Qiao’an flagship store security monitoring camera avatars, falsification, quality problems in a total of 9 incidents

Things have a comprehensive dialogue of orders and stores in detail. The bizarre and long and complicated screenshot is given first. Whoever needs to provide more content:


Store: Qiao’an Flagship Store (Tmall Store)


Order number: 1961806503882548737, 1472834486947548737, 1615755061319548737

1, 2020 Double 11 and December 28, the 3MP (3 million pixels) monitoring camera written by 3 online shopping pages on December 28, sent Q7 models. On February 4, 2021, it was found that Q7 was stored in the ultra -clear mode of the highest monitoring software. It can only reach 2 million pixels with a resolution of 1920×1080. For the time being, let’s believe in you first, change the difference between 2 machines and one machine (1 without disassembly in the field), and remove 2 machines on the wall.

2. It was prolonged until March 1st and changed to 2 Q9 machines. The fuselage sticker was written with a real 3 million pixels of 3MP, but the wrong power box was sent from 12V to 5V, and the power box was changed.

3. Plus 3 million pixels on March 5th, but the Q9 machine that comes comes is a fake model with 3MP actual 2 million pixels (discovered before installation). , Remove it on the wall.

4. The Q7 error model of the half black half white shell was changed on March 20. The screw installation bit changes from the L -shaped dual -angle plane of the Q9 to a single -angle plane (Q7 screw installation position is different from Q9), and it is also wrong The power box is sent from 12V to 5V. The customer service only changed the power box, and the wrong model was sent to the wrong model.

5. On June 13th, another Q9 model machine often does not recognize the memory card, and the wall is removed and replaced.

6. On June 29th, the sticker was replaced with a fake model of 3MP actually 2 million pixels.

7. On July 13th, the Q7 error model (all -white) was changed. The screw installation bits were single -angle plane, and the customer service was ignored;

8. On November 25th, it was reported that these two Q7 models could be restarted to restart the original preset lens angle position after the electricity was disconnected. In the past, it was thought that it was another person to move the lens by mistake. Later, this problem was confirmed. Upgrade the new firmware failure is still, and the upper wall is removed and replaced (send the previous multiple problems to the additional note).


9. On December 5th, the replacement of the sticker is written with Q9, but the configuration network is displayed as a fake model of Q7, and there is no lens preset setting function that the Q9 should have, which is reflected to the customer service that this is Q9. That is Q7, I do n’t know how to ask again, and avoid the problem as before to fight Taiji to play lazy dialogue and torture people.


The above conversation with the store is very difficult and long, avoiding problems, fighting Tai Chi, playing lazy dialogue, repeating the wheels of replacement, and torture people!

The brand’s product has been given to the product of Qiao’an, and the product fake has become a corporate gene.

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