder routing is introduced. Nary evaluations are introduced.


Staring on the app:


Entering the Face -to -Flash APP is similar to other manufacturers, and there will be some driving video records for users standard and some handsome and overbearing driving images collections. The distribution map, see if there are still a lot of people around him, are you not contacted by staring and staring.


Various settings can be performed in the stare of the shooting camera. In order to ensure the clarity, it is recommended to adjust the picture quality to the highest grain quality of the FHD. At the same time, parking monitoring and watermarking can be set according to their own preferences.

From the picture above, you can see that the vehicle license plates appearing in the picture are very obvious at a glance (the picture may be compressed may not see the license plate of the left vehicle, but it is really clear). Compared to the price of 399, this can shoot this. The effect is already a relatively high -end configuration.

Maybe some friends start to use video images that will not be recorded. In fact, I didn’t find it at the beginning, haha! Users need to click to maximize the video to see the back -off interface below, and they can also be stored according to the video they want according to their own needs, and there is no leakage phenomenon after testing. It is good to say!

Staring on the driving video test:


Staring at the mini record effect during the day

Fighting MINI recording effect at night


I originally wanted to put a video, but I don’t know if the platform is not supported. Let ’s take a look at it.

Although it can be adjusted to ultra -clear picture quality, but because of platform transcoding and other reasons, there is still no clear original video, but from this picture, it is basically enough to satisfy everyone’s desire to buy and stare.

Summary of the trial of staring:

After a week of experience and comparison, it is relatively speaking to shoot this intelligent driving recorder to have a higher gold content. First of all, as a high -definition recording driving recorder, it meets the needs of most users, and the price is reasonable. The price is more reasonable. Compared to the price of 399 yuan, this is definitely the most cost -effective in the smart driving recorder I currently evaluated.

The advantage of watching MINI is that they are more inclined to young people and fashionable people, because it can choose shells of different colors according to their preferences; high -definition resolution, the visual experience of excellent image quality is also true;


Of course, for this stare of MINI, I still have my attitude. There are also places with deficiencies. For example, the plastic material time has been heating in the fuselage for a long time. This is convenient for users to better adjust their needs; WiFi connects mobile phone download videos is slow, and occasionally when mobile phones view the video, the WiFi interrupt condition occurs.

In short, compared to other brands I evaluated, the price of 399 is definitely worthy of this driving record effect of this stare. Once again, I also hope that the manufacturer can add more driving warning functions, and at present, high -end cars are equipped with night curvatures at night curves. Tao lighting system can improve driving safety. Once we turn the car when driving the car, a large area of ​​vision will appear on the inside of the curve. Can you develop a smart driving recorder that will follow the vehicle to turn? I want to call the real smart driving recorder like that. Of course, this is also a sudden imagination of my own, and I do n’t know how much the technical difficulty is and how high the cost is. I just talk about my thoughts and hope that the official can focus on it.

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