Wear a cotton clothes for the baby to sleep thickly, and the novice dad almost hurt the child to lose his life

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The weather is cold in winter, and many parents are afraid of the baby’s cold. When sleeping, we put on thick clothes and covered with thick quilts when they sleep.

Recently, a 3 -month -old female baby was put on a cotton coat and covered with thick quilts when she was sleeping. As a result, she had a flushed complexion, cramps, and convulsions. Experts remind that you must dress and cover your children in winter. Do not keep warm.

March girls suffer from “covering heat syndrome”

At the age of 34, Xu Xian (a pseudonym) lived in the surrounding area of ​​Wuhan. For many years of marriage, he finally ushered in his daughter Wenwen (pseudonym) 3 months ago. Because he and his wife’s parents were in the field, their bodies were not good. After their children were born, they both took their children to take their children.

Recently, it was cold. One night, Xu Xian was afraid that Wenwen was frozen. After discussing with his wife, he put on cotton clothes and cotton pants for the child. 25 ℃. Unexpectedly, when Xu Xian fell asleep until the night in the morning, he looked at Wenwen and found that Wenwen sweaty, flushed, and had symptoms of cramps and convulsions. He was startled, and hurriedly called his wife together, holding the child to a hospital near the hospital for a consultation. After treatment, the symptoms of repeated cramps were not controlled, and they were transferred to Wuhan University Central South Hospital.

After a detailed examination of the doctor, Wenwen was diagnosed as “covering the heat syndrome”. CT examination shows that she has developed cerebral edema and the situation is very dangerous. The pediatrician team of the hospital immediately stopped the spasm and sedation for her, reducing the edema of the brain, and improving the damage of hypoxia. At the same time, it organized a comprehensive treatment plan. After nearly a week of hard work, Wenwen’s life signs finally stabilized, restored the mind, and recovered to discharge smoothly. Essence

According to Wei Cong, a pediatrician of Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, the heating syndrome is a syndrome, which is more common in infants and young children. The onset is mostly in the cold season, mostly caused by the “excessive warmth” of parents. Little babies are prone to the disease because the body temperature regulation center is not good, the temperature cannot be adapted quickly, and sweat and heat dissipation are slow. Symptoms such as hypoxia, convulsions, and convulsions. If the brain is hypoxic for a long time, it will also affect intelligence, convulsions, and irritation may lead to death.

Parents should pay attention to their children in time to increase or decrease their clothes in a timely manner. Do not keep warm

Xu Huifu, director of the pediatric department of Wuhan First Hospital, also said that the weather is cold in winter. When some parents and elders wear clothes to children, they are prone to “wrapped dumplings”. As everyone knows, if you wear too much, it is easy to “cover” and get sick. The hospital has been diagnosed with babies who came to the doctor because of “covering the heat syndrome”. In addition, many children are dressed too much in winter, and they are not timely after sweating after exercise, causing a cold to seek medical treatment.

Director Xu Huifu reminded that in general, children’s dressing is roughly consistent with the thickness of their parents. At most, we wear one more thin clothes than adults, but it is recommended to wear one less during exercise. The thickness of the dress is based on the principle of not sweating for children. After sweating, dry it in time, because the sweat evaporates the heat and absorbs heat, which is more likely to be colder than blowing cold wind. When children are active, they should appropriately increase or decrease their clothes.

What principles should infants and young children wear clothes? Dr. Wei Cong said that parents can pay attention to these “signals”: the baby’s back has sweat, indicating that it is a bit hot. Once there is a symptom of suspected “covering the heat syndrome”, the baby’s clothing should be opened for the first time, and it is transferred to a place with a cool and fresh air. Monitor the body temperature and go to the hospital in time. High fever, shortness of breath, convulsions, etc. should be treated immediately.

Dr. Wei also reminded parents that when sleeping, do not wear cotton clothes and cotton pants and cover a thick quilt. If you want to use electric blankets, hot water bags, etc., you need to reduce the quilt. At the same time In addition, it is not recommended to sleep with adults with adults, especially sleeping among parents, because this is not conducive to heat dissipation, but also the risk of being suffocated by adults.

How to judge children’s hot and cold? The doctor suggested that you can touch the back, and sweat to show too much; the cold hands and feet represent the less. Touching the child’s neck again, warm and sweating is just right.

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