Daquan of the children’s schoolbag brand Daquan in 2020: How to find a satisfactory children’s schoolbag!

My child is ready to be in the first grade. Entering elementary school is a very important thing in each child’s life. It is a key part of choosing a good schoolbag for children. In addition to giving the child a sense of ritual. We must shoulder the heavy responsibility of children’s healthy growth. During a medical examination in a city, nearly 30%of children’s spine had different types of spinal diseases. Therefore, when choosing a children’s schoolbag for children, we should consider the function of the lake ridge of the schoolbag. For this reason, I also studied specially for several days. The following is my summary: I listed the following 6 points when I chose a schoolbag. Below I will write the brand I have studied, and there are several schoolbags that are my candidates.

1. The capacity of the schoolbag

2. Price budget for schoolbags

3. Material of schoolbag

4. The reduction of the spine of the schoolbag


5. Whether there is an anti -light strip


6. The style of the schoolbag, the compartment

1. The capacity of children’s schoolbags should be selected according to the height of the child.

Kindergarten schoolbag: Usually kindergarten children are below 120cm tall, and the capacity of schoolbags is 10L.

Low grade schoolbag: 110cm-140cm height uses a book tolerance 22L.

Middle grade schoolbag: 125cm-150cm height use

Middle-grade schoolbag: 130cm-165cm height use

The size of the schoolbag is suitable for children’s height.

2. The price of the schoolbag is low -end, and the mid -to -high -end, and there are brand differences. I think the right thing is the best!

3. Children will always contact the schoolbag every day, so the materials of the schoolbag must choose non -toxic and odor, and the materials must be safe.

4. When choosing a booster spine function schoolbag, the following standards should be selected:


a. The first choice of the shoulder bag, the shoulder bag and the lever bag are unilateral force. Long -term use will have a negative impact on the child’s spine and the growth of the shoulder. Choose a backpack under the premise of comfortable shoulder and shoulders, and the shoulder band width ratio is narrower;

b. With a belt or chest belt, the two are better. At the same time, the pressure of dispersing shoulders makes the schoolbag more fit with the child’s back, making the back uniform;

c. There is a spine design on the back, and the weight of the schoolbag is divided into muscles and hips on both sides to reduce spine pressure and use the material to be breathable.

5. On the side of the schoolbag, the front must be equipped with reverse reflection materials to ensure that it can reflect the light of the car light at night, rain, and haze to remind the driver to pay attention to children’s safety.


6. Of course, we choose the child’s favorite, colorful. The inner layer of scientific separation is easier to storage. Let children have the habit of categorizing and induction since childhood.

The following brand introduction:


Derechte Scout (Germany):

Derechte Scoutyi has always been the leader of the German high -end schoolbag market, and Scout has already become synonymous with high -end schoolbags. The biggest feature of Scout’s schoolbag is its backbone design that conforms to human engineering mechanics and has been certified by the German Independent Association (AGR). Scout materials are textile fabrics, and fluorescent reflex materials are added to ensure children’s safety. The Scout schoolbag has a unique strap regulation system that can make separate vertical adjustments to the schoolbags. Different straps adjustment height can meet the height needs of different ages and will not cause additional pressure on the child’s back.

However, the price of SCOUT schoolbags is relatively high. At present, the domestic sales price is 1600-2300 yuan, and the size of the schoolbag is large. The general specifications are 30*23*40cm, which is more suitable for middle and senior children.



ERGOBAG’s young schoolbag brand founded in Germany in 2010. Yococao also pays attention to the spinal protection design of children’s schoolbags. The three -dimensional curved mesh cushion is more fitted with the human spine curve. The strap regulating system of Yikebao is roughly the same as the Scout schoolbag, but Yikebao has a stable aluminum guide framework on his back. In the hidden bag hidden bag, you can properly adjust the height of the shoulder strap and the chest strap. It is suitable for 1M-1.5 M range of m height.

Yococao is made of 100%recycling PET bottle in terms of material selection. After testing, it does not contain toxic and harmful substances such as chlorine chloride, plasticizer, aromatic amine, allergic decentralized dyes. In addition, in addition to the warning reflective strip safety design of the Yicaibao children’s schoolbag, a kettle pocket is set up in the central location of the schoolbag, which can reduce the uneven dysfunction of both shoulders. There are many soft texts and advertisements on major websites on major websites. Those who are interested can learn more in detail.

At present, there are only Ergobag Pack, EricoBag Cubo and Ergobag Mini. Except for the price of MINI, the other two prices are around 1200.

Disney Disney (United States)

Disney children’s schoolbags are mostly made of polyester fibers. Some products may have artificial leather components. The size and spatial layout are also different. The biggest feature of Disney children’s schoolbags is diverse styles and styles. Children of different ages can find a schoolbag they love. With a large and vivid and interesting IP image, Disney is still one of the favorite brands of children.

The price of Disney children’s schoolbags is between 60 and 170, and the price is quite affordable. There is no pressure to change one year!


Barbie Barbie (United States)


Most of the Barbie children’s schoolbags are made of polyester materials. After waterproof treatment, water can be appropriately prevented from penetrating into the schoolbag. Compared with the soft schoolbags on the market, Barbie children’s schoolbags are relatively lighter. Generally, between 580-770g. At the same time, there are many internal compartments. They can install a lot of things, which is more in line with the actual needs of domestic students. However, Barbie children’s schoolbags are only applicable to girls, so in the design of schoolbag style patterns, they make corresponding designs for children of different ages. Barbie is priced between 90-200 and is also an affordable choice for girls who want to change schoolbags from time to time.

Carla sheep (Zhejiang))

Carla sheep is a original luggage brand under Karajan Group. The main material of the schoolbag is polyester fabric with mirror leather materials on the surface, smooth waterproof, and equipped with safe reflective strips. Drivers pay attention to children’s safety.

The back of the schoolbag is also used for multi -layer sustained pressure materials for shock absorption, U -shaped shoulder straps, increasing the decomposition of the unloading force, alleviating the shoulder and back pressure, built -in multi -layer compartment design, scientifically storage of various items, and larger space for use.


In addition to the shoulder bag, Carla sheep also launched a six -wheeled lever schoolbag. When the tie rod is not needed, the schoolbag can be separated from the tie rod directly. However, the lever schoolbag is unilateral force, which is not as good as the shoulder schoolbag decomposing the pressure on both sides of the body. Long -term use will adversely affect the children’s shoulders and spine.

The price of the La Kaka sheep schoolbag is very affordable. The price is between 100-250, which is rich in styles. It is a good choice!


Mi Xiaomi (Beijing)

In 2017, Xiaomi pushed a children’s schoolbag named Mi Rabbit. After the launch of the market, it was popular with the public, and it was even called “National Children’s Bag”. The material is polyester, which is strong and wear -resistant. In addition, the PC hard shell is added. The schoolbags are more three -dimensional and more room for use. The back of the school bag has a soft and breathable sponge. The U -shaped structure makes the spine out of the spine. The schoolbag can be closely fitted with the shoulders. At the same time, it is fixed with a chest strap to disperse the pressure evenly to the shoulders and waist and hips. In addition to retaining the original shoulder burden reduction design, the large model also has a three -gear strap height adjustment mechanism. It can be adjusted according to the height of the child. The schoolbag is more comfortable. The schoolbag is set up with a 3M anti -light bar, reminding the driver to pay attention to children’s safety. The front of the schoolbag also converted the zipper into a flip design with a magnetic lock. The price is 199 and 249. The disadvantage is that only pink and blue are available.

KOKUYO Guo Yu (Japan)

Guo Yu can be described as a household name in Japan. The Guo Yu schoolbag adopts the artificial leather PU of scraping and rain and rain. The inner layer is equipped with a resin board to enhance the strength of the schoolbag and play a certain supporting role. At the same time Prevent schoolbags from squeezing the spine. The back of the schoolbag is thicker sponge, and the arc is fitted with the spine curve, which is comfortable.

The price of this schoolbag is close to 4000. Although it is twice that of the Scout schoolbag, it is not as good as Scout’s spine schoolbags in terms of protection and practicality.

The inner side of the Guoyu Bag is 25cm, and the weight is about 1000G, which is not very in line with the actual schoolwork of most public school students in China. Therefore, the Guoyu Schoolbag was launched by nylon and polyester materials. It is strong and wear -resistant. The back of the schoolbag is mesh -shaped foam back pad, ventilated and breathable, with a fixed belt on the chest. There are multiple partitions inside the schoolbag. There are raincoat storage bags and reflective band design to ensure children’s safety. This schoolbag has different sizes and is suitable for students in different grades, selling for about 200.


Dr. Kong (Hong Kong)

Dr. Jiang’s non -pressure protection library bag obtained the Hong Kong invention patent. The three functional design of the three functional design of the spinal pressure, unloading force, and the center of gravity of the center of gravity reduced shoulder burden. The middle part of the schoolbag backplane is concave, which can reduce the chance of walking in the schoolbag to hit the spine. The shoulder band is widened and the fixed chest strap design makes the pressure part of the shoulder transfer the pelvis to form a compilation of the decompression system. The center of gravity is also set inside the schoolbag. The heavier schoolbags can be close to the back and reduce the probability of children’s back. At the same time, the side of the schoolbag should be used to ensure children’s safety.

Dr. Jiang’s children’s schoolbag is divided into SML code. If you are interested, you can choose a schoolbag suitable for children’s code when buying. The price is between 150-260 and is very cost-effective.

The above is what I learned when I helped my children choose a schoolbag. I hope it will be helpful to you!



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