How many bank cards are there under the name? Now, you can “one -click to check the card” on your mobile phone

How many bank cards have I opened in my name? Which banks are opened? Now you can query on your mobile phone. The reporter learned from China UnionPay that since the functions of the Yunli Pay App “One -click Card Checking Card” have taken the lead in opening the trial to users in Shanghai and Yunnan, as of December 29, 2021, a total of 110,000 bank card query reports have been successfully generated.

In order to facilitate the public to directly grasp the bank card information in personal names and strengthen its own bank card management, starting from December 20, 2021, the function of the Yun Flash Pay App “One -click card check card” function is the first to open trials to users in Shanghai and Yunnan. The first batch of pilots participating in the “one -click card check” of Yunli Payment include Industrial and Commercial Bank, Agricultural Bank, Bank of China, Construction Bank, Bank of Communications, CITIC Bank, Everbright Bank, China Merchants Bank, Minsheng Bank, Ping An Bank, Industrial Bank, Guangfa Bank , Pudong Development Bank, Zhejiang Commercial Bank and other 14 commercial banks. With the gradual improvement and promotion of the pilot, more commercial banks will be added one after another.


In terms of specific operations, after the user logs in to the Cloud Flash Pay App, you can find the “One -click Card Check” service column and click to enter. Select the scope of the commercial bank that is queried. After the identity authentication and authorization, you can submit the inquiry application. After the application is successful, the Cloud Flash Pay App will generate a query report within 24 hours according to the feedback results of various commercial banks. After the report is generated, the mobile phone SMS will be sent to remind users to view. Users to check the entrance to the inquiry page through the Cloud Flash App, and you can see the bank card held in the name.


It is reported that users can query the number of bank cards, bank names, borrowing attributes, the top 4 rear 4 digits of the card number, and the top 4 rear 4 digits of the card number under the “one -click card” service. The report is generated according to the data feedback feedback by commercial banks. Card information has been processed to better protect user information security. The “One -click Card Checking” service of the Cloud Flash Pay App has run well. As of December 29, a total of 110,000 bank card query reports have been successfully generated.

According to reports, in order to protect the user’s rights and information security, the Cloud Flash Pay App only provides personal bank card application inquiry services for users who have passed real -name certification. After the personal bank card query related authorization prompts and related user agreements, the UnionPay authorized UnionPay to initiate inquiries. After the report is generated, the user enters the APP payment password in the Cloud Flash Payment APP and verify that the content of the report can be browsed after passing it. According to UnionPay, the query results of the user will not be viewed, stored, and shared with users, and the 7 natural future systems will automatically delete the report.

In addition, banks and UnionPay staff reminded that on the grounds of investing in wealth management, loan approval, courier compensation, membership withdrawal, online shopping, credit card withdrawal, change of student accounts, cancellation accounts, connection security certification, returning education quota, etc. The behavior of “one -click card check” is fraud. At the same time, when the cloud flash payment app initiates inquiries, users will not require users to manually enter personal information such as names, ID numbers, bank card numbers, mobile phone numbers, etc. Please beware of fishing websites and beware of personal information leakage.


In order to ensure the security of the bank card information, the report is limited to my inquiries and use. After the inquiries are successful, please keep the report properly. Do not easily reveal to others “one -click card check card” SMS verification code or query results. Do not easily operate on others’ mobile phones. Key check card “.

Responsible editor Liu Wanxin

Source Pudong released

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