Plush scarf for warmth must be warm all winter

Plouting things, this winter, can give people a warm feeling. Every girl almost likes it, whether it is bags, shoes, earrings … there will be such elements, you have this winter you have Is this item? In this issue, I will teach you to make a super warm hairy scarf, warm and easy to wear clothes, everyone listen, do you like it, let us make it together!

Difficulty coefficient: ★


production time:




Mao hair cloth, scissors, needle wires, water removal pens, pearl cotton,

Production steps:


1. Cut a rectangular cloth

(Point 1 :: 85 cm long and 20 cm wide. You can determine according to your preferences.)

2. In the section of the cloth, cut a line


(Key points 2: The wide side is folded at 20 cm in the long side of the long side to cut a long 7 cm long strip.)


3. Cut 2 rounds.

(Point 3: A circle with a diameter of 11 cm.)


4. Switch the two rounds for two goals.

(Point 4: Use a flat needle to sew on the circle, tighten the line, plug into pearl cotton.)

5. Swipe the cut rectangular cloth and the long side.

(Point 5: suture with a flat needle, the needle should be smaller.)

6. Come over the sewing cloth.


7. Switch the two balls on both sides of the scarf.


(Point 6: Use a flat needle method to suture along the edge of one end of the scarf, and finally tighten the line to fix the knot, and the other end is the same method. Sewing the ball on it.)

End words:

Such a stylish and warm scarf is ready, is it very simple? Friends who like it, make one hand! See you next time!

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