Sooth for your butt with latex! The first -class cabin in the ergonomic chair, massage 8 hours at work for 8 hours

I know that there was a classic question:

#Why those bosses are very energetic#

Daily meetings are not stopped every day, all kinds of entertainment at night, the plane can work immediately, 996 is the same thing?

It does not rule out that some bosses are inherently energetic and squint for half an hour to sleep for 2 hours.

But the more important reason is that others sit on the plane first class, and the ergonomic chair is sitting for 8 hours at work.

You think the boss is sleeping at work, but he is just lying down.

Apple CEO Tim Cook, a man with an annual salary of 200 million US dollars, works until 2 o’clock in the middle of the night.

His choice is a $ 9,000 Freedom ergonomic chair.

Facebook CEO Zuckerberg, sitting on the ergonomic chair of Herman Miller, about $ 1,000.

And after 2015, Facebook also included ergonomic chairs in employee benefits, and everyone can “take a good rest” during work.

Obama, the former people’s public servant, is also an ergonomic chair Embody.

Of course, the bosses are not stupid.


Of course, the ergonomic chair can greatly improve work efficiency, make you feel better at work, and your body is better.

But … it is expensive, so the boss is only willing to improve his butt feeling.

The ergonomic chairs on the market are top -level such as small Zha and Obama to tens of thousands of RMB, and the cheap Normal of Ruka is also 499 yuan.

However, I found an ergonomic chair with a cost -effective thief for you. The limited time is 268 yuan. The cushion is made of Thai silicone. It is as comfortable as lying on the office every day.

The cushion made of latex, the first class in the office chair, how long is it tired?

The ergonomic chair, pays attention to the moderate decompression of the human body. Through the mechanical support of the engineering chair, it replaces the bone plate, spine, and cervical spine of the body, so that they can rest without work and aging quickly.

Is it good? First of all, you will give the answer when you sit on your butt.

Most engineering chairs use higher thickness sponges to give your body full unloading force.


And this engineering chair is better with elasticity in the cushion part. It is often used to make pillows and mattresses latex.

The latex material is very Q bombs, and you can press the eggs directly with your hands, and the eggs can be injured unharmed.

Therefore, using latex as a cushion can support the weight of the upper body very well, so that your butt is wrapped steadily, and it is not tired for how long you sit.

Of course, the latex material as a very well -known material on the mattress and pillow has only one disadvantage -expensive.

On average, the amount of latex of a pillow can be produced on average, and the area of ​​the cushion is even larger than the pillow. The cost can be imagined.

The solid ultra -thick primary sponge is matched with latex, which brings an unusually good background, which is unable to keep up with those inferior fillers anyway.

The younger sister measures you, no matter how the hips move, the cushion of the engineering chair is steadily held.

This gif ghost knows how many times I have watched

Like a warm big hand, repeated massage on your lumbar spine and cervical spine

Most people like to “bow and sit” when they work, because it is difficult to keep the posture by relying on the body. At this time, a good chair is needed to support the body.

The back of the chair is a double reinforced arc design. From the side, there is a very obvious arc. It can comply with the outline of the body, comprehensively reduce the pressure of the spine, and make the body better support.

After the work is tired, the whole person can be pressed on the back of the chair, so that the weight of the body is fully wrapped and released.

Many ordinary chairs in the office have a problem. Everyone’s weight is different, so sitting up and feeling far away.

This one is like tailor -made for you, because the back of its chair has enough elastic range.

Light -weight people can easily lean down, and their waist will not play back like hitting the wall; people with heavy weight are not to the end, and a strong sense of support is firmly wrapped in the body.

There is also this height and adjustable headrest that can adapt to friends of different heights.


From the butt, the spine, to the cervical spine, the force of each human body is well resolved to the gravity, so that the body can be relaxed well.

Of course, the weight of the engineering chair is also important.


After all, some friends will be heavier. The weight of hundreds of pounds is pressed on it, and the time is deformation.

However, their chairs usually perform a 200 kg high -strength durable test in the factory. As long as they do not work, they will be eliminated immediately.

You stay in bed for less than 8 hours every day, but the time on the chair may exceed 8 hours.


Of course, a chair that the company can be matched, but in order to soothe the fatigue, it takes 200+ to massage it once.

To know that IKEA, which has always been known for its cheap price, has to start at 499 yuan in ergonomic chairs, let alone tens of thousands of foreign big names.

For such a latex of a latex, it is only 288 yuan for a limited time, which is equivalent to the price of a small latex pillow.

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