From short to 15 hairstyles, the sharp face is full of changes, there is always one suitable for you

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In our daily life, everyone’s self -characteristics are also different, and there will be a difference between high and low and thin, so the suitable hairstyle is also different. Today I will bring you 15 hairstyles. The sharp face is very changing, there is always one suitable for you.

Let’s start with short hair. In recent years, short hair has become more and more popular. It is not only neat and capable, but also very modified head shape.


So what kind of girl is suitable for cutting short hair? This can be analyzed from the characteristics of short hair. Layer short hair is usually more likely to show fluffy effects, and it is relatively simple to take care. As a result, women with fine soft hair are easy to cut short hair.


Once the soft hair is long, it is easy to stick to the scalp to expose the shortcomings of the head shape. Cutting into short hair can effectively increase the fluffy effect of the hair on the top area and make up for the shortcomings of the head shape. At the same time At the top, there will be an increase in height, so girls with a low child are more suitable for cutting short hair.


Most of the good -looking hairstyles need to be taken care of. Isn’t there a saying? The beautiful hairstyle is cut by three points, and seven points are taken care of, but some hairstyles are also difficult for most women to take care of it. Essence


However, it can be said that it is particularly simple to take care of the short hair. Everyone can easily create a neat and capable effect. Usually hang the hair on the side to the ears, and you say it is simple.


Choose a hairstyle, each woman’s requirements are different, but most of the women with face -to -face hairstyles are needed. The most ideal of thin face hairstyles is the wave head of this neck length.

The overall wave head shows a low -level effect. The surface is more textured. The end of the hair will form a inner arc shape. It will have a package effect on the entire face shape.

The long -faced lady can also be equipped with a bangs, so that it can balance the entire face shape, but also to cover the imperfect high forehead, with linen brown hair, shows white and fashionable.

Qi Neck Bobo hair type can also try to trim the hair on both sides, which will look softer and more natural, with brown -red hair dyeing and particularly vibrant.

Usually, you can also use an electric splint to roll the tail of the hair inward and bring a C -shaped inner buckle. The fluffy and stylish is very gentle, and the picture is also very photogenic.


In the end, let’s talk about long hair. It is actually not easy to keep a long hair. After all, it takes a long process from short hair to long hair. If you want sixty or seventy centimeters, you have at least two or three years.

When you have a long hair, you must use it well. Scald curly is a very good choice. Straight hair and curly hair can not only increase our hair volume and fluffyness, but also enhance our feminine charm. The goddess in people’s minds.

From the top of the head to the tail roll, the French style is very modified. With the slightly curled bangs, the face shape becomes perfect.

Three or seven -point big wavy long curly hair with golden yellow hair, the charming style is more and more heartbroken, and the beauty is so beautiful.


Purple -red micro -curly long hair naturally falls down. Even if you look at the back, you still have styles. I like to remember to leave a message and tell me. If you want to see more fashion hairstyles, don’t forget to follow me.

I need you to be my friend, because you know how to listen to me, follow me, thank you, I hope that the road of hairstyle will be with me in the future.

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