Which is better? What is the ingredient? How to apply it? Is it necessary to buy a diaper cream?

What is the effect of baby ass frost, diaper cream?

Baby diaper cream can form a protective film on the surface of the baby, avoiding the baby’s urine and feces to the skin, to prevent baby red butt is very effective. The diaper cream contains special lubrication ingredients, allows your baby’s skin to restore lubrication, and with a pH of the skin, you can keep your baby’s skin health. Apply the diaper cream on the baby’s skin, when there is excrement, a variety of oily ingredients in the diaper cream can function, while bacterial breeding, the effective ingredients in the diaper cream can kill bacteria, thus Reduce the chance of the infection of the skin.

Baby special ass, the product itself is very gentle,

Also contains many active ingredients, including


Zinc oxide

The loss of skin moisture can be reduced, with a good role in repairing the skin, and other ingredients also have the effect of alleviating local itching, anti-bacterial infection.

Is the buttofield / diaper cream useful?

The current infants are almost all using diapers, so urinary rash is a common infant skin disease, and the symptoms of urinary rash are more symptoms are rash, itchy skin.


Baby is suffering from diaper rash, it is still very effective. The baby’s diaper cream is more mild, and it does not cause irritating. It will not affect the baby’s skin, and it is possible to accelerate the improvement of urinary rash.


When using the ass, it is usually applied on the diaper, or apply a cotton swab to the baby ass, pay attention to the place where there is a place where you have produced redness, you can apply some more.

Here, give you some nice diaper cream.

Dai Caji

Brand: Dai Xi Dexter officially established in 2017, Dai Xi DEXTER is specifically developed to China, follow the natural, large extent, and strict quality inspection three principles, insist on providing safety and effectiveness for newborns and sensitive muscles , Natural skin care products. Dai Technology products mainly have baby shower gel, mosquito repellent, talcum powder and other infant supplies, the diaper cream won the favorite of Bao Da.


Dai Weis Baby newzip cream contains calendula extracts, smexanes and aloe vera gel extract, can have a mitigation of skin discomfort, moisturizing dry skin, restore soft q playing, helping to form natural skin protection membrane. German Han liveli, US Compton ore oil, soft skin, reducing the friction between diapers and ass. Zinc oxide can isolate urine, away from stimulating pink. Does not contain 41 kinds of glucocorticoids, no cotton and other risk substances, excluding 12 high-risk preservatives, give more peace of mind protection.

Red small icon diaper cream


Brand: Red Elephant is the mother-in-child care brand under the US, making the concept of shaded care, from babies, children, children, pregnancy, fragile muscles, customized skin care plans for different ages and different skin, and care for Mommy Baby. Red small elephants are worried about drilling, craftsmanship, silently guarding, thousands of families. “Give your baby, every drop is safe”, this is the belief that Xiao is always sticky. The red hip cream brings tens of millions of families and tens of millions of babies to a healthy growth.


Red small icon diaper cream contains Mao Ruth oil, zinc oxide, glycerin, etc. naturally and gentle, can help form a parental protective film, soothing moisturizing, relieve skin discomfort. Gently, you can experience natural and warm, water-moist. Red small elephant diaper cream is developed for Asian skin. It uses zinc oxide, Mao Ruth. It is easy to upgrade. It is used to soothe urine stimulus, which constitutes natural umbrella, effectively isolates skin and urine, and keeps skin dry. Natural intense formula, trustworthy, giving Meng treasure healthily.

Pigeon baby diaper cream

Brand: Baby has gone over more than 60 years since its founding in 1967. “Only the heart full of love can usually give birth to careful products and services,” this is the brand concept of the Pigeon Group. Pigeon is committed to the research and development and production of maternal and child products, will be integrated into a variety of products and services for mothers and babies. Products covers breastfeeding, bottle pacifiers, baby skin care, clothing cleaning, water cup cutlery, etc.

Pigeon baby diaper cream contains a variety of oily protection ingredients, covering the protective film to the hips, reducing friction; containing the essence of plant licorice, has a soothing effect; containing effective repair ingredients, protecting the sebum layer, helping to repair young skin, reaching oily skin care , Plant soothing and care of the sebum. The butture repair ointment and the diaper cream are the pure oil formula with no anti-preservatives, which can effectively reduce friction and block urine stimulation. The butt repair ointment contains zinc oxide ingredients, which can effectively repair the resulting red butt problem. The diaper cream can be used for daily prevention.

Sudocrem baby diaper diaper cream


Brand: Sudocrem is specially treated with diaper rash, Europe and the United States 70 years of gold products, a large number of hospitals in the UK, pediatric doctors recommended. Sudocrem can not only use the baby, adults also have magical effects, but also in the UK. China has also been favored by consumers in China.


The ingredients of the Sudocrem infant buttofrite are allergic wool fat, with moisturizing, moisturizing effect. When you change the diaper, clean your baby’s ass, then take a small product. Apply a thin layer of thin layer, then gently turn to the leaving half of the penetration layer. Sudocrem ass can also be used for meat pleats such as chin and arms, isolate the skin stimulation from the sweat and salvage, relieve the baby’s pleats, rub the friction and sweat in the joint, can also be used as a cleaning mask .

WELEDA Calendula Baby Buttocks

Brand: In the past few years, Villed has always adhered to the concept of “people and natural, harmonious unity” in the development of the brand, and is committed to providing natural, safe and effective personal maintenance and health products to the public; Lunder is a hundred years of European and even the world’s natural and organic and commercial products. The products are distributed over 50 countries around the world, and hundreds of millions of consumers have received their respective and love. Vilid’s products are mainly selected by the natural product of the selected natural product, and the skin of the skin is also very popular.


The Vilier’s hip cream is extracted by calendula, natural zinc oxide formulated, plant extracting the texture, sufficient oxidative ingredients, care for the baby’s skin, letting the baby wrapped in love, feel safety. The paste is mild and non-irritating, and the infant sensitive skin is also applicable. With a wet towel or paper towel with a calendula emulsion or a calendar skin care oil to clean the baby hip, then apply a certain amount of calendula on the inflammation skin, form the isolation protective layer between the other moisture, each change Wash with calendula bathing milk before diaper, then dry the hips cream again. The applicable population of the golden flower hip cream is a newborn and a child of 0-3 years old, the shelf life is 30 months.

Mustela) Beibei three-effect a protective hip cream


Brand: For more than 60 years, Wonder Si Le as a maternal and child skin care expert, continuously carried out new research to further understand the particularity and needs of infant skin. With rich professional experience, you have always give you your baby and you with natural, safe, effective, comfortable skin care products. Second Secret Successfully Develop a series of professional care products, which fully comply with the need for children (including newborn). In addition to safety, effectiveness, and more natural, Miao Si Le’s diaper cream can help skin development and protect the skin now with future.


Miao Si Le Beijiki cream contains 98% natural ingredients, which has the effect of relieving skin discomfort; rich in vitamins B5, E, F, multiple vitamins in-depth nourish, improve flourish, relieve stimulus; zinc oxide ingredients can form breathable protection Layer, isolation urine; bovine fruit tree, can care for damage to the skin, can synthesize dry and flush, reduce skin discomfort, provide lipids that protect the skin barrier, and improve the skin’s self-repair capacity.

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