40 -year -old women’s skirts do not wear too short. These three long skirts are popular this year.

When women are 40 years old, they are basically mature. After years of tempering and inner precipitation, we will start to slowly change the style of personal wear. We must pay more attention to creating an elegant and intellectual style in order to exude your own charm, especially when wearing a skirt, do not think that the shorter the better, you are more suitable for trying the mid -length skirt, you The key to wearing it on the body can also cover the meat.

In this article, I will introduce the three popular skirts that are popular this year. Like these skirts, they are particularly versatile. Whether it is a jacket combined with sweater or a variety of coats, it is very elegant. Miss it.

1. What skirts are popular this year?

① Bao hip skirt

if your

The waist and hip ratio is outstanding, and the hips are smooth and beautiful


It is recommended to arrange a bun skirt for yourself,


The hip hip skirt, as the name suggests, will wrap our hips, it can also outline the female slim figure curve, highlighting the femininity.

This type of hip skirt is particularly suitable for women with slim and beautiful curves. If you want to show femininity, you must arrange one for yourself.

At the same time, you can also use the tight combination of tips to match a loose jacket on it to form a certain contrast and better modify the lower body.


② pleated skirt

If you want to look at the design of the skirt

The pleated skirt is also a popular model this year. This fold design can make your shape more layered

, Thus showing a sense of agility and elegant,

And the pleated skirt is also a particularly popular skirt this year. In addition to the short design, the medium and long pleated skirts are also pretty. The key is that the style it emits is relatively mature, so it will not be prominent. Essence

The pleated skirt has different designs,

Some folds are dense, and some folds are more loose

You can choose the right style according to your body conditions and personal temperament.

③A -character skirt


The last one is the A -line skirt.

Its lines are very smooth. Even if the buttocks are large or the legs are thick, they can be covered by the matching of this A -line skirt. At the same time, we can try the high waist version. Out of long legs.


A -shaped half -body skirt will basically be near our calf,

Try not to try the length near the knee. This length is very embarrassing, which can easily lead to the disorders of the legs, which can easily cause a sense of obsession with five or five points.

Second, autumn and winter skirt matching

look1. Coat with a skirt

After winter, you must arrange a coat for yourself, suitable for various occasions, and it is very warm to wear on your body.

And coats and skirts are also a good set of combinations, which can show a gentle and elegant temperament, and can also show the charm of women, allowing you to present fashionable temperament when you are dating or shopping with your sisters.

For example, the classic brown coat has a concave shape, mature and stable. It is matched with high -waisted half -body skirts and stepping on short boots. This is a set of shapes that are very suitable for autumn and winter seasons. The warmth and comfort are good.

look2. down jacket with a skirt

The collocation of down jackets is very thick, want to reduce this sense of weight,

It is the best way to match the skirt in the lower body, and when choosing a skirt, you should pay attention to the length of the length. This combination can make a sense of layering and also show the elegant feeling.

The down jacket itself is swollen,

Therefore, when mating with a skirt, it is recommended that everyone should be based on a slim -fitting version, which can be compared with down jackets. Type combination is more conducive to thinning.

The black skirt below is matched with long down jackets. This dress is quite suitable for daily matching, and it is basically black and white. This kind of basic color matching is more versatile. Women 20-40 can try. Dress like this.

look3. Short coat with a half -body skirt

Autumn and winter is the season when wearing various jackets. If the small man is worried that the proportion of your individual is not good, you can choose a short jacket.

It can be matched with various pants and skirts to highlight the long legs. When choosing a short coat with a skirt, try to outline the waistline

We can match the waistband around the waist, so as to clearly divide your proportion.

Short knit sweater, short down jacket, short small incense breeze jacket can be paired with high waist skirt, and the short and lower long matching skills are very practical.

Suitable for women with poor body proportion.

In the autumn and winter seasons, women who Ben Sanben can try several of the skirts introduced above. The matching of these skirts is quite versatile. The matching is used.

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