Add a thickened and warm vest female bottoming shirt shaping strap, soft and skin -friendly, not shrinking, super -value

Half -high collar plus velvet versatile bottom shirt

Recommended reason: half -high -necked sweater, short set, thick velvet, warm clothes, fashionable and thin, must be necessary for goddesses.

Exclusive: ¥ 158

Korean version loose and versatile high -necked sweater


Recommended reason: The Korean version of the high -necked sweater is loose and versatile, sexy and elegant, romantic and warm, comfortable and breathable, goddess must have clothes.


Exclusive: ¥ 168

【Shanfan】 Korean version of self -slimming thickened and warm down cotton clothing

Recommended reason: [Sanyan] Big brand, Liu Tao endorsed, mainly light and comfortable, elegant and fashionable, light and warm, not bloated, more temperament, soft and thin, showing the goddess charm. Plel cotton jackets are fashionable, thickened and warm. You deserve it, come and buy it! ~

Exclusive: ¥ 148

Plus pine tight waist lace Haron pants big pocket denim trousers female trousers


Recommended reason: six pockets, exquisite tailoring, natural and comfortable feel, soft and breathable fabric, make you beautiful

Exclusive: ¥ 49.9


Autumn and winter thickened cock turtleneck sweater knitwear


Recommended reason: fashion high -necked, three -dimensional tailoring, comfortable and thin, shaping the beauty of the body, Tmall ultra -high quality


Exclusive: ¥ 39

Add velvet thickened and warm vest female bottoming shirt shaping strap top


Recommended reason: add velvet vests, super elasticity, sweat -absorbing and breathable, soft skin -friendly, not shrinking, not affordable, fine stitching, necessary in winter

Exclusive: ¥ 29.8


Autumn and winter new anti -light skirt slim puff skirt


Recommended reason: High -quality space cotton fabrics, good elasticity, no ball, no color, wearing a three -dimensional fluffy feeling, preventing the light of the pants in the light, shaping the tall and long leg lines, can be confident in any occasion. 【Gift Pale Cenging Insurance】

Exclusive: ¥ 49.8

Korean version of winter zipper cardigan hooded plus velvet jacket

Recommended reason: [Tmall genuine guarantee] Add a loose sweater with a thickened and warm -ups, soft skin -friendly anti -static electricity, fine workmanship, conscience brand, comfortable wearing, not coloring Evidence

Exclusive: ¥ 149

South Korea’s Dongdaemun Terrier Mao Mao Medium long down jacket

Recommended reason: South Korea ’s Dongdaemun Oversize True Trumpet Mao Da Mao Medium Long down jacket, high -quality white duck down filling, cold protection and warmth, fashionable and elegant design, exquisite details, locking warmth, so that winter is no longer cold ~ [Gift freight insurance]

Exclusive: ¥ 499

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