Five large plants, simple maintenance does not pick the environment, can be kept at home

When we go to the scenic area or the airport, we will find that there are many large and large plants in it. It seems that the plants raised at home are completely different, giving people a refreshing feeling, so can these large plants be raised at home at home? Woolen cloth? Huahua tells you: Yes! For example, the five tall green plants below are full of temperament and look very domineering. They do not pick the growth environment. The maintenance is particularly simple and can be raised at home.

The first: peacock wood


The origin of the peacock wood is Australia. When the leaves are opened, it is like a hand, so the alias is also called “hand tree”. It can be placed indoors in winter as bonsai appreciation. The maintenance method of peacock wood is a bit like a rose. I like a moist environment and sunlight. The minimum temperature of overwintering is controlled at minus 5 degrees. It is difficult to maintain a star. Friends who like it can raise a plant at home.

Second: lemon tree

Lemon trees are not a tree that looks like lemon, but the genuine price of lemon. Usually raising a pot at home, the leaves are green and beautiful, and the process of watching lemon fruit from green to yellow is particularly fulfilled. When the real results are true, the golden fruits are full of branches, and the value of the face is also the peak of the peak. Both ornamental and practicality are very high, which can also make the whole home full of freshness.

Third type: measures of the sky

You can also imagine this name. This must be a domineering “towering plant”. In fact, the scale is a fairy -handed plant. The two trees are the best. If you raise it well, there is no problem for 20 cm for a year. If you put it in a place with sufficient light, the ruler will be more vigorous. If you water it, just wait for it to completely dry it. Is it very simple even if it is not watered.


Fourth type: Fortune Tree

Fortune Tree is a relatively common large plant in the home or office, especially suitable for family maintenance. On the one hand, it has a good meaning. It has a good sign of the prosperity of the room and the prosperity of the business. Secondly, its leaves are evergreen in the four seasons. It does not need to be watered frequently to grow. It is a good choice for indoor planting.


Fifth type: Hewanglan


The leaves of Hewanglan are wide and thick. They are a very large green plant with a very tropical style. They also want to dress up their homes into a simple Nordic style. It is well placed in a good corner of the living room, and usually does not need too much trimming the leaves. It is already beautiful to let it grow into a unique landscape.

These five “towering plants” are simple and not picked by the environment. They are particularly suitable for friends who want to be relatively large in the family. The longer the more domineering.

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