Go to bed early, don’t let your hair bald, destroy your face value and temperament

With a dense hair like seaweed, I believe it is the ideal of many young people. I do n’t know when, the original dense hair gradually left us, becoming more and more sparse, and it seemed like a galaxy between the hair and the seams.

The entry point of the daily “commercial blowing” of the friends around you also gradually shifted from “you are thin again” and “you look good again”, and gradually shifted to “You have a lot of hair” “What are the useful shampoo and recommend it” “… I envy those who have no hair loss.

On Weibo hot search, when a girl blows her hair, she accidentally woven the videos of a pair of fingerless gloves with her hair, which attracted the attention of many netizens. While netizens felt distressed for girls, they seemed to find the organization and expressed their troubles.

Hair loss was originally a symbol of the middle -aged crisis, but now more and more happened to young people. Even in just a few seconds, we can witness a person’s look from 20 to 50.

20 -year -old young man


50 -year -old head

It was also a face that came from, and the teenager became greasy, and at the moment when the wind rose.

In recent years, my country’s hair loss population has shown a straight upward trend. Data show that there are more than 250 million hair loss groups in my country, and one of each of each of them has hair loss.

A research analysis:

Staying up late is one of the culprits that lead to hair loss

Essence Why do you say that?

First of all, staying up late will make our brain nervous, leading to poor scalp blood circulation, causing scalp ischemia. In the long run, the hair follicles will gradually shrink and have hair loss.

When staying up late, we will always be more likely to fall into pessimistic state, and the pressure will increase, so it is always easier to do some impulsive behavior in late night. This is because lack of sleep will cause the “brain emotional center” (edge ​​system/pattern) to increase the reaction, while increasing emotional response, and decreased emotional control.

Stressing (and staying up late under pressure) may cause adrenal cortex corticoids to release hormone Corticotropin-Relasing Hormone stimulating hair follicles, cortisol synthesis, and nerve endocrine feedback cycle affecting the hair cycle.


Secondly, staying up late makes the schedule no regular, endocrine disorders, and the body’s immunity decreases. This situation can easily cause temporary hair loss. Over time, it may develop into permanent hair loss.

Finally, staying up late will damage the kidneys and liver, and the human kidneys and liver play a very important role in the growth of hair health. If there is irregular work and rest, the health of the hair cannot be guaranteed.

Although studies have shown that adults are the best to sleep for 8 hours, they are not accurate. Because everyone’s physical condition is different and the requirements for sleep are different. Some people have enough sleep for more than 6 hours, and some people are still poor in their mental state for 10 hours. So adjust your sleep according to your physical condition.

Normal sleep is composed of two alternate time: one is called slow wave sleep, also known as non -rapid eye sleep (NRAM SLEEP); Rapid Eye Movementsleep, Rem Sleep.

Adults’ sleep from shallow to deep score


4 stages

: Falling asleep, light sleeping period, sleeping period and deep sleeping period, rapid eye movement period (ReM sleep). After we fall asleep, from shallow to deep, then enter

Deep sleep phase

, Then enter

Rem sleep stage

Essence The length of sleep is about 90 to 120 minutes, which is 1.5h, 3H, 4.5H, 6H, 7.5H, 9H after falling asleep.


Usually, a 4-5 phase of cycle is required every night to meet our sleep requirements. When you wake up in deep sleep, no matter how long you sleep, you will feel very sleepy, but when you wake up during the light sleep, our mental state will be very good.


The 2018 sleep data report said that 4 people in each 10 adults in my country can’t sleep well, especially for urban youths.

We are in an era when the whole people lacks


A study from South Korea found that 52.9%of men and 59.1%of women in 3114 male and male hair loss were less than 7 hours a day, and most of them fell asleep at 22-24.


People usually think that staying up late after 0 o’clock. In fact, from the perspective of endocrine, even if it is 23 o’clock, it is even up late! So, for the few hair volume, do you promise me to sleep early?

With a beautiful hair, the temperament and value of the whole person will be different. Don’t let stay up late, ruin your hair, after all, hair transplantation is too expensive.


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